Leaping like a baby

IMG_3972 The Wonder Weeks are in full swing. Savina is getting ready for another leap–it’s tough. She’s fussier again, clingy, and whiny. She’s having trouble falling asleep, especially without the comfort of a feeding, and her tantrums now involve stomping of one foot or both feet while flailing her arms around. Just like you’d see a two year old do! She gets physical like that when she doesn’t get what she wants, when I don’t seem to understand her, when she’s desperate, in defiance, and apparently when routines get messed up. I’ve noticed that yesterday. I never realized this had become such a routine, until last night. Savina takes a bath every Wednesday and every Sunday evening, with either me or Daddy going in the tub with her. She loves it, and so do we. After the bath she gets lotioned up and dressed for bed. Then I feed her, during which she falls asleep, and I transition her to her crib. The feeding just always happened to fall on the schedule, especially where bathing makes hungry and thirsty. I never realized it had sneakily become part of the routine. Last night I fed her an hour before her bath, which doesn’t normally happen, oddly. So after her bath she didn’t get a feeding. Peter and I were puzzled when she became cranky and fussy, and nothing could make her happy. She’d throw her tantrums, stomp her feet, flail her arms. Reading books worked for a couple minutes, singing with her and holding her worked for a couple minutes, but overall she was just very angry.

Okay, you have to understand, she does not get to have a feeding before sleep for every nap. It does happen often, because that’s just how it often seems to work out, but not always, and she’s usually fine going to bed without a feeding if she had nursed an hour or so earlier. So I was suprised and amazed to find out that she must have considered this to be part of her Wed/Sun bedtime routine. Once she got her feeding, she was just fine, and happy to go to sleep.

IMG_3993While we’re talking about food–what’s going on on the solids-front? Let’s see. Savina still enjoys BLW. In fact, it appears that lately she gets very upset when we don’t share our food (even though she still swallows barely anything and mostly just tastes, chews, and sucks the food dry for all it’s worth, and then spits it back out). It seems almost like she wants to eat nearly every time we eat, even if it’s just a snack. She showed us that very clearly Friday night. We had come home from grocery shopping, as every Friday, and I was going to nurse Savina and put her to bed (ha ha!), while Peter went to pick up some McDonald’s junk food–we were both too spent to cook. When Savina was out like a light, I transitioned her to the crib badly. She woke up and in such a way that there was hell on earth if I even tried to put her back down. She was wide awake at that point. I was upset with myself, but oh well, shit happens, right? Peter got home, and we put Savina in her high chair. As we were eating our burgers and fries, Savina stared at my plate with fries and became very fussy. What do you know, she wanted to try french fries. She wanted us to share! I licked off the salt from one and gave it to her. She was happy as can be, chewing away on that fry. She ate it and then asked for another one with the same procedure, staring and fussing. She did the same thing at breakfast the next day. I was prepping my breakfast bread: one with ham, one with liverwurst, as Savina looks at my food and begins to fuss. Yep, she got to try toast with liverwurst. It was messy, but she seemed to like it.

IMG_3877What else is Savina up to? She’s growing. Really?? Stop! Ha ha. On June 16 we measured her length as we do every month–she was barely 26 inches. Fast forward five days: I was massaging Savina, as I do daily, and noticed that she looked quite lean and long. So for giggles, I measured her again. She was almost 27 inches long!! So yea, she grew an inch in only 5 days! That surprised me a little bit, considering she’d been stalling growing length-wise for some time now.

She’s also growing developmentally though: she can now easily roll over both ways. She scoots backwards. She gets around just being on her butt–you let her out of your sight, she may end up at the other end of the room without crawling scooting or walking, haha!

Savina waved goodbye for the first time on Saturday, and she even babbled along with it. After that she practiced waving goodbye for another short while. So cute. And she’s doing this cute “wringing hands” thing.


She also has new babble sounds since this weekend. Check out this video:

Savina babbles

My baby girl has finally cut her first tooth over a week ago and it’s now slowly emerging. That bugger is sharp!!! (The pic is from Thursday, the 20th. The tooth is sticking out a lot farther now).


Quick note on Father’s Day: Savina made a great gift for Daddy, see below, and also gave him a massage in the morning. Of course all with Mommy’s help, and assistance from Aunt Lisa when making the gift.IMG_3851a

Lastly regarding Savina-news: I have such a smart baby! Ringing the pride-bells. Savina was sitting on a blanket, trying to get a toy but couldn’t reach it, so she pulls the blanket until the toy was close enough for her to grab. Smarty-pants!

What about Mommy? I have lost a whopping 4 pounds in the last 7 months, and I still have 11 pounds of baby/pregnancy weight to shave off! Ugh. I have to say though, it’s been moving better in the last few weeks compared to the last 7 months. I’m guessing Savina’s milk is finally containing more fat (thus burning more of my calories through milk production than before), as she requires more to grow. She definitely doesn’t nurse more. She still takes only 2 oz each feeding.

My knees have recovered, but I have to keep up the work regularly to keep them strong and healthy. My back is still killing me, and my chiropractor is baffled! I’ve got to get this sorted out and get my back back on track (ho ho!) before trying for number 2.



Talking, walking, what else?


Things happen quickly around here! Our baby is rapidly growing–it seems, faster than ever! You think the first couple of months a baby grows fast in every possible way? Wait until after she’s six months old. Holy cow! I don’t even know where to start.

IMG_3669Savina still doesn’t know how to roll from back to tummy, and she seems rather uninterested in crawling, but she did scoot backwards a few times. Instead, what she decided to do is walk. That’s right: walk. I was letting her practice keeping balance while standing, when she suddenly decided to lift her foot off the floor and put it forward. I was convinced she had no idea how to lift her feet off the floor, as she had never before even attempted to do it. But that day last week, she just decided it was time to walk. So funny. Since then, I’ve been letting her walk occasionally, and now she takes really big steps and can get from point A to point B rather quickly (I’m sure she can’t wait to be able to run after the cat!). I’m flabbergasted at how fast she improved her steps with so little practice. She’s taking after her Daddy after all. And here I was, all happy that she wasn’t like her Dad in that regard. Soon I’ll have a little trouble maker running all over the place. I fear she’ll skip crawling alltogether, so I’m really trying to enforce it, because I believe it’s important for her development.

Savina wants to walk so bad she actually held up her arms yesterday to signal me to help her balance so she could walk after the kitty. I was holding her, but very lightly, arms low, Savina holding herself up standing well, and she raised her arms as if to say, get ready to balance me, Mommy, I’m going to walk to the cat now!

As you will see in the video (link below) she walked towards Daddy that first time, and actually, also for the first time, said “baba” when she walked towards him. She babbles so much all day that I didn’t pay any special attention to it, but afterwards, when I watched the video, I was surprised how much it sounded like “Papa” (German for Dad–which we say less often than Papa), and since a few days now, she says “baba” a lot, especially when Daddy is nearby, or when we talk to or about him. Could it really mean, Papa? Is she trying to say Papa? Too adorable!

walking and baba

IMG_3638She also said “hi” a few days prior to that, or at least it sounded like “hi,” taking me quite by surprise while I was videoing her just for fun. She had another new sound as well for a while, but has abandoned it when “baba” became the new trend. It’s a tough one to describe, but she was playing with closing and opening her airways (not just holding her breath), while making a sound.

Hi Savina

Savina is so in love with the kitty. Every time Sue walks by, Savina gets all excited and either gives her a big fat smile or some kind of battle cry, sometimes also flailing her arms. And she seems to understand the word ‘kitty’. When I say it, when she hadn’t noticed the cat walking by, most of the time she looks around until her eyes lock on the cat.

My little girl is growing her hair back, and it’s finally filling out!

IMG_3552Look at this cute baby in her bathing suit–it’s a pain to put on though, so I think next time we’ll let her go naked. We got her this pool to play in, but when I first introduced her to it, I forgot that the water was ultra-cold, so the moment I put her in, she screamed in panic. Poor darling. Got her right back out (only her feet got wet) and apologized. We then dumped some of the water and added some hot water, to make it warm. It took our combined effort and lots of coaxing and reassuring to get Savina to reexamine the water. I even went in the pool, carrying her, but she wouldn’t have it. Only when we called Daddy to the pool did she feel the confidence to go in again. I loved that. When she finally went back in, she was just fine and had fun playing with her toys in the water.

This past weekend we also got her a sandbox. She reacted the same way as with the pool at first. Let me tell you, my baby is the greatest drama queen ever. The moment her feet hit the sand, or maybe even before, just lowering her down to it, her body stiffened and she cried out in panic. I put her in front of the sand box, but she wanted nothing to do with it. I explained to her what it is, and that it’s for playing, and fun. I demonstrated how to play in the sand, using her sand toys. Then I picked her up and instead of lowering her stretched out body into the sandbox, I lowered her down into it already in a seated position, so her butt instead of her feet would touch the sand first. She was fine. She then had great fun examining the sand. Much to my surprise, she did not attempt to eat the sand! She just let it run through her fingers and watched it, studying it closely. Savina has always been a very observant, aware baby. She loves to just watch and study things.


My little girl is beginning to understand some signing. Well, she definitely knows one sign very well: the sign for milk. Every time I make the sign for milk and ask her: “Yummy Mommy?” she smiles with anticipation. So cute.

Okay, as I’m writing this, Savina just rolled from back to tummy for the first time. Although she was slightly elevated, this is a big step for her, especially considering she has no reason to do so, because she hates being on her belly. Sure enough, she cried after she rolled over.

One day last week, Savina was sitting by the slider, playing with her toys. At some point she was holding a receiving blanket. I looked down to her and asked: “What have you got there?” Holding the blanket, she raised her hands slightly and smiled. I said, “Do you have a receiving blanket?” She kept smiling. That was so sweet. It felt like actual communication, both ways, for the first time with Savina! Loved that.

IMG_3707How about food? We have offered Savina solids since she was 4.5 months old. We offered it once a week, just to see how she would react. She was not interested whatsoever in our homemade purees. She liked it when I gave her control over the spoon, but still, not much interest. Last week we decided to try baby led weaning (BLW). Since we have started BLW with Savina, she has shown much more of an interest. She takes food we offer, inspects it, sucks on it, chews on it (when she can), and even swallows some of it. She has tried many different things already, and her favorites so far seem to be: fried, unseasoned hamburger meat, egg yolk from a boiled egg, fresh red bell peppers, chicken, turkey, toast, sweet bread (Challah Bread), and grapes. Oh she loves the sweet bread and the hamburger. I believe she ate the most of that so far. She has tried many other things, such as pear, tomato, cucumber, banana (which I think she liked the least so far), broccoli, cauliflower, etc. I was very impressed how she picked up the quarter piece of grape with just her index finger and thumb and chewed on it and swallowed it.

She’s still dealing with the gag reflex, but that will go away in time. We have bought her a sippy cup and offered her water. She can’t yet hold it herself to get water out, as she doesn’t understand to raise it to get the water to the opening. She’s learning how to swallow the water. At the moment most of it pours back out of her mouth haha.

Savina loves the autonomy that comes with BLW. I trust my baby and her natural gagging reflex to rid her mouth of foods too big to swallow; however, Peter and I are cautiously watching her, in case she does choke on something.

This past weekend I got a “day off”. While it didn’t start out very well, I found myself very relaxed and fueled up for more Mommying at the end of the day. I got to do things I love, like writing, and I treated myself to a massage and a big cup of ice cream.

Lastly, a little something funny: I find my baby girl so delicious and eatable that I made up a new word: deleatable. When I first said that though, Peter looked at me funny, saying “Savina, so you’re deletable.” Ops! Haha.