Another month and a billion milestones


Savina has been with me outside my belly for as long as inside my belly now, and my love for her only grows. She gets cuter every day, and in the past month she has aquired many new skills and shown us a lot of new tricks.

Gross motor skills

The probably biggest news is that Savina has started to crawl in the past couple of weeks! At first she did a lot of belly plops, but eventually she figured it out. However, she does crawl a bit awkwardly, showing that she rather walk than crawl. She lifts her legs almost to a standing position before going on her knees. In other words, she rather uses her feet to get around than her knees. And who wouldn’t? Savina also likes to leap to her toys, i.e. when she has crawled toward a toy and then gets close enough, she rather plops on her belly to reach it instead of crawling an extra step. What does that tell us about my girl? Considering that during a feeding she also often gets very frustrated if I don’t have a letdown right away, she is a very impatient baby.

Of course this whole crawling business only started after Savina began to sit herself up. One thing led to the next and here we are.

IMG_4212A few days ago Savina stood herself up, just leaning on my leg for a few seconds while I was sitting on the floor. Once she stood, she did so without any support. She stood for a couple of seconds before she fell on her butt. I could not believe my eyes. She didn’t wobble or anything. She stood like a grown up for a short time. I was flabbergasted. Then she stood again unassisted for a few seconds a couple days afterwards. She doesn’t pull herself up on furniture any further than to her knees, so you can imagine my awe.

To support her exploration urge, keeping in mind that she can now crawl, we have opened up our living room for her. We put the table with the vast amount of boardgames in the basement, moved the couch to the bay window and put a protection foam around the edge of the brick of the fireplace. Even though she can crawl just fine, however, Savina prefers to sit and play with her toys rather than “wander” off. I’m okay with that–not too much baby-proofing needed yet.

Fine motor skills

Savina’s pincer grip has recently earned her the title “little scorpion.” She perfected her pincing over two months ago, and in the last few weeks it appeared that her hands are almost always “permanently” stuck in the pincing position. Even when there is a bigger piece of food or toys to pick up, she first goes for it with her pincer grip before opening her hand. She doesn’t sometimes realize that her pincing fingers can’t pick up big and heavy things easily.

Yesterday Savina started clapping for the first time. There must have been something outside in our yard she really approved of. We came back from our evening walk around 7:30pm. I was carrying her, while Daddy watered some plants in the garden. Suddenly Savina just started clapping. And she wasn’t just putting her fingers/hands together–she clapped in such a way that you could hear her clap. I was impressed.

Social skills

IMG_4200Savina seldom takes books into her mouth anymore. She has now begun (within the past month) to turn the pages, especially when prompted to. So yes, she understands fully when I hold up the page slightly and say “turn the page,” or “next page.” She grabs it and turns it. Sometimes she turns it back afterwards to take another quick look at the previous picture. It is adorable. Sometimes she prompts me to help her turn the pages because she wants to get to the final (her favorite) page of a certain book we have. She also chooses which book to read, and when it’s done, she gets upset. Awwww.

She seems to understand a lot of what we say now. One of the things she definitely understands is “Papa” and “where is.” Here are some examples: We were bathing Savina. I was in the tub with her, and Daddy sat next to us. At some point he laid down. Savina couldn’t see him anymore. She looked in his direction but he wasn’t there. So I asked: “Where is Papa?” Immediately following that question, she leaned forward to the edge of the tub and peeked around the corner. There he was! So precious. Another time we were waiting for Daddy to come home. It was getting close, so I said, “Shall we go outside and see where Papa is?” Her head turned to the front door right away and she got all excited. One day we were at the pond together. Savina and I were in the water, and Daddy was just on his way to come join us. I said to her, “Looks like Papa is coming.” She instantly turned around and looked straight at him in the distance. I do enjoy this “finding Papa” game. It’s just too adorable.

Watch out, by the way, Savina is a real flirt. She has not only been described by strangers as “uncommonly handsome” (uumm, yea) and “incredibly cute,” she elicits these comments quite well, when she smiles and laughs and flirts at all the guys. Age does not matter. One day at the pond there was an adult man in the water. She was staring at him, giving him her excitement shout “uuuuhhhh.” He said “she makes my day,” and danced around in the water to entertain her. She loved it. Eventually he left the water. And when we were ready to go home, he was standing, facing the water, by his friends. Savina stared at him again. Mind you, she only saw him from behind this time. She got all excited again. Yep, she recognized the guy–no problem. Mommy and Daddy better watch out haha.

Eating skills


My little girl has grown so much in this department in the last month. She is now swallowing a good portion of the food we give her, and she chooses which foods she likes and which she doesn’t. She does try almost all we offer her, but quickly disregards a food if she decided it is not to her liking. Lately she has begun to use her little teeth to bite off smaller pieces from bigger ones! Such a smart baby. She has also finally learned how to drink from a sippy cup. No longer does 90% of the fluid run down her neck. She loves freshly pressed watermelon juice. She also likes it as a popsicle. She is very much into fruits and meat. Those seem to triumph over everything else I offer her at the moment. It’s too cute to see her get all excited when I take out the package of ham or a bowl of raspberries.


Savina has two little teeth now, in the lower front. She got a reprieve from teething for a couple of weeks, but has since started up again. I wonder what we will see next. However, if it continues at the rate it has been going, the poor girl will be teething for another 3 months before we see the next tooth. I hope for her sake it won’t take that long.

Communication skills

IMG_4171Savina’s favorite word for a while was “mabm.” I loved that. It was the cutest thing ever coming out of her mouth. Uuuunfortunately, she gave up on mabm to make room for the equally adorable “oooo.”

I think my little girl signed to me a couple of days ago. I asked her, when she was fussy, “What do you want?” She immediately raised her hand and kind of turned it while somewhat opening and closing her fist, which is the sign for milk. I nursed her in response, and she was happy.

Our baby understands more signs than that though, like “more.” She gets so excited when I have the ham out and she’s had some, and I ask and sign to her: “More?” She looks at the ham and bangs her hands on the high chair tray. Alas, she won’t sign “more” to me yet, even though I keep asking her “What do you want? More? Do you want more?”

Savina seems to like flailing her arms/banging her hands to signal to me “yes,” and “up,”/”pick me up,” and for excitement.


Savina teased us for 3 consecutive days by sleeping 8 1/2 hours without waking up the first night (in her crib), 8 hours the second night, and 7 1/2 hours the third night. Now we are back to sleeping issues ugh. Hard to get her to sleep in the evening, wakes up an hour into her nap, but at least after that she’ll sleep 3-6 hours without waking.


My little girl is happily “blowing raspberries” these days.

We signed Savina up for “swimming lessons” at a local pond. It’s a baby class designed to get babies used to the water. And since Savina was terrified of the water (go figure), I thought it may be a good idea. The course ran six weeks and next Monday is our last class. Where did time go?? Savina got used to the water quickly that way. The biggest help, however, was Daddy joining us in the pond one day. She overcame her fear quickly with him around. So cute. Now she lets me swim her through the water, jump her up and down, and she likes sitting by herself in the sand/water at the edge of the pond. At this point, she sometimes gets upset when we are ready to leave!


Savina is also getting really excited about the outside world. Can’t keep her indoors for a minute if it was up to her! She loves the grass. Alas, she likes to put leaves and grass and all sorts of gross stuff from outside in her mouth. Mommy needs to watch her carefully when Savina plays outside.


Savina loved the fireworks at Craigville Beach on 4th of July, and she had the greatest blast ever during the Barnstable County Fair last week. I couldn’t get over how cutely excited she was the whole time. She loooooved loved loved all the animals, especially the cows and the wild birds.



Well, either my measuring a month ago was really off, or the doctor’s measuring was really off. According to our last well-visit on July 17, Savina measured 25 3/4 inches, nowhere near the 27 I measured. Hmm. So on that scale, she’s a tiny peanut in the 5th percentile for height. She also weighed in at 16lbs 11.5oz. Also tiny. Recently someone actually guessed her to be 5 months old. Haha.

What about Mommy’s size? Well, since Savina started drinking from both breasts per feeding a couple weeks or so ago, Mommy’s pounds have been falling off miraculously–despite the ice cream she eats almost every night. I’m 7-8 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight, and at this rate I might be able to get back to my pre-miscarriage weight before getting pregnant with number 2. I just have to cut out the ice cream hahaha.

Well, this was certainly a lot. Amazing. It’s only been a month, and so much happened. Wow. I’ll try to keep up better! Thanks for making it through reading all this, and until next time.