Babyhood–An Adventure


Someone’s half birthday is coming up next Tuesday–really??? Wow! My little Savinababy is growing up waaaaay too fast! Although, physically she is still a tiny peanut. She does have big thighs, but that’s the only place she puts it all. Some in her arms/hands, some on her neck, nothing around her hips! I think she’s on a growth spurt though, as I can finally, for the first time in weeeeks, see her neck a little bit again! Also, she’s slowly outgrowing her 3 months clothes (some of her 0-3 mo still fit her!!). My favorite sleeper of hers–the pink one with the elephants–would not fit her anymore. She had outgrown the NB size a long time ago, and I went and picked up the same one a size up (3 mo). That one was too short for her all of a sudden about a week or so ago. I could not get her in it anymore. She wouldn’t fill it out, but she’s just too long now. So I wanted to pick it up again in a 6 mo size. Babies ‘R’ Us didn’t have them anymore though. So the hunt began. I found it at Sears. They had only one of them left, in the clearance section, and it was a size 6 mo! There is an angel watching over us hah! See the pictures below (click to enlarge):

Savina Oct 16 20121

March 20132

I have to say though, Carter’s has been the truest to Savina’s size so far. Most others are too wide and not long enough, and she outgrows them in length long before she fits snug in width. Then there are the few odd ones that are designated 9mo for example, and they fit her from 3 months on and still do. Odd.

Savina’s hair is falling out like craaaaazy! I can actually see her cradle cap now. It’s growing longer on the lower sides and in the back, but falling out on top and upper sides. She has those empty looking patches haha. But tiny hair is growing under the longer hair, so I’m sure she won’t go bald. Ever. Well…

IMG_2901 So my two sisters, my older sister’s boyfriend, and my nephew came to visit us for two weeks. Full house! They received lodging in the basement–only the best, of course. Luxury beds, aged for comfort, a pull-out couch designed to feel the pea under the mattress for all those sensitive sleepers, and creme de la creme bed sheets and blankets. My nephew got the honor of using a sleeping bag as blanket, and when my younger sister felt too cold with hers, we gave her an extra warm king size blanket for her twin size bed. I should have put a bucket underneath to catch her sweat. We treated them to some welcome-chocolate, hung a mirror and hooks, and provided plenty of light (also flash lights, so they can scare each other in the middle of the night, when the baby’s cry woke them up and they can’t fall back asleep but are too bored to stay awake). No, I’m not making any of this up. (to the left Savina is dancing with Tina’s goodbye gift)

IMG_2899Later we forced the lady-guests to put on comfortable clothes and exert themselves on the treadmill and the stepper–also in the basement. We needed to make sure the exhausted bodies would be down there, so it’s easier to expose of them. Okay, yes, Elli is becoming macabre. No worries, no human has been injured during their stay in our basement. Even when they refused to work out. Tina and I actually went running/walking outside in the evening. Yep, it was wiiiiicked cold, but soooo good. And the hot shower afterwards was so worth the trouble of exhausting ourselves.

Our guests also enjoyed culinary delights: a Wok dish home made by Peter, grilling outside with Nico’s help, home made mashed potatoes, home made tomato sauce, home made potato skins, fresh salad, and more. Savina got to try some apple, and another Friday some crushed potatoes, and while she “enjoyed” that a little bit more than the carrots and the banana, she still showed clearly that she has no interest whatsoever in eating solids just yet. We also sinned at Wendy’s twice. Shhht, don’t tell anyone. (on the right is Moni holding Savina wearing a gift-onesie and bib-Moni and Tina got her from the Hard Rock Cafe in NY).

We took our visitors to many places, of course only the noblest establishments. Like K-Mart. And Newbury Comics. We were hoping to get some games of mini-golf in, but unfortunately with this harsh a winter none of them had opened yet. They just started cleaning them up when my family was getting ready to leave again. I have to say, I’m impressed my sisters are such good bargainers though. Moni got two t-shirts each costing $10 for a total of $13, and Tina saved $25 off $125 at a Western Riding store. Both bargained with the shop owners. It was fun to watch!

IMG_2912 As you can see on the picture to the left and many other pictures, including a collage I will post further down, Savina has taken to sticking her tongue out. She found her tongue in the past week and has since then continuously stuck it out. At first she only showed the tip of her tongue, mostly on the edge of her mouth, like you see when a child is highly concentrated. Lately she enjoys just leaving it out for fun though. Rounded, pointy tip, up, down, sides, long, short, in, out. She loves to play with her tongue. She has also discovered more sounds and added them to her repertoire. I believe the most prominent ones being ‘b’ and ‘d’. Since she has found those new sounds, she’s been even chattier than before. At her music class today–the new semester just started–she was so chatty, I was surprised, because she was very tired too. She hadn’t slept since 6am, and class started at 9:45. She definitely made her presence known. About a week/week and a half ago she abandoned her growl sound. I guess she has thoroughly explored it and was done with that. It was too cute though. I’m not sure if I have it on video!

April 2013

I have something else on video though! Savina rolled over from tummy to back! Not just after waking up, on an elevated crib mattress, gravity helping, maybe an arm tucked under. She did it on the floor, all on her own. No arms tucked under. She doesn’t yet do it intentionally, but that is only a matter of time now. I also got a video of her debut splashing in the tub! She did that when Tina kept us company during one of her regular bathtimes. Then Tina squirted water into her face and Savina laughed hysterically. (she never laughs for me doing that though. What’s the secret, Tina? heh)

IMG_2941Another new thing, I think, is that Savina is slowly beginning to recognize her name. So it seems. When she wouldn’t pay any attention to me when I call her name, she now looks at me either right away, or after I call her name several times, unless she’s really fixed on something else far more interesting than Mommy playing name-games.

Savina is also teething big-time. Today was real hardcore teething. She first bit my finger off for a while, before “devouring” ice cubes I put in a special baby-proof device. It’s messy, but it works. Keeps her gums cool and she can bite as much as she wants. In the end I had to give her some Hyland teething gel today though because the pain cries got extreme. She calmed right down. Yay. The teething necklace is definitely helping too though. I truly believe in that, because Savina is such a drama queen. If she wasn’t getting any benefit from that necklace, I believe she’d be screaming my ear off all day instead of just contently gnawing on my finger or cooling her gums with ice. Those little buggers must be close to cutting through! They don’t have far to go for heaven’s sake! (remember, the pedi could already see them when Savina was two weeks old).

IMG_2952IMG_2929Okay, yes, I adore that hat–thank you Moni! Savina got a compliment on it not too long ago, actually.

How is Savina’s reflux doing? Well, well… we ran out of her medication and decided not to continue it. How did that work out? Not much change in spitting behaviour. In fact, if anything, I think it’s getting better now that she’s meds-free! When stuff comes up, she often swallows it back down, and it doesn’t seem to bother her. There was a time she refused to take her medication (when she usually would suck it right out of the dropper on her own). I should have just taken that as a cue, should have trusted my baby. I think she was telling me that she was done with it, that she didn’t need it anymore. Babies really DO know best! Listen to your babies, Mommies! I will not pump any more chemicals into my baby unnecessarily.

Today my Savinababy and I went outside, enjoying the sun a lot. We “flew” around the front garden, examined the mail box, the brick stairs, the handrail, the puddle, the grass, the bark. We checked out a dog that was walking by with his Mommy, looked at our new car, felt wood and stone with our feet and hands, sang into the warm sun, waiting for Daddy to come home. But can you guess what intrigued us the most? Our own shadows! They were dark and black–and… they … moved! Woaaaaa!

Lastly, I just wanted to mention: I love the new song collection of Savina’s Music Together class!

Thanks for reading all this and until next time.

Big hugs to my little lovebug.

I want to endlessly smooch my Savinababy.

You’re the cutest.