Dancing Video

Here is the promised video of Savina dancing. Enjoy.



Dancing Queen


I have been thinking about this in the past two weeks: How have I changed since we have been blessed with our Savinababy?

IMG_4581I am more outgoing, more social, more open-minded, but most importantly: I’m more positive. I see something positive in many things in which I ordinarily would not have in the past. In fact, I can see a little bit of a positive something in nearly everything around me. I’m such a happier person than I have ever been!

For example, I don’t hang myself up over the little things anymore. If I trip over a toy or whatever, or spill something somewhere, or drop something or if any other small annoyance happens, I don’t curse or even moan. I simply ignore it and go on with life (in case of tripping e.g.) or deal with the problem in a calm manner and then go back to what I was doing.

Before the birth of my beautiful daughter I would have been loath to sing around people, be it friends or family, or anyone else, but what wouldn’t I do for my Savinababy? Pretty much nothing. I actually found it to be so much fun, too, and it didn’t take me very long at all to get over myself and the feeling of embarrassement. Yea, I don’t have the greatest of voices, but one look at my baby’s face lighting up when I sing to her, or one moment of my singing calming her is all I need to want to sing to her forever.

IMG_4551Yes, mothering is hard work, but it is also very rewarding work. Despite all the difficulties we’ve been through with Savina, she has still made me a better person. Even when the clouds become black all around me, and I can’t see the end of the long stony road, life is still good. And I mean it. That is something I have not always been able to say to myself.

So. Thank you. To all the people who support us. To our family. To our friends. To my dear husband. And most of all, to the one who brought me this little light that grew and grew over the past ten months: my beloved Savinababy.

I love you all!

On to some news 🙂

My sweet baby is 10 months old now–I can hardly believe it! She weighs 18lbs according to my scale, and is still helping me drop my own lbs by nursing a ton, although three days ago it almost seemed like she was starting the weaning process. She was eating a LOT of solid foods. I grabbed the last banana, which was getting old, and started peeling it while Savina was on the floor playing. She looked up to me and begged me to give her the banana. So I started feeding it to her and she almost ate the whole darn thing! During the entire day she ate more solids and drank less milk. I was starting to get “worried.” I’m so not ready to wean her! But she has picked up her nursing again fully since. She still loves the boob over everything else, yay. In fact, she now uses her small hand to help push the boob in her mouth when she had come off her latch haha–it’s adorable.

IMG_4620Talking about eating–the proficiency of my baby’s pincer grip continues to amaze me. I had given her a small piece of whole grain bread, and some seeds had fallen off, as they do. There was one that was extremely tiny, and Savina pinced it with ease and put it in her mouth. Unbelievable.

Savina’s next set of teeth has not cut through yet, but she’s drooling like a running faucet!

She has found out how fun it is to tongue-snap. Savina also discovered that she can put ‘b’ and ‘o’ together just like she could put ‘b’ and ‘a’ together. So now we get lots of “booooohhh” and “bow.”

But those aren’t all of Savina’s new tricks. She’s learned how to find things that I hide. I love how all of these little milestones happen so suddenly and out of nowhere. Savina loves to play with my belly piercing, so sometimes I let her, while making sure she doesn’t pull it. Sometimes I hide it under my clothing. This time when I pulled my shirt over it, she scrutinized my shirt, then pulled it up and searched for the piercing. She was quite proud to have found it haha. Then I pulled my pants over it and the shirt over the pants when she wasn’t looking. She couldn’t find it anymore. Later on, she played with it again and this time she saw me pull my pants over it and then my shirt, so she first lifted my shirt, then my pants, in a quick “I know it’s there–you can’t fool me, Mommy!”-motion. It was just too cute.

IMG_4531Savina’s gross motor skills have further developed as well. She can now stand unassisted for 2-15 seconds, and she attempts this quite often. She has also started to attempt climbing. Her first climbing adventure would lead her into our bathtub, where kitty cat was sitting, hiding from the dangerous, fur-pulling baby. Her legs were just not long enough to reach up to the edge of the tub and get in. She also tried to climb out of her crib today, but her legs are, again, nowhere near long enough to reach. Instead, she stomped on the mattress to signal us: get me out of here! She was not upset. It was rather fun to her.

IMG_4523Our sweet Savinababy has begun dancing! Since I’ve never seen her dance before, this made me crack up. Bombarded with cuteness, I was laughing so hard my nose started running. A couple days later (yesterday) I managed to get a really good video of her dance. I will post it some time tomorrow.

I’m impressed with the level of her listening skill. When I say “not in your mouth,” either in German or in English, 90% of the time she will take it right back out, if it had gone in, or not put it in and instead lower her hand, if she had it close to her mouth. She will then examine it with her hands and eyes. I may have to remind her a few times, but after all she’s only a baby, and she will forget that a certain thing was not allowed in the mouth. If she tries again, I remind her, and she complies. The same goes with the word “no,” in German or English. As I said, I’m impressed, and I very much believe at this point that this has a lot to do with us building an environment around our baby in which we hardly ever have to say no to her, so she can satisfy her huge and natural urge to explore the world she’s in. Also, when we do have to say no, we usually offer an alternative, if possible. We feel that this is fair to everyone.

IMG_4508Just a few more things–stuff Savina has taken a liking to lately: She seems to think that leaf whistling is hilarious, and she absolutely loves when I blow bubbles with our new bubble soap. Our cat loves the bubbles too, chases and tries to pop them, and Savina is of course very excited when the cat lingers near her for the bubbles, giving her a chance to chase and play with her.

Remember by the way, when I talked about trying to make Savina laugh hysterically and nothing but me juggling worked? Well, time has gone by since, and now she cracks up at a lot of things, including funny faces.

Also, the ladystretch is back!! Haha, I had missed it so much, and thought I’d never see her do it again, but she is doing it again. She stretches in her old cute way, which I had named ladystretch because she always looked like a spoiled fine lady when she did it haha. It’s not quite as pronounced as it used to be, but you can tell that’s it, and it is so cute.

I’m working on a little video, in which Savina and I talk about Savina’s little quirks–things she used to do and things she does now. I think it’s a neat way to document this memory of our baby.

Well, that’s all— a lot again. I should really try to post every other week, I suppose!

See ya next time, thanks for stopping by.