A new beginning

So… will there be a little miracle this cycle?

I tested Sunday morning and got a BFN after first using the wrong test. I used Wondfo tests and since I have OPKs and preg tests, they can get mixed up. However, the OPKs are individually wrapped in purple packages and have Ovulation Predictor Kit in big white letters on top, while the preg tests are in blue packages with small print. I only looked at the coloring, took a blue test, and it turned out to be an OPK disguised as a preg test!

What joy there was when I saw a line! And what disappointment when it was pointed out to me that it said LH on the handle and not hCG. And then the BFN on the hCG test shortly after that.

However… will you believe me, when I tell you that some women just have it in their guts? I couldn’t believe I’m not pregnant, yet I was so disappointed to see no line on the preg test yesterday, and almost lost hope for this cycle.

But, I don’t have it in me to give up easily. I tested again this morning… and got a very faint line! I’m starting to understand how so many women can get so addicted to poas – I certainly am going that direction right now. When I got home around 2 pm today, I just had to test again. The faint line was there again, just ever so slightly darker.

I called my doctor to set everything up for blood work. I want to start with the progesterone gel early enough this time. The doctor advised me to wait a couple days before getting the blood work done, so that the numbers would show higher.

I had some bad cramps about 30 minutes ago. And I’ve been running to the bathroom like a crazy person earlier today. It is starting!
The spotting I’ve been seeing since last Friday should stop soon. It has been brown for a couple days now (which means old blood) and must have been IB!

I already know I’m going to test again tomorrow morning, and probably Wednesday morning as well. I may get the blood work done Wednesday or Thursday morning.

And I pray that this one will stick!