Five months already, and many more to come


With Christmas here, it seems almost silly to write about Savina’s 2nd birthday way back in October, but I promised, and I keep my promises. Well, I try. I know I had promised a Savina kick-video about a week before she was born, and that hasn’t happened yet. If only you knew the back-story, you’d nod and think, I would struggle, too. Okay, back to Savina’s second birthday. There’s really not that much to say. The day of her party was a loooovely day. I’m happy that her birthdays, which are 6 days after mine, always turn out to be nearly summer-like days, while I’d been waiting for a day like that to come around for October 10 for decades, but especially when I was a kid. Oh well. I’m overjoyed that my little girl gets to celebrate her birthdays in the sun in the garden or on the playground because the weather allows it. We went to Luke’s Love playground and celebrated with her friends. The kids had a grand time, playing together and enjoying muffins and crackers. On her actual birthday, I took her to Gymport. It took her some time to get settled/comfortable, but once she was, she didn’t want to leave. She had a blast running around, climbing obstacles, jumping on the trampolines and so much more. Her birthday gift from us was a balancing bike. She loves her bike, although she needs to grow a couple of inches to be able to ride it. And we still need to get her a helmet. She hasn’t ridden her bike by herself yet, and not really outdoors, due to what I just mentioned. So long as it doesn’t snow much this winter (it’s been really nice), she will get lots of opportunities in the coming months. I haven’t tried for over a month, but who knows, she may be tall enough for it now.





I haven’t said much about Savina’s development in a while. It’s hard to keep up here. In fact, I can’t even find the time to write my handwritten journal for her much, let alone the one I started for Kimiko. I’m hoping that after the holiday craze, I will find a few moments to write to my daughters again. That is a keepsake I feel they will treasure for a long time to come.IMG_8600

So how is Savina doing? Her language is exploding. She’s basically repeating everything we say, and is using/forming 3-5 word sentences. For some funny reason that eludes me, she’s often making an F-sound for a SH-sound and vice versa. So every Friday, for example, we go fopping. And when Papa comes home from work, the first thing she looks for is his coshee cup. It cracks me up.

I was going to write a few examples of some of the funny things she says now and then, but I can’t think of any right now. I might post them later, if they come to me.

Savina has known her thank yous and the meaning of them for a long time now, but she’s finally mastered her “please,” understanding at last what it means. Thus, she has begun to beg. Yep. “Please, Mommy, pleaaaase,” is something I hear a bit lately.

IMG_8629My sweet Savinababy is mastering some fine motor skills, as she’s figured out how to direct beads across her labyrinth toy, closes Papa’s belt almost every morning, and successfully forks her food most of the time, when she chooses to. She still enjoys being the spotlight of any camera-shot or video, and she loves being walked around on our shoulders.

Savina is growing more and more attached to her sister. She’s loved her from day one, but lately she has started to express that love more clearly. She wants to hug her all the time, gives her unlimited kisses, and when Kimiko cries, Savina tries to take her in her arms, and says calmly, “oh, oooh, okay, okay,” in the sense of “it’s okay, Koko, I’m here for you.” It is the most adorable sister-love-expression I’ve ever seen from a 2-year old. Make no mistake though, Kimiko also gets put in her place by Savina, sometimes when she tries to play with her toys or when she takes too much of Mommy’s attention. I feel it’s a healthy balance.

IMG_8623Kimiko is a darling. Currently she’s a little more attached than usual, but that’s because the poor baby has a slight cold, so she needs a little extra comfort. Papa brought in yet another one of these nasty winterexes, passed it to Savina and finally to Koko, although I think Koko has it a little bit more than Savina this time. It’s hard to tell. Runny noses all around, discomfort, trouble sleeping, some slight coughing. And Mommy? Mommy has it just enough to make antibodies for the kids, but not enough to feel incredibly sick. Actually, other than itchy nose, sneezing, off-and-on runny nose, some exhaustion here and there, and a headache every now and then, I’ve been feeling just fine. Phew. Gratitude here. Today, I don’t feel sick in the least, aside from a very minor headache.

Other than that, Kimiko is super-easy. She is growing so fast, I can’t keep up. She’s already been rolling over for a couple of months, and even though she doesn’t do it a lot, she most definitely can–and both ways. She’s working on sitting unassisted, but mostly she’s babbling, working on her language. Lots of bababa lately, some nanana (mostly when she’s upset) and some mamama (usually when she’s looking for milk… hmmm figure that one!). She wants to put everything in her mouth, and is just as obsessed with water bottles as Savina was. Kimiko has begun to nurse both sides most of the time, and is trying to steal my food as well! She has had a taste of teeny tiny pieces of peach, strawberry, raspberry, fried hamburger meat, rice, and there was a vegetable, but I can’t remember which.IMG_8603 She chews and swallows most of them, peach and hamburger appearing to be her favorite so far. But understand, the amount of food I’ve let her have so far, all of the pieces put together, may come to the size of a penny. I’m in no rush to introduce solids seriously until she’s 6 months old. And I plan on letting her get a taste of some purees first.

There’s lots more to say, but not enough time in the day to cover everything.

I’m working on another year recap video of Savina’s 2nd year, and a quirks video for each child, but as you can imagine, my time is quite limited, so it will take me some time. Bear with me–it will most definitely come in the next couple of months or thereabouts!


Merry Christmas everyone, and thank you for being a part of our lives.


p.s.: We finally did see Santa back on Sunday, the 21st, but we haven’t received the digital copy of the photo yet, so that’s coming later. Kimiko was all excited and smily, while Savina was terrified of Santa, and wouldn’t go near him. We finally got her as close as next to him with a reindeer in between, but she wasn’t happy about it. On the photo, she looks rather unsettled. You’ll see.