Sunny Side Up


It feels like it’s been months since my last entry. I don’t think my life has ever been this busy before! And yes, I totally love every second of it.

I talked about Savina’s weight gain last time. She saw the doctor on Jan 14 for a weight gain check-up, and everything looked excellent. I’m so proud of my sweet Savinababy. I told the pedi about her laugh on Dec 23. He was surprised and said, “oh, a four months milestone.” I said, “yes well, she hasn’t done it since.” I guess my baby just wanted to give me her very own, special Christmas gift.

IMG_1860The doctor was a little baffled by her reflux, unsure what to make of it. I guess… Well, I can in all honesty say, since she’s been on her new meds the spitting has definitely decreased. I think it took a few days for the new medication to actually kick in. And luckily the meds taste not as bitter as even the doctor thought they would. I think the pharmacist must have put some kind of sirup in there (it smells like strawberry and almost tastes kind of sweet). Most of the time I just hold the dropper in her mouth, and she sucks it right out, unlike with her old meds when she would always give me a frowny face. Monday last week though she refused the medicine. She drooled most of it right back out so I kept giving her a couple drops more, until she had taken it all in. Then, of course, five minutes later she spat it all up as we were headed out the door. So that day she was miserable, spitting like a champion. The next day was worse. It just kept flowing out after every feeding–just kept coming and coming like she could keep none of it down. Then it was finally time for her meds again Tuesday afternoon, and she’s been so much better since. She generally has one large spit-up per day, except for when she spits in her sleep every now and then. And the rest of each day she hardly spits at all.

IMG_1861And of course that will wake her up (spitting while sleeping)–in fact it seems to be one of the main reasons she wakes up. It’s really frustrating since she has a hard time sleeping as it is. She needs it to be very dark and almost always needs to either be nursed to sleep or needs white noise to fall asleep. Savina is so sensitive to sound that the slightest noise will make her stir or cringe or completely wake her up if there is no white noise blocking it all out. For example, if I go to the bathroom, while she is in the next room, and I put down the toilet lid, she will flinch. Sometimes my own voice startles her!

On the bright side, her colic is on its way out if not completely gone already. In the traditional sense, she hardly gets gassy anymore, and when she does it rarely bothers her anymore. Yay. In the sense of just being fussy, well she only seems to be fussy during the times the “Wonder Weeks” predict it, amazingly so. She just went through her 12 weeks developmental leap, and I believe she’s over it yay. One of the reasons I believe that is that as if by the switch of a button since this weekend Savina is chatting away like crazy, with new gurgling sounds and new “vocabulary” in her repertoire. Check out this video from this morning for an example (let me tell you that what you hear there is nothing compared to what she sometimes says):

The next leap will be a long and hard one, ugh. Something to look forward to. That will be when she discovers “cause and effect,” and so for the first time she will study the various reactions she gets from Mommy and Daddy. When that leap happens, then we’ll have to start being careful not to spoil her. That’ll be interesting. But we got about 3-6 weeks before that leap starts, I believe.

Nursing has been going great. I’m not uncomfortable/in pain anymore, and I’m still not using nipple shields anymore. Oh how convenient it is not having to use those! Last night was the first night I didn’t use the shields. That’s still a little bit of a challenge as I still have to guide her latch, especially when she’s fussy–a bit difficult in the dark.

IMG_1868Paci, paci… the seemingly endless story finally ended weekend before this past one. My Savinababy would always prefer the thumb over any pacifier. She refused the pacifier for weeks and weeks. We bought several different ones to find one she may like. I don’t have a problem giving her my thumb, but I can’t run around with my thumb in her mouth 24/7! So then it dawned on me. I put my thumb in her mouth and waited until she had a good suck on it. Then I quickly pulled it out and stuck the pacifier in. She has taken it ever since! Wow… I have this feeling that all she needed was the reassurance that this is the same as the thumb, and that she can use it the exact same way. This has made things sooooo much easier. And her favorite paci glows in the dark–so awesome!

So our little girl has been a busy beaver. She’s going to infant massage class with Mommy every Tuesday; she is going to check out Itsy Bitsy Yoga on Thursday; she goes with Mommy to a Mom-Baby group on Friday mornings, and she just checked out a music class on Friday afternoon, for which she is signing up, yay. This girl is singing already, believe it or not 🙂

IMG_1873Yesterday Savina played peekaboo with her bee. She pulled her bib over her face and then back down, looking at her bee, then up again and repeating the process. It was soooo cute.

What else is new? Savina is outgrowing her newborn clothes. Most of them have found their way into a box now. Some still somewhat fit, but won’t for much longer as Savina has grown almost 3 inches since birth and gained over 3 pounds since birth.

Our Savinababy also saved us a huge chunk of money on our tax return. Gosh, I’d been so worried because we really have noooo money to spare on income taxes right now. But now I’m relieved–I had no idea babies take that much off of taxes.

I could go on and on… so much happened in only three weeks… I guess that’s just how it is with a baby. Yesterday Savina gave us a huge scare. I know my baby’s cries very well. I can easily figure out what’s wrong just listening to the kind of cry she is crying. Yesterday she introduced a new one to us. Peter was trying to put her to sleep for an afternoon nap. I was in the office, trying to look something up on the internet. I heard Savina cry for a while and figured, all right fine, I’ll nurse her to sleep if I have to. I was just about to go to her room, as Peter came out holding her. That’s when I heard Savina better (they had white noise running in her room). And what I heard was terrifying. She wasn’t crying… she was screaming. Quick short bouts of scream. She breathed just to get the strength to burst out another scream. How would I describe her scream? Rushed. They were quick successions of pain-shouts. She sounded like she wanted to say, Mommy, now, now, it hurts, it hurts, now, right now! I kept my calm, trying everything I could think of to calm her down. I doubted very much it was her tummy; nor was she gassy. Those cries sound different. I gave her gripe water anyway, just to rule it out, but it wouldn’t calm her. Finally I tried a teething pacifier, which she took for a while. I also tried a cooled teething ring. I don’t think she has figured that out yet. After she had finally calmed down, about 10 min. later, I tried to check her gums, and I pressed on her lower gum. She started crying (crying this time, not screaming). Now that could have been just coincidence… but what if it wasn’t? Could she have been teething? I don’t know. I called the pedi this morning and the nurse said, as long as she has no fever, feeds well, pees well, she’s physically fine. All she could think of is that maybe Savina heard herself scream like that, realized she was able to scream like that, and just continued to scream like that because she found out that she could. Well… that’s encouraging. Jeez!

I’m no doctor but I will keep checking her gums for redness and such. She seems happy today, so who knows.


All in all, I just wanted to say that my sweet lovebug is a happier baby right now. She is definitely showing us her sunny side at the moment, and we are so in love.