Leaping like a baby

IMG_3972 The Wonder Weeks are in full swing. Savina is getting ready for another leap–it’s tough. She’s fussier again, clingy, and whiny. She’s having trouble falling asleep, especially without the comfort of a feeding, and her tantrums now involve stomping of one foot or both feet while flailing her arms around. Just like you’d see a two year old do! She gets physical like that when she doesn’t get what she wants, when I don’t seem to understand her, when she’s desperate, in defiance, and apparently when routines get messed up. I’ve noticed that yesterday. I never realized this had become such a routine, until last night. Savina takes a bath every Wednesday and every Sunday evening, with either me or Daddy going in the tub with her. She loves it, and so do we. After the bath she gets lotioned up and dressed for bed. Then I feed her, during which she falls asleep, and I transition her to her crib. The feeding just always happened to fall on the schedule, especially where bathing makes hungry and thirsty. I never realized it had sneakily become part of the routine. Last night I fed her an hour before her bath, which doesn’t normally happen, oddly. So after her bath she didn’t get a feeding. Peter and I were puzzled when she became cranky and fussy, and nothing could make her happy. She’d throw her tantrums, stomp her feet, flail her arms. Reading books worked for a couple minutes, singing with her and holding her worked for a couple minutes, but overall she was just very angry.

Okay, you have to understand, she does not get to have a feeding before sleep for every nap. It does happen often, because that’s just how it often seems to work out, but not always, and she’s usually fine going to bed without a feeding if she had nursed an hour or so earlier. So I was suprised and amazed to find out that she must have considered this to be part of her Wed/Sun bedtime routine. Once she got her feeding, she was just fine, and happy to go to sleep.

IMG_3993While we’re talking about food–what’s going on on the solids-front? Let’s see. Savina still enjoys BLW. In fact, it appears that lately she gets very upset when we don’t share our food (even though she still swallows barely anything and mostly just tastes, chews, and sucks the food dry for all it’s worth, and then spits it back out). It seems almost like she wants to eat nearly every time we eat, even if it’s just a snack. She showed us that very clearly Friday night. We had come home from grocery shopping, as every Friday, and I was going to nurse Savina and put her to bed (ha ha!), while Peter went to pick up some McDonald’s junk food–we were both too spent to cook. When Savina was out like a light, I transitioned her to the crib badly. She woke up and in such a way that there was hell on earth if I even tried to put her back down. She was wide awake at that point. I was upset with myself, but oh well, shit happens, right? Peter got home, and we put Savina in her high chair. As we were eating our burgers and fries, Savina stared at my plate with fries and became very fussy. What do you know, she wanted to try french fries. She wanted us to share! I licked off the salt from one and gave it to her. She was happy as can be, chewing away on that fry. She ate it and then asked for another one with the same procedure, staring and fussing. She did the same thing at breakfast the next day. I was prepping my breakfast bread: one with ham, one with liverwurst, as Savina looks at my food and begins to fuss. Yep, she got to try toast with liverwurst. It was messy, but she seemed to like it.

IMG_3877What else is Savina up to? She’s growing. Really?? Stop! Ha ha. On June 16 we measured her length as we do every month–she was barely 26 inches. Fast forward five days: I was massaging Savina, as I do daily, and noticed that she looked quite lean and long. So for giggles, I measured her again. She was almost 27 inches long!! So yea, she grew an inch in only 5 days! That surprised me a little bit, considering she’d been stalling growing length-wise for some time now.

She’s also growing developmentally though: she can now easily roll over both ways. She scoots backwards. She gets around just being on her butt–you let her out of your sight, she may end up at the other end of the room without crawling scooting or walking, haha!

Savina waved goodbye for the first time on Saturday, and she even babbled along with it. After that she practiced waving goodbye for another short while. So cute. And she’s doing this cute “wringing hands” thing.


She also has new babble sounds since this weekend. Check out this video:

Savina babbles

My baby girl has finally cut her first tooth over a week ago and it’s now slowly emerging. That bugger is sharp!!! (The pic is from Thursday, the 20th. The tooth is sticking out a lot farther now).


Quick note on Father’s Day: Savina made a great gift for Daddy, see below, and also gave him a massage in the morning. Of course all with Mommy’s help, and assistance from Aunt Lisa when making the gift.IMG_3851a

Lastly regarding Savina-news: I have such a smart baby! Ringing the pride-bells. Savina was sitting on a blanket, trying to get a toy but couldn’t reach it, so she pulls the blanket until the toy was close enough for her to grab. Smarty-pants!

What about Mommy? I have lost a whopping 4 pounds in the last 7 months, and I still have 11 pounds of baby/pregnancy weight to shave off! Ugh. I have to say though, it’s been moving better in the last few weeks compared to the last 7 months. I’m guessing Savina’s milk is finally containing more fat (thus burning more of my calories through milk production than before), as she requires more to grow. She definitely doesn’t nurse more. She still takes only 2 oz each feeding.

My knees have recovered, but I have to keep up the work regularly to keep them strong and healthy. My back is still killing me, and my chiropractor is baffled! I’ve got to get this sorted out and get my back back on track (ho ho!) before trying for number 2.


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