The First Month

I can’t believe Savina is over 6 weeks old already! Even though days are rough at the moment, time seems to fly.

The first ten days after Savina’s birth were exhausting only because of our breastfeeding issues and my lack of sleep. I loved (still do) cuddling up with Savina every night, but those first ten days she needed day and night attention, and she had day and night confused. I got so sleep deprived (had 5 hours of sleep within 10 days) that I actually started hallucinating. I’ve never experienced something like that before: I looked at my sweet baby girl’s face and saw a furry cat face!!! Sue was sitting at the end of the bed, so no I was not looking at my cat. I was looking at my baby. And I thought, damn that’s not right–I so need some sleep!

Sleep has gotten better since. I can almost set my clock to Savina’s wake-up times. She wakes up every night around 3am for a feeding, then most of the time again around 6am. Though some nights she wouldn’t go back to sleep very much anymore after the 3am feeding. So I mostly get 3-4 hours of sleep a night, sometimes 5 or 6. With interruptions, of course.

Feeding has become easy after the initial difficulties. Of course by now Savina has become lazy because with the nipple shields in place, it’s easy to just slide right on and off with no effort, which makes teaching her to properly latch without the shields a bit of a challenge. I’m planning on going to the weekly breastfeeding support group to get some help with that.

Very early on, within the first ten days I believe, Savina began signing to me. I could hardly believe it when I saw it! I had my knees angled up, Savina resting on my thighs. She was crying. I was getting ready to feed her to rule out that she was crying out of hunger. But then she looked at me and spread out her arms wide, then crossed them over her chest, then spread them wide again. So I thought, okay, that looks like a hug. So I placed her on my chest. She immediately stopped crying!! She hasn’t done that one since, but she’s given me a different sign instead: one for hunger. When the usual tongue movement and lip smacking doesn’t get my attention quick enough (and she’s an impatient girl I’ll have you know), she then moves her hand to her mouth a few times, signaling me that she wants food! She does that quite a lot–it’s just too cute!

Of course Savina also had her first bath when she was 8 days old. She did not like it whatsoever, and screamed hysterically as if she was being stabbed to death. She got another bath the next day and the same thing happened again. I felt so bad for her, afraid I’d traumatize her. So I researched online (god bless the internet hah!) to see what other moms suggested. I learned quickly three things:

  1. Babies don’t like to be cold
  2. Babies don’t like to be naked
  3. When lowering baby into the tub, s/he feels like falling

So the suggestion was to have Mommy sit in the tub with baby in her arms, baby wrapped in a towel, maybe even with the diaper on. So I wrapped Savina in a towel (no diaper), cuddled her close to my chest, and sat in a tub filled with nice warm water. Not a peep from my baby girl!!

After her bath I lifted her up to her Daddy, so he could dry her. She screamed hysterically, both the first day I tried it and the second day. I was at a loss again! But then I remembered: When lowering babies into the tub, they feel like falling. So the next time, I held Savina in my arms, stood up with her, and then handed her to her Daddy. Not a peep from my baby girl!!

I think newborn-psychology is the most amazing thing! More on that next time. Thanks for reading 🙂

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