This face is so kissable!


It has definitely been far too long since my last post. I can’t keep up. Being so busy with my Savinababy makes it nearly impossible to write my blog regularly. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to talk about all of her progress this time, because there has been so much.

Just to keep this short, I’m not going to say anything about the holidays other than that it was wonderful, and that on Christmas Day Savina said “sit” for the first time. Have I mentioned that I love this baby?

IMG_5823 IMG_5928 IMG_5994 IMG_5997 IMG_6002

Since that day Savina’s communication has literally sky-rocketed. She’s signing more than ever. I couldn’t even count how many signs she makes now. And she says many words, or tries to. These I can still count, but they are getting up there in numbers:

Savina says:

  • “da” (German for “there”) when pointing at something.
  • “coco” for “cookie”
  • “ba” (+ball sign) for “ball” (and she says that one in German)
  • “ba ba” for “Papa” (Daddy)
  • “sit”
  • “so”
  • “no”
  • “yes” and “ya”
  • “hi” and occasionally “bye”
  • “Mama” (yes she says that again, yay!)
  • “a-ße” (sometimes) for “Katze” (German for “cat”)
  • “ho ho” for “hoch” (German for “up”)
  • wow
  • oh oh (when something falls on the floor)

I can say with certainty: her learning to sign has not held her back from learning to speak. In fact, I believe quite the opposite is true: since I’m teaching her German and English, signing has helped her understand both languages, because the sign is always the same, regardless of which language I say the word in. So for example, when I say: “Möchtest du nach draußen?” she will sign “outside.” And when I say, “Do you want to go outside?” she will sign “outside.” I’m asking her the same thing, only in a different language, and she understands. And by showing me the sign, she’s showing me that she understands. I do feel that the signing helps bridging the connection between the two languages, and is thus helping her to learn both equally well and at the same rate.


She did not like the snow. Too wet, too cold, too slippery.

You can have quite the conversation with my baby now. If I ask her a question she will with the seriousness of a toddler answer: dagabasidokabadama. It’s not just meaningless babble; she’s really trying to say something–it’s only as if she was speaking another language. Well, in a way she is. It’s adorable.


As for her crazy progress in signing, check out this video:

Savina signs

At the end there is a list of all the signs she can do, but I did forget to include some (e.g. bunny, sun, pain), so those listed are just a good portion of what she can do, but not all.

IMG_6069I love how obsessed Savina has become with books. As a writer, that makes me really happy. Sometimes I could just watch her “read” endlessly. I find it fascinating, when she sits down with a book (especially in the car), and holds it up, and looks at it (even a picture book without words) as if she was reading a novel. So concentrated, so immersed in the book. She turns the pages and looks again like a girl reading the most exciting story. Of course to that itty bitty baby it probably is just like reading a novel, but as an adult you just watch in amazement by how captivated that little baby is by her book, studying each page thoroughly.

My sweet baby just turned 15 months day before yesterday–time flies. And what I love most, is that she’s still nursing soooo much. We both enjoy it tremendously, and I love how healthy it has kept her all this time. She’s never truly been sick!

IMG_6059I finally gave in and cut off Savina’s last strand of original hair. It was the one she had in the back. The last bit of hair she was born with. The reason I cut it was that it was thinning out. So if I wanted to save some of her original hair, it was now or never. Since that little strand really defined her, it made me a little sad. I used to always brush through it with my fingers, and now I can’t anymore. But I’m getting used to it.

I could go on and on about my sweet daughter, but it’s time to get to the big news, which those of you who follow me on facebook already know about.

This little Savinababy is going to be a big sister. Well, we all knew that already, right? What we didn’t know was that she’d be a big sister in the making already. Her sibling is due to arrive July 28, 2014. We are thrilled!

Now, you might wonder, why did I not announce it right away as I did with my previous two pregnancies? What makes this one different? Well… I don’t know. We just decided to do it this way this time around. My rule was, if someone straight out asks me, I won’t lie. Therefore, very few people found out before the big announcement–mostly family, and friends who knew we were going to TTC last fall.

Here is another thing we will do differently this time: For as long as I can take the suspense (and I think I’ll be able to make it all the way), we will not find out the gender this time. The reason I, personally, wanted this change is that I’m fairly sure this will be our last baby (yes, unfortunately), and I just wanted to experience the thrill of someone calling, “Elli, it’s a boy” or “Elli, it’s a girl” Think me weird, but I really itch to find out what that feels like. We are hoping for a boy, but we are both okay with having another girl. And as everyone knows, obviously, the most important part is for the baby to be healthy.

So what has been happening during this pregnancy so far? I’m almost 13 weeks along, and I feel like pregnancy symptoms are just piling up with this one:

  • First off: nausea. Yep, I got it. Didn’t have it with my m/c and didn’t have it with Savina, but this one, let me tell you, made me feel quite sick in the first trimester. Luckily, I never threw up, even though I got close a few times. I’m still getting nausous occasionally now–mostly when I eat too much or not enough at one given time. But it’s definitely improving.
  • Food aversions: this definitely didn’t help with the nausea. Just as was the case with Savina, I can’t stand the thought of having tomato sauce. We had a vegetable lasagne for dinner a few weeks ago, and the smell of the red sauce alone made me almost vomit. Contrary to my pregnancy with Savina, cheese and creamy products, including sauces like Alfredo, are just fine. However, most meats are completely out. With Savina it was only poultry–with this one the only meat I can take is ham, and deli meats (which I’m mostly avoiding because you know why). At least there’s the ham. Uuunfortunately, since a couple weeks or so I also can’t really bring myself to find an interest in eating eggs. Another restriction I haven’t had before. It does become a bit frustrating, especially at dinner time.
  • Smell: good lord! With my first pregnancy I had an increased sense of smell, but I wasn’t nausous. With Savina I had neither. This time I have both. My sense of smell is out of this world, guys! I can hold Savina and smell the pee in her diaper even when there’s barely any pee in it. I can smell dinner hoooooours after we’ve cooked it–that’s the worst part. Most smells make me so sick, and they are the top reason I got so close to vomitting several times. I had to open windows and run fans to get the dinner smell out of the house at 30F or less outside. Ugh. Our boiler says thank you.
  • Fatigue: soooo tired these days. Again, something I did not experience with my previous pregnancy. It’s only natural now, of course, since Savina keeps me on my toes, and I have not only much less time to myself, but also get less sleep. I’m now finding that even when I sleep during Savina’s naps, I still feel tired at the end of the day. I’m so exhausted most days that I sometimes can’t even bring myself to play with Savina. Often I just sit there and comment and hope she will keep to herself. Yes, I feel guilty about that, but I can’t help the circumstances. I know this will get better soon. Well, I sure hope.
  • Urination: oh my god, my increase in toilet-visits is beyond belief. I need to go 4-6 times an hour during the day, and during the night I wake and go 2-4 times total.
  • Ligament pain: nothing new there.
  • Occasional cramps.
  • Cravings: while with Savina I was craving cherries, with this one I’m into apples. Finding that quite interesting. The first couple of weeks I was craving zucchini.
  • Occasional dizziness.
  • Constant hunger. I can’t stop eating, and yet, until today, I had not gained a pound! Some of this is due to Savina still nursing about every 3 hours, and some is probably due to my dinners falling short. Since I used to have large dinners, and now can’t finish it most of the time because my stomach is all scrunched up, kinda, I’m probably missing out here. I’ve never been so hungry in my life. Waking up to pee at night, feeling like I haven’t eaten in days! No fun!
  • Occasional heartburn.

I’m probably missing something, but this is quite the list as it stands.

The greatest thing about this pregnancy so far: Three days ago I felt the baby move for the first time, little flutters wayyyyy down near my pubic bone.

I will close this post with the excitement of any pregnant mother: I can’t wait to hold that little one in my arms!