36 weeks–9 months!!

It’s hard to believe I’ve been pregnant for nine months, wow! And apparently I don’t look like I’m 9 months pregnant either. We went to BRU Saturday to buy first weeks necessities from our registry and the ladies at the service desk stared at me in disbelief when I told them I was due October 24. I said, yep I’ll be term in 1.5 weeks. They advised me not to say that too loud because many pregnant women will hate me lol I guess my belly really isn’t all that big, is it?! I don’t feel big either. A friend asked me how much weight I’d gained so far, and I answered: 32 pounds. And she says: really? where?! … way to make a pregnant woman feel good! Haha. I mean it.

Our little baby girl keeps getting stuff! Gifts continue to trickle in from friends who were unable to make it to the shower. I’m surprised with every new gift and utterly grateful! We appreciate your generosity very, very much!

So how are things going at 36 weeks? Well, up until yesterday afternoon I told everyone I’m feeling great. Because I was. Of course there have been symptoms, discomforts, but nothing I can’t handle, nothing to really complain about. Until yesterday afternoon. We saw our midwife for our 36 weeks checkup yesterday and for some reason, after she left our house, I suddenly got some really nasty tailbone pain. It’s not the first time. I’ve had tailbone pain. If you remember my earlier posts in the second trimester, I bought a pillow to alleviate the pain. It worked like a charm. No more tailbone pain, as the pillow helped take pressure of that sensitive bone. Well, yesterday’s pain was nothing in comparison. For the first time I got a vague idea of what it must have felt like when my sister broke her tailbone. Ouch! I could not sit, nor get up from a sitting or lying position, without really bad pain. I can feel the pain when I tense my butt muscles, and yesterday I was able to sometimes feel it when I walked. Today it’s a little bit better, but last night was torture. I really hope the pain goes away, because I don’t know how I’m going to deal with this for another four weeks!

Our little baby girl’s heart beat was strong at 147 bpm. Fundal height measured almost 36cm, and everything else checked out fine as well. Except… well, I must sweet talk my little girl right now lol For weeks she’s been all snug on my right side, head down, her body sideways, her limbs reaching out to my left. Apparently, when our midwife felt out her position yesterday, we discovered that my baby girl has changed position. She’s still head down, thank you little one! But she’s moved to the center of my belly. That’s really not a bad thing. What’s bad is that she’s also turned into a posterior position! Well, little lady, you better start turning more, because this mommy is not very fond of the idea of back labor!

A couple days ago I got one of those lovely leg cramps again. This one was odd though. I’d been so cautious not to stretch my legs in the mornings because that’s what brought on these cramps in the first place. Gradually with much care and caution, I began to stretch them again, as it didn’t seem to cause any more cramps. Well that one night/early morning a couple days ago I got the cramp quite spontaneously. I didn’t move a muscle and there it was! It didn’t last long though, and wasn’t quite that strong. Phew.

Recently I’ve been feeling pressure not only on my bladder but on my cervix. Good sign, baby is growing and moving in position for her grand entrance! I still think she won’t be early. I’m not yet having any contractions other than the BH I’ve been having for months. I do get crampy more often, so that’s a good sign.

What else? Water… oh yes. I’m so proud of myself. Ever since we saw our doula, Jessica, my water intake has undergone a great deal of improvement. Jessica must have put some kind of enchantment on me. I don’t know. There has not been a single day since her last visit that I’ve had any less than 6 servings of water. And most days I manage to get all 8 of 8 servings of water!! Thank you Jessica. Whatever you did, you did a great job!

Are we ready for this little girl? Well, almost! Some finishing touches in the nursery, some little things here and there. All in all, I wouldn’t call us unprepared if she blessed us with her appearance next week. Did I just say that? Next week??? Omg how unbelievably exciting does that sound??

Monday we received our birthing pool. We did a quick test setup. Yep, it went quick. Really doesn’t take long to inflate the 30 pound giant lol With the help of Peter’s air compressor:

Now my excitement is mixing with curiosity. How is all this going to play out? Will it go as planned? And if it does, what is it going to be like? Although I’d prefer our little girl to stay put until her due date, I’m really anxious to meet her! I just want to hold my baby girl in my arms. I’m definitely ready to welcome her as soon as I reach term next Wednesday.

Well, we have thrilling weeks ahead! Look forward to a brief feature of month to month comparison belly pics next week. And hopefully I get that kick/move video done by next Wednesday. This baby girl does not want to cooperate with the camera much lately.

Here are my belly pics for this week. Belly at 35 weeks and 2 days:

For some reason this shirt always makes me look smaller than I am.


35 weeks – 35 days until my due date

Getting sooooo close. I can’t believe we’re almost there! Thinking that in no less than 2 weeks I could be going into labor and not needing to go to the hospital makes it that much more exciting. Nonetheless, I really want her to stay put until we reach 40 weeks.

So not much has been happening in the past week. Our friend Theresa has started painting the mural, yay. It’s already looking so great, can’t wait to see it finished!

We bought baby detergent and washed all of Savina’s clothes. You can probably imagine how much fun I had hanging and folding them. I can’t wait to see what Savina’s grandmommy (my mom) has knitted and is knitting for our little girl. She’s already given me clothes she made for me and my sisters when we were little. So beautiful. The dress is a baptizing dress and has only been worn once (by my younger sister–she looked so cute in it!), and the green jacket with hat and shoes was made by my mom’s grandmother!

Mail just came in, and guess what our little girl got?! Yep, Dave, if you’re reading this, you were absolutely right–we totally love this onesie! How awesome is this?? Thank you Dave and Elaine! (In case you don’t know, dear reader, Peter and I are heavy players–computer as well as board games. It’s in fact how we first met: in a game!)

Last Thursday we saw our wonderful midwife. Baby is doing great with a heartrate of 154 bpm. Fundal height was 34 cm, just where it should be. My BP and urine are fine. Savina loves moving around all day recently but gets sleepy around her regular kick counting time. Evil, evil lol

So let me tell you about Sue, my cat. Last week Sue wanted to make absolutely clear what her position in my life is!
I was lying on the couch, taking videos of my little baby girl’s moves and kicks (yes, I’m trying to work on another kick/move video, yay). After a while, my cat joins us, climbing up on the couch and settling down on my legs just beneath my belly.
Sue likes to lick me sometimes, but she’s never licked my belly before. This time she did. Then she just rested there, watching over my little girl.
After a few minutes though, she decided it was time to show what her place is in my life. She got up and walked straight across my belly! –understand: she used to sleep on my belly nearly every morning, up until I got pregnant. My cat has not touched my belly in 8 months!!
Then she curled up on my chest, with her bottom half on my upper belly just above my baby girl’s tushie. And she purred like crazy.
I guess Sue meant to tell me this: I protect the little one, but you better understand that mommy is mine. It’s time to claim her! Below is a pic of the paw prints she left on my belly after cuddle time.

Okay, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. Yes, you get to laugh real hard this time. PB (pregnancy brain) is still in full swing–and here I thought that part was over. Wrong! This happened about one and a half weeks ago:

It was morning, I got up, went to my computer, wearing a light robe. I felt a bowel movement coming on, so I went to the bathroom. I got the robe out of the way, sat down and let nature go its course. Ah what a relief! … well that is, until I felt something heavy coming from a very wrong outlet. You bet I got all freaked out, wondering what the hell this might be. Blood? Mucus plug (already…)?? I was just about to check down there, and then began to smile within. Did you notice how I described every detail of me using the toilet? Did you notice what I left out? That’s right! I forgot to pull my panties down!!! I can’t believe I did, or rather didn’t, do that! This has never happened to me in my life. I’m telling you, it was totally gross! Poo everywhere! Do I have to go into more detail? lol I’m lucky I wear t-strings. Just imagine… okay, we won’t go there!
And all the while, cleaning up the mess, my cat was screaming at me, looking for breakfast!

Did you get a good laugh? I sure did. Oh the joys of pregnancy.

Below are my belly pics for 34 weeks and 2 days. See ya next week.

34 weeks – baby already getting spoiled!

Only three more weeks to term! I do hope though that Savina stays bakin’ for another six weeks from today. Her grandmommy is visiting Oct 21, so we’re hoping she stays snug inside me until then. The closer we get to term though, the more anxious I get to meet our little girl. I’m sure weeks will start dragging on and on now, because we are so close and I so can’t wait to hold that little one in my arms.

This little peanut is one spoiled girl already, let me tell you. She got literally “showered” with gifts. Our baby shower was fantastic. Everyone had a great time. Of course Savina slept through most of it haha. My in-laws’ house was beautifully decorated, and my SIL put together some amazing flower arrangements. She managed to find purple roses that just took my breath away! We had a guest book out front with photos of Savina during her 3D u/s, some cards for advice for the parents-to-be, and a special photobook I designed online. It depicts our and Savina’s journey thus far. In the living room we looped our 3D photos of Savina and our maternity shoot photos on the TV. We’d planned to play the DVD of our 3D session as well, but we never got around to that. Food was delightful! Fruits, veggies, brownies, sandwiches, cookies, and a gorgeous, super-cute duck-cake made by our friend Lee Haselton. Thanks so much Lee! That cake, save one piece and the duck, basically disappeared as I cut it. We originally thought we might freeze the duck and bring it out on Savina’s first birthday, but I’ve had baked goods frozen for 1.5 years before, and it didn’t taste well after that anymore. So we decided that we’ll bring it out at Savina’s birth–after all, that, in a way, is her first birthday.

We had four fun games at the shower.

First, we prompted every guest to take a pacifier necklace, and we told them they must not say the word “baby.” If they do say “baby” and someone catches them saying it, they will lose their pacifier to the person who heard them. The one with the most pacifiers at the end won. Congratulations Linda–she had 6 pacifiers, way to go!

Next, we handed every guest a plastic baby frozen in an ice cube. Guests were asked to “break the water” and get the baby out as fast as they could. Anything goes in that game, so unfortunately injuries were sustained lol People smashed the baby to the ground and one stomped on it. All in an effort to break the ice apart and get the baby out. The poor baby lost its arm! Another baby lost their arm and leg–how that happened I did not see. Others simply attempted to melt the ice in their hands. Jenny won this game–congratulations! (*whisperwhisper* she used some kind of device to break the ice open psssst).

We also had a “Baby Babble” game. A word game where the letters of baby-related words were all mixed up and the guests needed to put them back together. Congratulations to Margery for solving this puzzle the fastest! She was running head to head with Kathy.

Last but not least, we played the “guess mommy’s circumference” game. Many guests thought baby bulged out my belly a lot more than it does! Pete B. came very close but was beat by Charles, whose ribbon measured right on!!! No gaps, no extra! Wow, Charles, that was impressive!!

We all had so much fun with these games! Of course, Savina’s favorite part was the unwrapping of her gifts! What a celebrated little angel she is! Take a look at the picture below. These are all the things she received. Clothes, toys, a high chair, a cradle, a swing, a moby wrap, a book, diapers and associated necessities, many hand-knitted items. A mobile, blankets, a handmade quilt, and a doll. She received gifts from Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Savina also got a giftcard, money (with which we are planning to get her a little tub for bathing times), and more on the way. Wow!

My personal highlight of this shower was seeing my friend Peter Bussiere arrive! Peter was originally unable to come to the shower, and I haven’t seen him in a loooooong time. Spotting him walking across the lawn towards my in-laws’ house, I could not believe my eyes!! I’m soooo happy you came, Pete! ❤

Yes, I was exhausted after the shower, but it was so worth it! Sunday we slept in long, and in the afternoon we headed for Babies ‘R’ Us to figure out what we still need. Imagine me sigh. Yes, it’s still quite a bit, and it will likely be a creditcard purchase, but that’s to be expected! I can not thank our generous friends and family enough for their amazing assistance in getting ready for the arrival of our little girl.

Yesterday we found some awesome deals at T.J. Maxx, which is the last place I would have thought to look for what we found: The bundle-me by JJ Cole was 43 Dollars at BRU, and, searching online, hardly anyone else sells it, and if they do, they want the same price. T.J. Maxx had it for an amazing $25!!! Also, we found the Tommee Tippee electrical steam sterilizer, which BRU wants $70!!!! for, for only $40 at T.J. Maxx–what a deal! Grant you, it appears to be an earlier model, but who cares! Then, we discovered that Sears has an amazing baby department. 75% of their baby clothes were on a 50% off sale yesterday! Since most of the clothes Savina received Saturday were much needed onesies and sleepers, we picked up some play-time, day-time outfits for her, and some more socks, which we were really lacking. We also found a good first-aid kit and a beautiful, sizable diaper bag, which was on sale! On top of that we saved an extra 5% at check-out for using our Sears card. What a deal!

I finally feel like we’re going to be completely ready for this little lady’s arrival. Friday we will pick up some special laundry soap for baby, and then I’ll wash all her clothes. I can’t wait to hang and fold them all and put them in her room where they belong. Can you tell how much I am in love with this baby?!

Back to our weekly updates. Last week, once again, I forgot to mention the result of our last midwife appointment. So here it is:

Savina’s heart rate was mostly in the 140s/150s. When she got excited, it went up to the 160s. Fundal height was close to 32 cm–right on target! My blood pressure was good and my urine tested fine. She’s still head down and likes to snuggle mostly on my right. We’ll be seeing our midwife again tomorrow, so hopefully next week I will not forget to include the update on my weekly journal entry!

Sunday I felt some pain in my lower abdomen. I’m quite sure it was associated with a BH I had. This would be the first time I felt pain with a Braxton Hicks. It only lasted about a minute, and it hasn’t happened since.

I wanted to mention, last week I wore a pair of high heels, which I haven’t worn in months. That’s mostly because in the summer I tend to like my flip-flops. They are nice and airy and cooler than high heels–perfect for summer temperatures. I did wear my high heels last week because I was going to a class associated with my profession. I was not really surprised that I had absolutely no problems walking and standing in them, despite my ever growing belly and different weight distribution/balance due to the pregnancy.

My weight this week has shot up! It’s been going between 173 and 176 pounds, with an upward trend. Average weight gain so far is 30 pounds, with six more weeks to go. Wow!!

This week’s update is getting long, and you’re probably getting a little tired, so I’ll save the other two topics for next week. Look forward to read about a major (and embarrassing) case of PB, and about a cat who decided it was time to step up!

Here are my latest belly pictures, taken at 33 weeks and 2 days:

33 weeks – A special photo shoot

Our maternity photos have arrived! These photos came out fantastic. They reflect just what Peter and I are feeling: excitement, joy, anticipation, and above all: love. For each other, for the life we have created, for our sweet baby girl.

Hope you enjoy these images, just as we enjoyed the session.

Thanks again to everyone involved: Kathy Jackson for a wonderful job taking these gorgeous photos, Kevin Symmons for connecting us with Kathy, and Legare & Margery Cuyler for granting us access to this beautiful beach.

The third trimester is in full swing at 33 weeks! Our little baby girl is growing. I can feel her hiccups more often now, and she gets them a lot, poor girl! I definitely feel Savina moving around more than feeling her kick now. Less kicking due to less space for her to move around in, and feeling more movement due to her increasing size. Our precious little baby must be growing really a lot recently, as I’m hungrier than usual nearly every day now. Not quite as bad as it was that one day I described before, but there’s definitely a change in how much food that little girl demands these days. To get a better picture of her growth spurts, I’m including a comparison picture for 31w2d/32w2d at the bottom of this post. The difference of my belly’s size is pretty obvious.

Third trimester symptoms:

  • shortness of breath

I’ve recently noticed that the increasingly growing size of my belly is causing me to take deeper breaths more often. Sometimes it feels as if I can’t breathe, or can’t get enough oxygen. I do yawn a lot, probably a by-product of this symptom.

  • fatigue

I really can’t complain. I was not at all fatigued during the first trimester. I’m not surprised that I am fatigued now. My body is getting tired as my belly grows. (note to self: eat more and smile)

  • frequent urination

I was really expecting that. I can’t say it’s one of my favorite symptoms, having to get up 3 times a night on average, for the walk to the bathroom, but sleepless nights is something I should probably get used to anyhow. And sometimes it causes me to take that extra mouthful of water–that’s always a plus.

  • drooling

This is most definitely new. I’ve not drooled while snoozing or sleeping in many many many years. I’m tempted to say a couple decades. It is apparently normal in pregnancy though. Still, waking up with a wet face is not my favorite way of exiting a beautiful dreamworld. I’m just glad it doesn’t happen every single time.

  • round ligament pain

Well, I can’t say I’ve missed this! I’m always amazed how fast our minds and bodies adapt to what is going on. When I’m sick, or in this case: experiencing pregnancy symptoms, I can’t imagine what it’s like without that change in my daily life. I often get so used to it that it doesn’t bother me anymore. But once it goes away, it’s as if it had never been there, and if/when it returns, it’s bothersome. I have to get used to it again all over.

  • discomfort lying down for extended periods of time w/o pregnancy pillow

I would say that this pregnancy symptom bothers me the most. Watching a movie in the evening (our TV is in our bedroom) is becoming more and more uncomfortable. Throughout most of the second trimester I already couldn’t lean back for more than 30-40 min. anymore–I had to turn on my side after a while. Now, for the last few weeks, it’s becoming increasingly uncomfortable to lie on my side for long periods of time as well. I turn around so much during a movie, trying to find that comfortable position without having to reposition all the time. The only way I don’t experience this increased discomfort is by using my pregnancy pillow. It works fantastic for when I go to sleep. It’s not meant for entertainment positions though. Pretty soon I’ll have to think of something else–or cease watching TV at night altogether.

  • heat flashes

Now this is a symptom I’m actually enjoying to its nth degree haha! I just love the heat, and when Peter tells me it’s chilly, and I’m fine, then that is a strong indication that I’m experiencing those lovely pregnancy heat flashes, because when he thinks it’s chilly, by that time I’m usually freezing, sitting there with a very warm pullover or cardigan. Too bad that’s going to stop after I give birth. It’s the one symptom I wouldn’t mind keeping for the rest of my life. Can you tell I’m a summer person?!

  • swelling

The swelling of my fingers is slowly triumphing over my stubbornness. I actually took a couple rings off. I feel so naked without them! The swelling also let me experience carpal tunnel syndrome on my left hand. Yikes! This past weekend my thumb was very much in pain. I used some tiger balm and increased my water intake (amazing how easy that gets when you try to fight pain by drinking lol) The next day my hand was already feeling better. Following the advice of my wonderful midwife, we went to the pharmacy to check out some wrist braces, but the high price coupled with my hand feeling better stopped us from buying it. Another day later the carpal tunnel syndrome had decided to go away completely. If it returns, I may pick up that wrist brace. Otherwise–I tell myself to drink more!

My weight has been moving between 171 pounds and 173 pounds. Average weight gain so far is 27 pounds.

This morning I woke up with a bloodshot eye. Closing my eyes caused a burning sensation. It wasn’t pretty, but by now it’s feeling better. I could hold my pregnancy and the resulting swelling/water retention responsible for this, or my lack of sleep yesterday. I got up earlier than usual and did not get a nap in. What do they say about beauty-sleep? Yep.

One last thing I’d like to mention this week: my belly button is not an outie (yet). Imagine my eyes widening in horror when looking down at my belly button. That’s right–it’s shrinking, I mean losing depth more and more with every week. Aaaah!! Pretty soon it will be non-existant and then turn into an outie. Well, I hope not! At least I still haven’t found any stretch marks. Yay! My sunburn is doing well also and has not caused my skin to break. I took really good care of it–moisterizing it.

Here’s the comparison picture of 31 weeks and 32 weeks. This is a mere one week difference. Wow! Below that follow our regular belly pictures for 32w2d.

As always, click to enlarge.