35 weeks – 35 days until my due date

Getting sooooo close. I can’t believe we’re almost there! Thinking that in no less than 2 weeks I could be going into labor and not needing to go to the hospital makes it that much more exciting. Nonetheless, I really want her to stay put until we reach 40 weeks.

So not much has been happening in the past week. Our friend Theresa has started painting the mural, yay. It’s already looking so great, can’t wait to see it finished!

We bought baby detergent and washed all of Savina’s clothes. You can probably imagine how much fun I had hanging and folding them. I can’t wait to see what Savina’s grandmommy (my mom) has knitted and is knitting for our little girl. She’s already given me clothes she made for me and my sisters when we were little. So beautiful. The dress is a baptizing dress and has only been worn once (by my younger sister–she looked so cute in it!), and the green jacket with hat and shoes was made by my mom’s grandmother!

Mail just came in, and guess what our little girl got?! Yep, Dave, if you’re reading this, you were absolutely right–we totally love this onesie! How awesome is this?? Thank you Dave and Elaine! (In case you don’t know, dear reader, Peter and I are heavy players–computer as well as board games. It’s in fact how we first met: in a game!)

Last Thursday we saw our wonderful midwife. Baby is doing great with a heartrate of 154 bpm. Fundal height was 34 cm, just where it should be. My BP and urine are fine. Savina loves moving around all day recently but gets sleepy around her regular kick counting time. Evil, evil lol

So let me tell you about Sue, my cat. Last week Sue wanted to make absolutely clear what her position in my life is!
I was lying on the couch, taking videos of my little baby girl’s moves and kicks (yes, I’m trying to work on another kick/move video, yay). After a while, my cat joins us, climbing up on the couch and settling down on my legs just beneath my belly.
Sue likes to lick me sometimes, but she’s never licked my belly before. This time she did. Then she just rested there, watching over my little girl.
After a few minutes though, she decided it was time to show what her place is in my life. She got up and walked straight across my belly! –understand: she used to sleep on my belly nearly every morning, up until I got pregnant. My cat has not touched my belly in 8 months!!
Then she curled up on my chest, with her bottom half on my upper belly just above my baby girl’s tushie. And she purred like crazy.
I guess Sue meant to tell me this: I protect the little one, but you better understand that mommy is mine. It’s time to claim her! Below is a pic of the paw prints she left on my belly after cuddle time.

Okay, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. Yes, you get to laugh real hard this time. PB (pregnancy brain) is still in full swing–and here I thought that part was over. Wrong! This happened about one and a half weeks ago:

It was morning, I got up, went to my computer, wearing a light robe. I felt a bowel movement coming on, so I went to the bathroom. I got the robe out of the way, sat down and let nature go its course. Ah what a relief! … well that is, until I felt something heavy coming from a very wrong outlet. You bet I got all freaked out, wondering what the hell this might be. Blood? Mucus plug (already…)?? I was just about to check down there, and then began to smile within. Did you notice how I described every detail of me using the toilet? Did you notice what I left out? That’s right! I forgot to pull my panties down!!! I can’t believe I did, or rather didn’t, do that! This has never happened to me in my life. I’m telling you, it was totally gross! Poo everywhere! Do I have to go into more detail? lol I’m lucky I wear t-strings. Just imagine… okay, we won’t go there!
And all the while, cleaning up the mess, my cat was screaming at me, looking for breakfast!

Did you get a good laugh? I sure did. Oh the joys of pregnancy.

Below are my belly pics for 34 weeks and 2 days. See ya next week.


2 comments on “35 weeks – 35 days until my due date

  1. Maccabros says:

    Level one – human – that is so cute and nice 🙂

    by the way – I know that cat – beware of your feet…

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