33 weeks – A special photo shoot

Our maternity photos have arrived! These photos came out fantastic. They reflect just what Peter and I are feeling: excitement, joy, anticipation, and above all: love. For each other, for the life we have created, for our sweet baby girl.

Hope you enjoy these images, just as we enjoyed the session.

Thanks again to everyone involved: Kathy Jackson for a wonderful job taking these gorgeous photos, Kevin Symmons for connecting us with Kathy, and Legare & Margery Cuyler for granting us access to this beautiful beach.

The third trimester is in full swing at 33 weeks! Our little baby girl is growing. I can feel her hiccups more often now, and she gets them a lot, poor girl! I definitely feel Savina moving around more than feeling her kick now. Less kicking due to less space for her to move around in, and feeling more movement due to her increasing size. Our precious little baby must be growing really a lot recently, as I’m hungrier than usual nearly every day now. Not quite as bad as it was that one day I described before, but there’s definitely a change in how much food that little girl demands these days. To get a better picture of her growth spurts, I’m including a comparison picture for 31w2d/32w2d at the bottom of this post. The difference of my belly’s size is pretty obvious.

Third trimester symptoms:

  • shortness of breath

I’ve recently noticed that the increasingly growing size of my belly is causing me to take deeper breaths more often. Sometimes it feels as if I can’t breathe, or can’t get enough oxygen. I do yawn a lot, probably a by-product of this symptom.

  • fatigue

I really can’t complain. I was not at all fatigued during the first trimester. I’m not surprised that I am fatigued now. My body is getting tired as my belly grows. (note to self: eat more and smile)

  • frequent urination

I was really expecting that. I can’t say it’s one of my favorite symptoms, having to get up 3 times a night on average, for the walk to the bathroom, but sleepless nights is something I should probably get used to anyhow. And sometimes it causes me to take that extra mouthful of water–that’s always a plus.

  • drooling

This is most definitely new. I’ve not drooled while snoozing or sleeping in many many many years. I’m tempted to say a couple decades. It is apparently normal in pregnancy though. Still, waking up with a wet face is not my favorite way of exiting a beautiful dreamworld. I’m just glad it doesn’t happen every single time.

  • round ligament pain

Well, I can’t say I’ve missed this! I’m always amazed how fast our minds and bodies adapt to what is going on. When I’m sick, or in this case: experiencing pregnancy symptoms, I can’t imagine what it’s like without that change in my daily life. I often get so used to it that it doesn’t bother me anymore. But once it goes away, it’s as if it had never been there, and if/when it returns, it’s bothersome. I have to get used to it again all over.

  • discomfort lying down for extended periods of time w/o pregnancy pillow

I would say that this pregnancy symptom bothers me the most. Watching a movie in the evening (our TV is in our bedroom) is becoming more and more uncomfortable. Throughout most of the second trimester I already couldn’t lean back for more than 30-40 min. anymore–I had to turn on my side after a while. Now, for the last few weeks, it’s becoming increasingly uncomfortable to lie on my side for long periods of time as well. I turn around so much during a movie, trying to find that comfortable position without having to reposition all the time. The only way I don’t experience this increased discomfort is by using my pregnancy pillow. It works fantastic for when I go to sleep. It’s not meant for entertainment positions though. Pretty soon I’ll have to think of something else–or cease watching TV at night altogether.

  • heat flashes

Now this is a symptom I’m actually enjoying to its nth degree haha! I just love the heat, and when Peter tells me it’s chilly, and I’m fine, then that is a strong indication that I’m experiencing those lovely pregnancy heat flashes, because when he thinks it’s chilly, by that time I’m usually freezing, sitting there with a very warm pullover or cardigan. Too bad that’s going to stop after I give birth. It’s the one symptom I wouldn’t mind keeping for the rest of my life. Can you tell I’m a summer person?!

  • swelling

The swelling of my fingers is slowly triumphing over my stubbornness. I actually took a couple rings off. I feel so naked without them! The swelling also let me experience carpal tunnel syndrome on my left hand. Yikes! This past weekend my thumb was very much in pain. I used some tiger balm and increased my water intake (amazing how easy that gets when you try to fight pain by drinking lol) The next day my hand was already feeling better. Following the advice of my wonderful midwife, we went to the pharmacy to check out some wrist braces, but the high price coupled with my hand feeling better stopped us from buying it. Another day later the carpal tunnel syndrome had decided to go away completely. If it returns, I may pick up that wrist brace. Otherwise–I tell myself to drink more!

My weight has been moving between 171 pounds and 173 pounds. Average weight gain so far is 27 pounds.

This morning I woke up with a bloodshot eye. Closing my eyes caused a burning sensation. It wasn’t pretty, but by now it’s feeling better. I could hold my pregnancy and the resulting swelling/water retention responsible for this, or my lack of sleep yesterday. I got up earlier than usual and did not get a nap in. What do they say about beauty-sleep? Yep.

One last thing I’d like to mention this week: my belly button is not an outie (yet). Imagine my eyes widening in horror when looking down at my belly button. That’s right–it’s shrinking, I mean losing depth more and more with every week. Aaaah!! Pretty soon it will be non-existant and then turn into an outie. Well, I hope not! At least I still haven’t found any stretch marks. Yay! My sunburn is doing well also and has not caused my skin to break. I took really good care of it–moisterizing it.

Here’s the comparison picture of 31 weeks and 32 weeks. This is a mere one week difference. Wow! Below that follow our regular belly pictures for 32w2d.

As always, click to enlarge.









2 comments on “33 weeks – A special photo shoot

  1. Maccabros says:

    Sometimes we are thinking, that time is going too slow, some days, we´re feeling, she is too fast, but to see you and your coming child growing is still a wonder and good to see – hope you´re all well – thank you for sharing these pictures…think of You…

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