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I realize it has been merely 11 days since my last post. The one word that comes to mind in regards to Savina’s development recently is “rapid.”

I just wanted to give some quick updates before her birthday, so I don’t clutter my next blogpost with this when it really should be just about her birthday and her birthday party.

I’ll try to go through this quickly, because time is shoooort right now.

Motor skills and communication:

IMG_5394Savina continues to walk faster and faster. Today she is getting really close to a slow run. If I walk slowly beside her, she can keep up. She’s also turning well now. On my own birthday, last Thursday, the 10th, she had a massive sugar rush after we had allowed her to eat some of the strawberry shortcake we bought to celebrate my round 30. She started running around, well not running, obviously, but walking quite fast, in circles in the kitchen. I swear she just kept going around and around, and forth and back between Peter and me. After about 10-15 minutes I started videoing her. And I recorded for another 27 minutes. Then she became tired, and you could tell, because she began to fall on her bum a lot.

Here is some of the video I took, as well as a little video from this morning, which is almost the pace at which she can walk now (she can go faster than that).

Crazy Savina

IMG_5385Has Savina turned the house upside down yet? Naaah, not really. Well, it depends on your definition of “turning the house upside down.” She certainly goes around and explores, and naturally leaves a mess with toys and things she turned into toys, but we’ve baby-proofed the house so well that she is allowed to do all that, and it does not annoy us one bit. The only place we are cautious is in our bedroom (where she only gets to play in the morning and with supervision), and in our office (where she only gets to play under supervision). We keep many of her toys in both those rooms to offer her alternatives to the no-gos. I still hardly ever say “no” to her though. There is no need for the most part. Plus, I’m lucky. She’s a really good kid, who has yet to venture forth into territory we don’t want her to get into, like our bookshelves. The shelf we created for her, with her toys in it, is still sufficient to keep her away from my own precious books on the opposite side of the room.

Yesterday morning at breakfast she licked off the liverwurst from her bread and attempted to put a piece of ham on it. So cute.

She has tried to sign “berry” this weekend and actually did pretty well. “Berry” is a difficult sign for itty-bitty’s fine motor skills in my opinion, but it looked almost correct. She also signs “eat” consistantly now, “dog” occasionally, has signed “tree” once, is signing “more” fairly often, and attempted to sign “book” tonight. She even wanted Daddy to show her again after he and I had shown her several times. It was such a delight to watch her. And, oh yea, she has combined “eat” and “more” a couple times.

She also points consistently now at things she wants. Recently she points at my chest rather than doing the drink sign when she wants to nurse. She hasn’t abandoned the sign entirely, but she is pointing at me a bit now.

There was a short period during which Savina looked either at me or something I was looking or pointing at every time I said “Savina, look!” She doesn’t do that anymore, unfortunately. As so many things, babies pick something up, do it for a while, and then not for some time.

A little over a week ago in the morning, I asked Savina and signed to her at the same time (in German): “Will you give Mommy a kiss?” I didn’t expect anything from it, because I never asked her that before, and last I showed her how to kiss, in front of the mirror, she didn’t seem to understand it yet entirely. But she surprised me, leaned forward and rested her lips on my cheek. I was melting away! She then kissed me like that after every nap, when I asked her. Then after a couple days she slowed down, but I did receive one for my birthday, which made my day! I have not gotten a kiss from her since.

IMG_5372My asking her to say “yaya” when she wants something and I’m absolutely certain she does, is paying of. I was trying to make her understand that when I ask her if she wants this or that, she needs to answer me in whatever way, signing, talking, anything. So I’ve been telling her to say “yaya” every time I knew for sure she wanted it. She now occasionally answers without my prompting. So, for example, if I ask “do you want more blueberries?” because she’s been pointing at them, she’ll say “ya” or “yaya,” or if I ask “do you want to go outside?” Sometimes she also answers “ya” to questions that do not require a choice to be made, such as “did you find your bear?” or “Are you hungry?”

Savina says “Mama” a lot now, and I can tell she fully means me by it 99% of the time. Sometimes she runs to me, calling Mama Mama Mama. And when I ask her, “Who am I?” she answers: “Mama.” I love it!

Savina’s third tooth is about half way out and came way faster than the other two. Had I not checked, I would have never known when it broke through. It didn’t bother her one bit, and I fully attribute it to the new amber necklace we got her. Before we replaced her necklace with a fresh new one, she’d had some teething pain off and on, and we even had to use Hyland teething gel a few times. Since she wears her new necklace, I have not needed to even think about the gel. Her second upper tooth cut through this morning or some time last night, well part of it did anyway. Again, hadn’t I checked, I would have never known. I love amber!

Lastly, Wonder Weeks have started up again last week. Lovely. She’s very clingy again (for example: doing laundry in the basement, I walk 2 steps away from her to put the basket back, and she walks after me as fast as she can, crying “Mama Mama”), she’s fussy, and difficult to transition from chair to crib. I was hoping she’d start it late, like after her party, but noooo. But hey, she’ll be fine. She’s usually fine when around company, because she gets too distracted to be fussy.

Can you believe all of this progress happened in the last 11 days? Wow!

Okay, this became a little longer than anticipated, phew. Until after the party! Thanks for reading!


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