36 weeks–9 months!!

It’s hard to believe I’ve been pregnant for nine months, wow! And apparently I don’t look like I’m 9 months pregnant either. We went to BRU Saturday to buy first weeks necessities from our registry and the ladies at the service desk stared at me in disbelief when I told them I was due October 24. I said, yep I’ll be term in 1.5 weeks. They advised me not to say that too loud because many pregnant women will hate me lol I guess my belly really isn’t all that big, is it?! I don’t feel big either. A friend asked me how much weight I’d gained so far, and I answered: 32 pounds. And she says: really? where?! … way to make a pregnant woman feel good! Haha. I mean it.

Our little baby girl keeps getting stuff! Gifts continue to trickle in from friends who were unable to make it to the shower. I’m surprised with every new gift and utterly grateful! We appreciate your generosity very, very much!

So how are things going at 36 weeks? Well, up until yesterday afternoon I told everyone I’m feeling great. Because I was. Of course there have been symptoms, discomforts, but nothing I can’t handle, nothing to really complain about. Until yesterday afternoon. We saw our midwife for our 36 weeks checkup yesterday and for some reason, after she left our house, I suddenly got some really nasty tailbone pain. It’s not the first time. I’ve had tailbone pain. If you remember my earlier posts in the second trimester, I bought a pillow to alleviate the pain. It worked like a charm. No more tailbone pain, as the pillow helped take pressure of that sensitive bone. Well, yesterday’s pain was nothing in comparison. For the first time I got a vague idea of what it must have felt like when my sister broke her tailbone. Ouch! I could not sit, nor get up from a sitting or lying position, without really bad pain. I can feel the pain when I tense my butt muscles, and yesterday I was able to sometimes feel it when I walked. Today it’s a little bit better, but last night was torture. I really hope the pain goes away, because I don’t know how I’m going to deal with this for another four weeks!

Our little baby girl’s heart beat was strong at 147 bpm. Fundal height measured almost 36cm, and everything else checked out fine as well. Except… well, I must sweet talk my little girl right now lol For weeks she’s been all snug on my right side, head down, her body sideways, her limbs reaching out to my left. Apparently, when our midwife felt out her position yesterday, we discovered that my baby girl has changed position. She’s still head down, thank you little one! But she’s moved to the center of my belly. That’s really not a bad thing. What’s bad is that she’s also turned into a posterior position! Well, little lady, you better start turning more, because this mommy is not very fond of the idea of back labor!

A couple days ago I got one of those lovely leg cramps again. This one was odd though. I’d been so cautious not to stretch my legs in the mornings because that’s what brought on these cramps in the first place. Gradually with much care and caution, I began to stretch them again, as it didn’t seem to cause any more cramps. Well that one night/early morning a couple days ago I got the cramp quite spontaneously. I didn’t move a muscle and there it was! It didn’t last long though, and wasn’t quite that strong. Phew.

Recently I’ve been feeling pressure not only on my bladder but on my cervix. Good sign, baby is growing and moving in position for her grand entrance! I still think she won’t be early. I’m not yet having any contractions other than the BH I’ve been having for months. I do get crampy more often, so that’s a good sign.

What else? Water… oh yes. I’m so proud of myself. Ever since we saw our doula, Jessica, my water intake has undergone a great deal of improvement. Jessica must have put some kind of enchantment on me. I don’t know. There has not been a single day since her last visit that I’ve had any less than 6 servings of water. And most days I manage to get all 8 of 8 servings of water!! Thank you Jessica. Whatever you did, you did a great job!

Are we ready for this little girl? Well, almost! Some finishing touches in the nursery, some little things here and there. All in all, I wouldn’t call us unprepared if she blessed us with her appearance next week. Did I just say that? Next week??? Omg how unbelievably exciting does that sound??

Monday we received our birthing pool. We did a quick test setup. Yep, it went quick. Really doesn’t take long to inflate the 30 pound giant lol With the help of Peter’s air compressor:

Now my excitement is mixing with curiosity. How is all this going to play out? Will it go as planned? And if it does, what is it going to be like? Although I’d prefer our little girl to stay put until her due date, I’m really anxious to meet her! I just want to hold my baby girl in my arms. I’m definitely ready to welcome her as soon as I reach term next Wednesday.

Well, we have thrilling weeks ahead! Look forward to a brief feature of month to month comparison belly pics next week. And hopefully I get that kick/move video done by next Wednesday. This baby girl does not want to cooperate with the camera much lately.

Here are my belly pics for this week. Belly at 35 weeks and 2 days:

For some reason this shirt always makes me look smaller than I am.


One comment on “36 weeks–9 months!!

  1. Maccabros says:

    what is it going to be like? Hm, sometimes you think, you’re absolutely wrong, but be sure, it will be all ok – take good care of you ALL….

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