38 weeks–counting down in the teens now!

That’s right, only 14 days left until my due date! I’m so excited and so ready to meet this little girl. I know I keep saying I want her to stay put until after the 20th, but boy am I eager to meet her! I want my baby girl *stomp foot* hahaha.

Since it’s my birthday today, this post might fall a little bit shorter than usual, because as soon as this game expansion I got from my dear sweet husband is finished downloading, guess what I’m going to indulge in?! Yep, we’re back to playing Skyrim. What a fantastic game. Very sad that their next installment is going to be an MMO. Okay, I’m veering off.

I got a sweet gift from my little girl this morning, too. Look at this:

What’s inside is only for me to see 😛 let’s just say I’m an “amazing” Mom. Being addressed as Mom like this is very new to me. I must confess it took me by surprise. It was a nice surprise, even though it felt a little strange. I’m sure I’ll get used to being called “mom” rather quickly though. To me there has always been the feel of some higher wisdom, protection, and care, when thinking of my Mom. She was/is my go-to-girl for all the questions. And she almost always had/has the answers. I sometimes wonder how I’ll do in that role. Will I almost always have the answers?

Savina also got me a box of chocolate, but Peter and I think she really got it for herself hahaha.

So let’s see, how are we doing on the preggo-front? My weight gain peaked at 180 pounds this week, but is now back down to 178.6– overall average weight gain is 34 pounds so far. And really, I don’t know where all the weight is lol

I’m so grateful that October has been so mild, almost summerish, this year so far, especially since I own not a single fall/winter maternity shirt! Combined with my hormones keeping my body temperature up a little–perfect.

I now know why women experience so much backache late in pregnancy. It’s not because of the additional and shifted weight. I’m telling you, it’s because of the loose bones! That’s right. Loose bones! Sometimes I wonder if there is any cartilage left in my sacrum and my tailbone! So for a few weeks now it felt like my bones should crack. You know, that uncomfortable feeling, that “crack already, I’ll feel better afterwards”-feeling. But it doesn’t crack. Well, since a couple days now it’s been the other way around. I’m almost afraid to move the wrong way with all the cracking that’s going on in every step I take!

Let’s talk about cramping. I’ve been cramping for a few weeks on and off, just slight menstrual type cramps. Well, yesterday morning I got a real rough one, one that actually hurt. So yay for my body finally figuring out that we’re close. Then, last night I got another level up in cramping. I’m actually wondering if it was a contraction rather than a cramp. It was close on the edge of me having to breathe/relax to make it through that one. I got another similar one this morning. Things are moving, yay! I’m guessing by this time next week I’ll be having more frequent cramping and maybe some actual contractions.

I’m also feeling pressure more and more often in my pelvic area, and on my butt–yes, you read that right, on my butt! lol Savina must be going lower and lower. I do feel her 90% of the time in my lower abdomen now, whereas I used to feel her mostly in my upper abdomen. I also think she may have dropped some more, which may not be reflected in this week’s belly shots as they are from Friday and much has changed since then. BHs are coming a heck of a lot more often these days. Sometimes I feel them, sometimes I don’t unless I touch my rock-hard belly.

Savina got her Gdiapers on Monday, woohooo! I washed them and put them away. It was so much fun! Check it out:

I must apologize again. I still have not finished the move/kick video. I’m so so so sorry. I promise though, I’ll get it done, if not today, by tomorrow afternoon. I’ve already gone through 80% of my video footage and am finding I have some neat stuff, actually.

In the meantime, here is another comparison picture of my belly:

To finish this week’s post up, let me tell you a brief story of some random stranger at a grocery store, who totally made my day Friday before last. We were grocery shopping as every Friday and while searching the shelves in one of the aisles, this random guy comes up behind us with his little girl (she looked like she might be six or seven years old), and he says to me: Excuse me. I have four kids, but I’ve never seen a perfect belly like that.

Wouldn’t that make your day too? Damn, that felt so good 🙂

Enjoy this week’s belly pics, while I enjoy the rest of my birthday. Thanks for reading and thank you to all my friends and family who wish(ed) me a happy birthday today! Love you all!



37 weeks — Full Term!!

Woooohoooo, hooray, yay, yippieeee. Oh my gosh! Yes, we’re there. Regardless of what happens from this point forward, I will have a baby within the next five weeks! How exciting, how amazing, what a miraculous time! Hopefully Savina doesn’t decide that she wants to stay in there, all cozy, longer than five weeks (because, obviously, that would mean she’d have to come out by c-section). There are no signs of her being ready to be born yet. I did have some sharp stabbing pains in my lower abdomen all throughout Sunday and Monday morning, and I could feel it more so when she moved. I thought I might finally be getting contractions. I thought, great, my dear body is finally figuring out that there are only three weeks left to get ready and gear up! Buuuut, at my 37 weeks check up yesterday my midwife said it was most likely not contractions. Oh well.

I do have a feeling Savina is moving a little bit lower. It looks like it on my 36w2d pictures, you’ll see, and sometimes I feel kind of weird walking, especially when my bladder is full and/or I’m having a BH as I walk. Feels like she’s right down there getting in my way haha.

Savina must have been growing a lot over the weekend. She’s had a couple hyperactive days last week and got all quiet over the weekend, and my weight shot up like crazy! Yesterday she was very active again ❤ And my weight seems to be re-stabilizing. Today it wasn’t higher than the previous day for a change haha. So what am I up to now weight-wise? Geez, yea, 179 pounds! Wow!! Last Thursday it was only 176.8–yes she definitely grew lol So I have an average weight gain of 33 pounds now. Savina must still be fairly small though, as she keeps moving around all over my belly! She sometimes snuggles on the right, then goes back to the left, and to the right again. Then she hangs out in the middle, just to go back to the left. And I swear, sometimes I can feel her head turn! She’s like right on my cervix. It’s such an odd but amazing feeling. I also love feeling out her knee or footsie, especially when she moves away as I gently press on her. Feels so awesome! And kind of funny. Some time last week she actually, for the very first time, kicked me slightly in the right rib. It was a very light kick, almost more of a touch. Then I went to feel her kicking foot, and she moved it away. I followed it, and she kept moving it away. Leave me alone mommy, I was just having fun! haha. What a cutie!

How is mommy doing? Well, my tailbone pain has eased up. It’s still there, but it’s quite managable now, thank you!! Other than that there is really nothing to report, except that I’m getting a cold since yesterday 😦 It’s so hard to believe with all the vit C I’m taking ugh! I’m fighting it with orange juice and Halls vit C candies. I think I stand a good chance of winning! It’s not that bad (yet). Just a stuffy nose, headache in the morning and overall yuck-feeling.

My belly hasn’t grown much in the past week, I think. Fundal height was still 36 cm yesterday. Everything else checked out good, too. Baby’s heart rate continues strong in the 140s range. Our little girl showed that she listens to Daddy, though that will probably change later haha. She got excited, so her heart rate went into the 150s, so Daddy says “slow down,” and wow, wouldn’t you know it, her rate dropped into the 130s! Within a second of him saying that. That was so sweet.

Mommy had been neglecting her coconut oil a little bit lately and found a teeny tiny little stretch mark (no more than half an inch) right at the base of the belly piercing. Yikes! It’s quite faint though and mommy is now making sure she gets that oil on her belly every day again! No new marks since. Phew. Laziness gets punished lol

Still doing great with my water, mostly eight servings, never less than six. Keep that enchantment up, Jessica! Hah!

Monday we interviewed a pediatrician. He seemed very nice and we connected well! I like his views on vaccines (since most doctors just want to pump babies full of them). He takes it a little easier with those shots. I also like his holistic approach, and his view on medicine. You really don’t need antibiotics for a simple cold, come on. Overall we’re very satisfied with this pediatrician and decided that he’ll be Savina’s doctor.

I’m sorry I don’t have a kick/movement video for you today. It’s been difficult to catch her crazy moves on camera. I do have a bit of footage but it’s not nearly as crazy as she moves when she’s not on camera haha. I still have to cut it all together though, and I’ve just not been up to it yesterday, let alone finding the time to. I’ll probably make a seperate post for it if I get it done before next Wednesday.

Savina’s mural is nearing the finish line! Then we can finish organizing the nursery. Can’t wait to see it all come together. The mural is so beautiful already. Thank you, Theresa!!

Below are month to month belly comparison pictures, as well as some other comparisons. At the end you’ll find this week’s belly pics (check out the exposed 9 month belly and compare the 35 and 36 weeks shots — I swear Savina has dropped). Enjoy 🙂

(click to enlarge)