Exhausting times


Here I thought the colic was getting better, and we got the gas and reflux under control. Savina was beginning to smile more often, smile back at me, and smile when I make funny faces or sounds. She just discovered moving objects and is fascinated by them. I feel like I can finally entertain her well. She also finally starts responding to her infant massage and seems to love it. Last night she had a great time bathing with Daddy and then actually slept in his arms for about an hour after her massage, which I gave her after her bath. I was so happy to see that.


But then… well then she woke up and cried really hard. I thought she might be hungry so I fed her, and boy did she eat–as if I hadn’t fed her all day! I’ve never seen her eat like that before. (I’d fed her just before her bath about 1.5-2 hours earlier). After her feeding and some spit (she most likely overate) she was good for a little while. However, then she got into another crying fit–one I’ve never heard from her before. I really thought she couldn’t cry any harder, but she proved me wrong. She sounded like she was dying. I didn’t even know babies can cry that badly. I’ve never heard a baby cry like that!

IMG_1472I gave her gripe water, we diapered her and fed her again, I swaddled her and then helped her fall asleep. She slept well, for about 5 hours. This morning she was ready to continue where she left off. Since then it’s been an on and off thing with her discomfort and her crying. She’s definitely not gassy this morning, but still appears to be in pain and definitely wants to nurse nonstop for comfort.

And here I thought she was finally getting better. She’s having many fun wake times in the last couple days where she just loves staring at her moving bears in her bassinet. She gets chatty with them too.

Today it’s beginning to dawn on me… Savina may in fact be teething already!

When examining Savina at her two weeks well visit, the doctor said it’s rare but he can already see her teeth. He showed me, right there under the lower gum. And he was right–I could/can see it too! Two little teeth imprints. The doctor said they aren’t moving but they’re definitely there.

IMG_1480Savina has been drooling a bit the last few days and she’s been starting to try chewing on her fist. She’s got that chewing movement down since a few days already. When offering her a pacifier, recently, she much rather seems to want to chew on it than sucking it.

Then I read this in an article about teething today: “If you are nursing, expect baby to possibly nurse more frequently as it feels good on their gums.” Yes, Savina does seem to want to be on the breast all day since yesterday, but especially today.

I’d hoped we’d get a break after the colic. Before she starts teething. But we might not. 😦

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6 comments on “Exhausting times

  1. Maccabros says:

    hope the colics getting better – our son had them too…

  2. Marcia T. says:

    I used Tylenol infant drops – bottle is very very specific infant drops and it worked like magic to relieve Siobhan’s pain. The dosage goes by weight and you can check with the pediatrician. It really helped her. There’s also baby Oragel but I never really bothered with that stuff until she was a talking, walking young lady. Teething ring?? I didn’t use one but our mommas sure did!

  3. Pretty! This has been a really wonderful article.
    Thanks for providing this information.

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