Savina’s First Visit to the Beach


Time is just flying by! My sweet Savinababy is growing up so fast, although I love what a tiny peanut she still is (she’s in the 10th percentile for weight). Savina has managed to roll from her tummy to her back twice without the help of having her arm tucked under. This just happened within the last few days. Of course, she does that in her crib when she wakes up from a nap, so no one can watch her do that! Little sneaker. Her sitting is improving as well. Yesterday she sat on a couch, reached for her toes, tumbled to the right and caught herself, tumbled to the left and caught herself again. That was the first time she has ever recovered her balance all on her own when sitting. I was quite impressed.

Savina is also getting better and better standing all on her own. I mean, she can’t really stand on her own yet, but often all I have to do is loosely hold her under her arms, or just hold her with one hand, again often just loosely. Sometimes I can let go and she’ll stand while holding on to something on her own for a few seconds. I don’t do that very often though, because I know she’ll fall over before I know it, and while I have excellent reflexes, I’m rather safe than sorry.

March 2013

Savina has also made progress with her speech. She has new babbles in her repertoire. She found her quiet voice, and she discovered her growl sound. She has been growling excessively for the last week or so, especially when biting into her soft toys.

Monday was a beautiful day, so Savina and I went for a walk at Craigville Beach. It was great. Savina slept through the entire walk. I forgot to take my earmuffs, and it was really windy at the beach, but I managed. When I put Savina in her carrier I accidentally pinched her cheek. I don’t know how it happened, but it did, and she suddenly cried bloody murder. I calmed her down quickly. I felt so horrible for hurting her like that. There had been a little blood, too. When we got home, I put some breastmilk on it. Within two hours half of it was healed up and only red anymore. Wow! I’m wondering if I could somehow use breastmilk in making a lotion. Any ideas?

My baby’s reflux is still an issue. It’s driving me insane. Some days it’s better than others. When her medication runs out, I’ll see how she does without for a few days, since she refuses to take it lately anyhow, and I don’t like giving it to her in the first place.

March 20131

She still wakes every 2-3 hours at night for a feeding. My little lovebug just has a tiny stomach. She’s satisfied emptying just one breast. If I put her on the other, she’ll spit up undigested milk almost right after she finishes eating. And she eats so fast too. Five minutes, and she’s done. (which is nice at night haha)

Apart from her night wakings, she sleeps fairly well during the day. She sets her own time when she needs naps. When she’s tired enough she won’t fuss for long, and she won’t cry, when trying to put her down. Then she sleeps roughly an hour, give or take. No more waking like clockwork every 20 minutes. That’s such a relief. In the evening she goes to bed around 7-8 pm and sleeps until about 11pm-12am. Sometimes she wakes earlier and refuses to go back to sleep even after getting a feeding. Such one night was last night, when we were watching The Hobbit, which was just released on DVD and BlueRay yesterday. Sooo, Savina ended up watching about 20 minutes of the first 1.5 hours of The Hobbit. She was so fascinated that when I brushed over the back of her head, she totally startled. Trust me, she’s not always that quiet and interested in what we are watching. It was nice, because I really didn’t want to deal with fussy baby while watching that and wearing 3D glasses.


Those are the news of my Savinababy. How about me? I’m still struggling to lose my pregnancy-weight. At least I managed to go from 159/160 to a regular 157/158. I have been there for months though, ugh. I know breastfeeding burns some extra calories, but it also makes very hungry! So I’ve been eating a little extra. I sooo want to be able to wear my old clothes again. I’m not giving up! 🙂

This Saturday my family is coming to visit from Germany, wooohooooooo! We are all very excited and can’t wait.

So, until next time!