29 weeks

nursery in the works
(click to enlarge)

We’re moving along. The nursery is fully painted in light blue–it looks beautiful. I can’t wait to see what the mural will look like.

Savina has been very active some days and rather quiet on others. Yesterday she must have had a blast. She was dancing around all night during the writers conference, which I have to say has been fantastic so far! I highly recommend it for every writer. My session with the agent was a lot of help in improving my novel. I will not go into any more detail here about the conference, as that’s not what this blog is about. I will mention one last thing though, because it is related to pregnancy. For the first time, complete strangers have asked me about my pregnancy! How does that make me feel? Excited and proud I dare say. Writers truly are most open and friendly people.

Back to our sweetie, our baby girl. Our midwife believes that she’s currently head down, on my right side, but it’s still very difficult to feel out. Hopefully we’ll be able to feel her better next week. Savina is getting better at our flash light game–last time we played she immediately found the light and kicked it every time I moved it (and I moved it rather fast on her!).

I’ve been having another one of those leg cramps–ugh! I’m trying to be careful when I stretch in the mornings, but it’s difficult sometimes. And that one happened in the middle of the night. Obviously I was too sleepy to pay much attention to how I was stretching.

My weight has been funny this past week. I lost 1.5 pounds over night some time last week, so my weight gain this week is going to look a bit excessive this week, since it grew every day ever since that weight loss. As of this morning I’m up to the big one seven oh, yep that’s right 170 pounds, which is a 25 pound weight gain overall so far, if taking that highest number instead of the average of the week – which is rather difficult this week. I’m expecting it to go back down a little bit or at least stay there for a while. 5 pounds of weight gain in one week is a lot, but without the previous weight loss it would only be 3.5 pounds of gain. I’m also eating a little bit different due to the convention, and haven’t found the time to work out, so that adds to the gain.

My piercing is still healing or trying to anyway. I’m doing salt soaks twice a day, three times usually, but with the writers convention going on, I can’t get that third one in. My maternity piercing had some issues staying together, so I had to send part of it back (they suggested I keep everything except the pacifier that dangles from the bottom, because the ball wouldn’t thread on and stay on anymore for some reason!). They sent back a complete piercing. I just want to say this online store has amazing customer service and great products. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for Maternity Piercings

This week my update is falling a little short because I’m so busy with the conference.

My pregnant belly at 28 weeks and 2 days:

This is not a maternity shirt btw. It’s a body cover for the beach, but it works perfectly well. I love it!

(click to enlarge)

little Savina is making room for herself

hi there, baby


2 comments on “29 weeks

  1. Maccabros says:

    its getting better every day…:) by the way – Peter is doing a good job in your house – my respect…

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