Nemo was not enough-Savina laughs up a storm to join Nemo


It’s been a month since I last posted here. So much going on and so much keeping me busy. My little girl is at that age right now where she wants to be constantly entertained, but she can’t yet entertain herself. So I’m a busy Mommy!

My Savinababy has hit so many milestones since my last entry. Let’s start with her laugh. Remember, she laughed hysterically for the first time on Dec 23, 2012. She had not laughed since. Until……….. snow storm Nemo hit us! That Saturday, when we had no power and no heat, Savina laughed up a storm to join Nemo’s endeavors. She laughed and giggled so hard that she made me laugh so much with her it made me cry! Loved it! Definitely made my stormy, chilly day. And of course I was so much in the moment that I didn’t have the mind to video it. So sorry guys! Savina has laughed fairly regularly ever since. A few times another giggle and some hysterical laughter, but it mostly sounds like a cough right now. She’s working on it! I did try to video her laugh several times after that, but most of the time I remember to do it when she’s almost done, and so I miss the best parts. But check out this link for a tiny little laughter performance. You should know though that what you see/hear in that video is nothing compared to her hysterical laughter on Dec 23, and on Nemo-Day.

Savina has also been working on rolling over and sitting up. She still can’t roll over on her own without her arm tucked under, but she tries! She can sit unassisted, hunched over, for a short while without falling to the side.

Feb 2013

Today was Savina’s four months well-visit at the doctor’s. She is 24 inches long and weighs 11lbs 11.5oz! Yet she still looks tiny and lost in her big crib haha. She’s such a tiny little person. So darn cute. She still wears some of her 0-3 months outfits but is slowly getting into 3 months and 3-6 months clothes. Today for the first time she wore one of the outfits her Grandma made for her:



We also had to get Savina a new swaddle because she outgrew the Halo swaddle. We got her a thinner material because the fleece one turned out to be a little too warm for her sometimes. She looks like a little caterpillar in this new one (so stinkin’ cute), and she appears to love it. Sometimes when I swaddle her, she will voluntarily put her arm down, waiting for me to wrap her up.

Savina also got her second round of shots today at the doctor’s. We discussed the vaccines once again, and while I’m still not 100% convinced that it was the right decision, I’m also not 100% convinced that not vaccinating at all is the right decision. It’s just so hard to form your own opinion on this when you know so little about it. I’m neither a doctor nor a scientist. All I want is the best for my little girl. We decided to skip the oral vaccine and could have skipped one or two others, but unfortunately they can’t seperate them out of the shots. So Savina ended up getting another three shots in her thighs. This time I had her on the breast during it, but it didn’t help her. She screamed so hard, in so much pain. This time I cried too, especially since by now her tear ducts have developped fully, so she cried huge tears. It broke my heart!

My baby girl’s reflux is still baffling me. There was one day she didn’t spit at all! (and that was after me stress-testing Savina by drinking a huge cup of milk to see if she’d react to it–she didn’t). Then, for a couple of days she hardly spat at all, but now the last three days she’s been spitting more again. It’s like a mountainroad: up and down, up and down. We are thinking about skipping a dose of her meds to see how she’ll react. I really want to get her off that stuff. I hate pumping chemicals into my baby 😦

We never ended up trying baby yoga because sign-up seems to be a pain and now they’ve postponed the classes because the space is utilized for something else at the moment. I’m open for suggestion if you know any other activities I can do with little Savina. The massage classes are over now, and we’re planning to go on walks with the massage group instead. And we still attend music classes. Savina is loving it! She’s been singing so much, until she started laughing. She then worked on her laugh for a couple of weeks, but today she finally sang again yay.

What else is new here? Savina is finally going on a somewhat regular sleeping schedule. She sleeps an hour in the morning, one around noon, one around three, and then goes down between seven and eight for her long stretch. She’ll wake up between eleven and twelve and then go to bed with us. Yes, during the nights she still sleeps with us. I have no concerns because she does just fine sleeping in her crib, on her own, for 4 hour stretches. In fact, she’s been sleeping in her crib just now, and had been for the last three hours–poor thing, those vaccines must have really gotten to her. I just love sleeping with my baby at night and I would/will miss her when she won’t sleep with us anymore. Right now it’s that and the convenience of night-feedings. That convenience I’m not willing to give up, especially since Savina still wakes every 2-3 hours to eat.

Lastly I wanted to share another video with you. Savina was fascinated by this waterbottle when I first showed it to her and wiggled and shook it around in front of her. The morning I took this video, however, she was super-jumpy. She startled nearly every time I shook it. It was too funny:

Thanks for reading, and until next time 🙂