Spring oh spring where are you–as another snow storm lurks


The last two months have certainly not felt like they went by fast, yet here we are, and I can hardly believe it. Winter has made this drag out far too long, and there is no end in sight just yet, as more snow is predicted for the end of March. With a baby who doesn’t like the snow, it’s really a challenge keeping her occupied and satisfied. She loves being outside otherwise, and we’ve been stuck in the house for far too long. It’s driving us all insane.


Snow is okay as long as it’s only a pile here and there.

Anyway, Savina is absolutely remarkable. Okay, what mother wouldn’t say that, right? Still, I am more than proud of my little one. Her language is developing faster than I can blink my eye. Seriously, Savina can say over 50 words last I counted–she’s probably exceeded the 70 mark by now. At first, I was going to post a list of what she can say, but with that many words… um yea. She is adding more to her vocabulary almost daily now, and she’s still adding more signs as well. One of her new signs, “monkey,” looks like she’s rapping–it’s hilarious! And I love how Savina cheers for herself. Everytime she did or thinks she did something really awesome, she says “yaaay” and sometimes claps.IMG_6286

Some time ago we have started potty training with Savina. Yep, this baby is going to work on diaperless days. We decided to do it with the help of the Baby Signs program, which comes with a wonderful kit including a book for the parents, a lift the flap book for baby, a DVD for baby, stickers, and a conductor’s whistle. We picked up both a regular potty and a toilet insert, because we weren’t sure which one Savina would prefer–turns out she wants to train on both of them. From the DVD Savina learned to make a choo-choo train sound and to sign train, and since we’ve started potty training, she has learned to say “pipi” pointing at either the toilet when Mommy goes pipi, or at her own lady’s parts when it’s about her. Nope, unfortunately it doesn’t yet seem like she’s prompting me that she needs to go pee (as of the past weekend, she appears to have done so once so far!), but beginning to understand what pipi is, and that it has to do with our body and with the potty–that’s a good start. She has also begun to say “Klo” (German for toilet) since we started potty training. I think she’s getting the idea, but we do need to let her wear training pants more often. Need to pick up some more of those.

IMG_6230Making our home a safer place has been a priority for me since Savina was born, and our bathroom is an important part of that. We started long ago by replacing her Johnson’s shower gel/shampoo with an organic no chemicals one (we use Theraneem), and bought a much safer sun tanning lotion for the summer–yes that was far more expensive, but my baby’s skin will only see the best and safest products. We had a huge bottle of Johnson’s baby lotion, which was finally running empty, and we were thinking about replacing that with something much safer as well. It was around that time when I came across a company I hadn’t heard of before. Concerned as I am about everything related to my sweet baby, I did extensive research on their products for at least two weeks, making sure they really are safe. I have since fallen completely in love with their products, and have eliminated many items in our household that can be harmful, including my baby’s lotion, but also, for example, our bathroom odor spray. We used to buy Lysol, which is amazingly dangerous, and the funny part: they even state this on their label, believe it or not. Only through finding this awesome company and these new products did I learn about how toxic Lysol is. For the first time I checked their label, and there it was:


Wow! Yep, that brand has been banished from our household. What also completely sold me on this company was their lotion healing my hand’s eczema within 24 hours, when the medical cream prescribed by my doctor could not touch it. I have since recommended it to friends, whose skins also improved. I love love love it. If you have a similar issue, or want to rid your home of toxins for safe, affordable alternatives, do leave me/send me a message. I can help you get oriented and educated.

IMG_6250Since my last post a lot has changed in Savina’s sleeping habits as well. As many of you may remember, we were bedsharing for a long time, and Savina used to get one night nursing, after which she would join us in our bed. However, for days and weeks Savina suddenly refused to go back to sleep after her night nursing, unless we rocked her back to sleep and put her in her crib. Yes, we even tried rocking her and then bringing her into our bed–didn’t work. I kind of miss sleeping in the same bed with my baby, but this had to change, and we all sleep better now. Especially because I’m pregnant–my growing belly would not do well with baby in the middle. So Savina was night-weaned and would not come into our bed anymore. It took all of one night to get her inner clock used to no more milk at night. She has since slept through the night (!!!!) nearly every night. We still get the occasional wake-up, especially during Wonder Weeks such as the current, from nightmares, belly aches and the like, but holy (!) do we sleep better now. All three of us–or four if you count peanut.

Okay, time to talk about number four of our wonderful little family. Peanut.

There is a lot I could say about pregnancy number three/baby number two. Where should I start?

This pregnancy has been very different in many ways, yet a lot the same in others. While still nursing Savina throughout the day, my body has become weak to sickness and other problems. I hadn’t been sick in years before this pregnancy, but ever since I got pregnant, I’ve already gone through four colds, and fought two others that were threatening to make my day a living hell.

IMG_6237On top of that, tooth decay has set in since I’m pregnant. Found a huge cavity in one of my molars that, according to the dentist, requires a root canal. Well, not so fast. With lots of research, I have come to the decision that it’s worth a shot trying to heal the cavity myself and save my tooth (and $2500). It will take a long time, but I’m hopeful, and since I haven’t experienced as much tooth pain since I started as I did before I began my healing regiment, I’m confident that I can pull this through the rest of my pregnancy and through labor. Of course, this is all a fragile undertaking because I can not take heavy medication to soothe pain, and once I go into my third trimester I’m stuck with my choice until after I give birth. Luckily, the pain has become very managable, supporting my optimism (often, in the last few days, I don’t feel it at all–as long as I avoid hot, cold, and some sweet touching the tooth).

We’ve had our second, and final, ultrasound at 20 weeks, and I succeeded in burying my curiosity about our baby’s gender. However, since our peanut had his/her legs crossed the whole time, and was happily snoozing on his/her belly during all of the ultrasound, there was no way for us to find out gender even if we’d wanted to. Wink of fate? I do have it in my guts though that it’s a girl, and still have my hopes up for a boy.

IMG_6251I had to go to the appointment by myself with Savina, so it was rather difficult. She was tired and hungry at the time, so she became upset fast that I was preoccupied and could not attend her needs. At the end I lifted her up and let her sit on my chest for a few minutes. She looked interested at the u/s screen. And I do tell her a lot lately that there is a baby in my belly, yet I don’t get the impression she understands that yet. It will be interesting to see how this develops and how she will react when the baby is born, or at birth itself for that matter–if she happens to be awake at the time.

A few quick general updates and then I will wrap this up, as it is getting lengthy. I have been able to see baby move in the last week or so, can feel baby move often now with my hands, and am already experiencing braxton hicks contractions since a week or two. I can’t remember when those started during my last pregnancy, but I have a feeling that it was later. I’m using the same belly oil again that my loving midwife Becca made me, and so far no stretch marks! I do need a back support though, my pelvis feels like it is falling apart. My body is finally catching up in weight gain–not that that really concerned me. I’ve gained 7 1/2 lbs overall so far. In comparison: with Savina at this point in pregnancy I had gained 15 lbs. Also, my belly now at 22 weeks is much larger than it was with Savina at that time–at least it seems like it. But see for yourself:

belly compare


This has been a post in the making for a long time–sorry it has taken me so long. Thanks for reading and until next time.