Growing? Way too fast.


Me oh my, I can’t believe I’ve had so little time to write here. There is so much to say, but I’ll keep it as short as possible, and maybe not talk about eeeeverything.

I’ll just run through some milestones and stuff.

IMG_9590First off, Savina’s language is incredible. She repeats everything anyone says, so there has been a lot more German speaking from her lately, as she will repeat what I say in German.

Savina’s laugh has changed over the years, but not too long ago I repeated what I did when she was about 8 months old to elicit a laugh from her: I juggled balls. Much to my delight, Savina cracked up the exact same way she did so long ago. The laugh was exactly the same. Music in my ears. What’s more: I did the same in front of Koko, and she cracked up just like Savina did. Yes, they are sisters. Koko is, by the way, a herd laugher. She laughs when someone else laughs. She’s such a little sunshine.

IMG_9599Music being a big part of our lives, Savina has delighted me lately. Not only does she make up her own verses for songs these days. In the past, she would say “Sina’s turn, Sina’s turn” when I sang but she wanted to sing herself, followed by “now Mommy’s turn.” For the last few weeks, however, Savina has allowed me to sing alongside her, and lately she even requests to sing together sometimes, very sweet. She still has her moments though, when she wants to just hear herself sing, and Mommy is not allowed to join. She’s not only a little diva, but also a little princess, as she loves observing herself and checking herself out in the mirror on a daily basis. And when someone tells her she’s beautiful, she offers a coy smile, swaying her hips, then sometimes runs to the mirror to inspect. said beauty herself.

Kimiko is by now a pro in commando crawling, being able to go from one end of the house to the other, and taking toys with her as she pulls herself along. Her knees help push ahead faster, while her arms pull like she’s been doing it for decades.

IMG_9605Koko is a very laid back baby, unless she’s in her Wonder Weeks, during which she needs Mommy a little bit more than usual. When she’s not, she usually will only come to Mommy when she needs something: when she’s hungry or her diaper is full. It’s quite adorable really. She’ll play and entertain herself, and when I suddenly feel her around my feet, I know it’s time to nurse, or time for a fresh diaper. After that’s taken care of, she goes right back to playing. A perfect example of that happened a couple days ago. Koko was nursed and happily playing with something. I put her in the living room, so I could put Savina down for her nap. After about 10 minutes, Koko came to the closed bedroom door, patting, calling. Savina was not yet asleep, and my initial thought was, ugh I didn’t have enough time, and now Koko is done playing by herself for the time being, what do I do what do I do? I put SaIMG_9608vina in bed and told her it was time to take a nap. She knew Kimiko was at the door, and that she wanted Mommy. When I picked Koko up, and was just about to go play with her in the living room, I noticed she was stinky. I said, oh, you have a stinky poo, that’s why you came to the door! And that’s exactly what it was. Had she not had her diaper full, she would have continued playing on her own until I came out.

Something I noticed for the first time a couple days ago: I signed “book” to Koko and asked, would you like to read a book? We sat down next to a shelf with lots of baby books. Koko looked at me. I asked, where is the book?? Kimiko immediately looked at the books on the shelf next to us. I actually didn’t expect her to understand, but it seems like Kokobear is learning faster than I realize.

Since it seems to be nearly impossible to keep up with my blog these days, I’ll keep it at that today. Thanks for reading!