Seven months????


I’ve been so busy with life, there was no time to blog! And wow, can you believe it??? Savina is going to be seven months in six days! Time is flying too fast. I remember, not so long ago, she would fall asleep in my arms after every feeding–massive milk coma. She’d be so out, I could do the limp limb test without the risk of waking her up. No more. While I kind of miss her newborn-ness, I do enjoy every minute of her growing up. And Savina has taught me so much about her and about myself.

While parenting comes from the guts, from inutition, and from what baby teaches us, we are practicing the “Aware Parenting” approach to raising Savina. It is mostly in line with our guts, our intuition, and with what Savina has taught us so far about herself, and it has paid off so far.

IMG_3314Our little Savinababy is slowly becoming more independent, playing in her playpen for sometimes longer than 10 minutes on her own, so long as I’m in the room. I could probably sneak out and she wouldn’t notice until later, but that’s not fair. Actually that would be quite mean. After a while she’ll look for me and ask to be held, which is absolutely okay. Babies need so much physical contact. Think what you will, but my baby is going to be held when she feels that she needs to be. It does ease my days though that I can put her down when I need to, which wasn’t the case when she was a newborn. What does that tell you? I held her almost 24/7 the first three months, and now she’s becoming independent. She’s not as clingy as wanting to be in my arms 24/7 anymore. Sometimes she reaches out her arms towards her toys, signaling me that she wants me to put her down. Conclusion? Nope, you can’t carry your baby enough. Nope, you will not spoil her. Yes, she will change, and not need you to hold her as much in comparison. I’m so glad I made that decision, that intuitive decision to tend to my baby’s every need, including holding her all day long when she was very little. I didn’t know about “Aware Parenting” then, but it is the very concept.

Soooo, we bought a lot of cute summer outfits for Savina. Mostly 6 months, 6-9 months, and a 3-6 months here and there. Yes, she’s still teeny tiny haha. So stinkin’ cute.

IMG_3324Savina has abandoned her “sticking out my tongue all day long” theme, and has adapted something new. She has discovered blowing air! This little girl is happily blowing air around these days. She also has a new word–what am I saying? It’s more like a first word: “meh,” which she seems to use most often when she’s upset about something. I wonder what she’s trying to say. Couldn’t be “mom” could it? Hehe. She is also training her lungs/vocal cords quite a lot: Savina is screeching for all sorts of fun reasons–to see if Mommy will join in in the fun, to be funny, when she’s excited, when she sees the cat walk by, to gain attention, etc.. You could possibly hear her from the street haha. She has a lot of power in her voice!

Physically, Savina is standing up well, sitting quite well on her own, too. She will still fall over when she reaches for something far away, but she’s got sitting down pretty much otherwise. She seems to have no intention to roll over, let alone crawl. She almost rolled over from her back to tummy once recently, but she didn’t go through with it. And tummy to back is still accidental for the most part.

IMG_3329Savina has developed an interest in labels of all sizes and shapes. They go in her mouth whenever possible. Watch out, she will reach for them, even if that means falling on her tummy. She yet dislikes being on her tummy for extended periods of time.

Savina is still teething like crazy–some days more so than others. Where are those little buggers? They just won’t come out, poor baby. Well, it doesn’t bother her much most days. Loving that teething necklace!

Her reflux is lingering a  little bit as well. She’s learned to swallow back down whatever comes up. As a result, she stopped spitting altogether, until a couple days ago, when she once again spat 2-3 times a day. Small amounts. I’ll be watching that. As long as she’s not in pain, we’re good.

What about food? Savina remains uninterested for the most part–she does, however, love to feed herself when we offer her something.


A couple of weeks ago I worked on a video highlighting Savina’s most precious and funniest moments from birth to six months (including snippets from her 3D ultrasound). The probably funniest moment is around 23 minutes into the video: Savina wants to put a toy from her jumperoo into her mouth but can’t reach it. She gets furious trying to put it in her mouth. It’s hilarious! But watch for yourself:

Well, that’s it. Thanks for reading, and until next time.