31 weeks – less than 10 weeks left!

Sue cuddling up next to Mommy

We are now counting down in the single digits! Only 9 more weeks until we meet our sweet daughter! I’m so thrilled, I’m beyond excited. Time has gone by so fast this summer! I only hope it will continue to.

Things are changing fast for Savina as well. My belly has been itchy this week again, which means it’s expanding some more. Yesterday our little girl was close to the surface and I was able to feel her body quite well when trying to feel out her position! I still can’t 100% determine what’s what, but there was a firmness, and two bulges. So I’m sure I felt both her head and her tushie. Since she’s usually much lower than where I felt her, she either moved or I’m misinterpreting what I felt. She did get hiccups yesterday, and they were rather low, so she must be head down still! Yay. I’ve been feeling her hiccup more often now, probably because she’s getting bigger.

I forgot to mention last week, for the first (and so far only) time I felt her kicks all the way up at the top of my uterus. That was about 2 weeks ago though. I doubt I’ll feel her there again if she remains head down. It also sometimes feels like she’s pushing up against my ribs now. Her movements are becoming even more pronounced. It’s difficult to describe, but instead of just feeling “something” knock against the wall of my belly, her moves now feel like there is an actual being inside me, with limbs reaching out and turning around and moving about. If you’re a mommy, you know what I mean. If you’re not a mommy, I’m sorry I can’t put it into words any better than I have! I do believe though that later on it might get so pronounced I may actually be able to figure out whether what I’m feeling is her leg moving or her arm. Who knows! Right now I’m just enjoying feeling her on a regular basis. I’m going to miss that so much!

When I lie down flat on my back to count her kicks (sometimes I do it in a sitting position), I can totally see my belly being oddly lopsided. It’s hilarious really. Most times my belly is really high on the right and much lower on the left side. Sometimes my bottom belly is like a mountain and my upper belly the valley. And then there are times I can just watch my belly shift around from mountain-valley to right side up and back lol.  I never have a camera nearby. I really need to learn moving around with my camera haha. Also recently, when she kicks, sometimes my entire upper body shakes like an earth quake! It’s a really funny feeling and experience, having your whole body tremble for a second.

Sometimes Peter tries to make Savina move around — it’s really cute, he’s such a sweet daddy already. Often Savina actually responds to him (rather than to me lol). One day this past week he was resting his head on my belly, enticing her to move, talking to her. And what does Savina do?

—— she kicks him in the ear!! hahaha

How’s the mommy-to-be? I haven’t had any leg cramps this week yay!! My weight has remained steady, I’m still between 169 and 171 pounds, with an overall average weight gain of 25 pounds. I had serious shoulder pain on my left shoulder in the past week. Naturally, every new ache sends warning signals to my brain, saying oh no what’s wrong with my baby? Of course nothing is! If I wasn’t pregnant, and especially if I hadn’t miscarried before, I’d not have thought about it twice that I might just have pulled a muscle somehow. But things are different now. My shoulder got better a day later and was fine the second day after it started. I really had just pulled a muscle somehow.

Yesterday morning I was “blessed” with some really nasty backpain. I couldn’t sit, lie, stand. Whatever position I was in, it hurt badly. Since I won’t take pain medication (and some are not recommended in pregnancy anyhow), I decided to attempt a little experiment. I haven’t practiced my hypnobirthing relaxations in quite some time — I just haven’t gotten around to it! I really need to do it more regularly, especially now getting so close, or else I’ll lose what I learned. Anyway, I figured, let’s go and practice hypnobirthing relaxation. That’s supposed to help with contractions, right? It’s supposed to help with pain in general. So I turned on the CD, sat down in a tailor seat on my couch and closed my eyes. And wouldn’t you know it, about 1/4 through the hour of relaxation practice my back pain subsided! How awesome! It didn’t completely go away but it became managable. This really inspired me to continue practicing, so I can go into such relaxation without the CD playing. After the CD was finished, and I returned to my conscious self, the pain got a little stronger again. So I lied down, turned on my right side and relaxed some more. I think I actually fell into a superficial sleep. I must have snoozed for about 30 min. After I woke up, the pain was completely gone and did not return. Yay me for pracitcing relaxation when my body really needed it!

A couple days ago Savina got to enjoy a really healthy meal: fresh salad featuring home grown lettuce and cucumber. Check out the picture, it was delicious!

Yesterday I met with my friend Theresa and her lovely daughter and son. We talked about the mural she’s going to paint in Savina’s room. Theresa, you’re amazing, your drawings are so beautiful! Those flowers you sent along last night just blew me away!! If you can get them just like that on the wall–wow! Thank you soooooo much for doing this! ❤

Below are pictures of my ever growing belly at 30 weeks 2 days.

Next week’s update will (hopefully) include a special photo feature, as we’re having our professional maternity pictures done this Saturday, so make sure to check out next week’s journal entry.

can’t wait to hold my little girl

love you so much, Savina!



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