32 weeks – poor Savina got “sunfried”

It takes a little bit longer to process the maternity photos than I was aware of. So I’m sorry you’ll have to wait a little while longer for the special photo feature, but here’s a little preview:

Our photoshoot started 10am on Saturday at a private beach we were given access to by friends. Thank you Legare and Margery! Kathy did an amazing job at taking our photos. She was very personable and professional at the same time and made us feel very comfortable. Thank you Kevin for connecting us with her! It’s quite likely we’ll hire her again for a newborn photoshoot once Savina has blessed us with her grand entrance.

So this shoot was in the morning, beautiful weather, warm, nice breeze, strong sun, cool water but not too cold–I suck at tolerating cold water, so if I was fine, it means the water wasn’t all that cold. Unfortunately, I underestimated the sun, or rather I neglected thinking of the impact the sun would have on my bare body, my delicate skin. I’ve never had a sunburn on my belly before, at least I can’t remember any such occasion! I never thought I’d need to put sunscreen on for this shoot, but I really should have. A few hours after the shoot, I noticed that my belly had been very fried in that sun. Poor baby girl! I’m so sorry, hunny. I burnt my face, my hands (which rarely happens), my belly (which never happens), my lower back only slightly, and my decollete. I was really surprised my belly was more burnt than my face! So weird. So I put aloe vera gel on the burnt areas about every three hours or so. It’s gotten a lot better since, and surprisingly the pierced skin around my belly button healed a little bit, too. Hmmm, maybe aloe is a secret healing ingredient for torn skin! That area around my piercing is still red, but it doesn’t hurt now moving the piercing around, and I can see where some of the torn skin has grown shut. Let’s see how long that lasts! Once again something good emerges from a mishap.

After the shoot we went shopping and picked up some really neat stuff for Savina. A box of toys, a couple wooden puzzles, and some books:

I love all the wooden toys that came in the box–they remind me of my own childhood. Roaming the infant toys section at Toys ‘R’ Us after finding this awesome toy box at Christmas Trees really brought back some nice memories, reminding me of toys I used to play with as a child, which otherwise I’d never remember. I was positively surprised, too, that Toys ‘R’ Us was still selling many of the old fashioned, especially wooden, toys. I’m really happy I can offer my baby those valuable toys rather than going with today’s mainstream plastic crap, mostly with some cartoon theme that just dries out the child’s fantasy and slows down their creative development–my opinion anyway. I’m not generally against plastic toys, it’s just… well, you get the idea.

I totally forgot to update on my last midwife appointment. So here’re just some quick numbers and a brief summary:

At 30 weeks and 1 day Savina’s heart rate measured in the 140s bpm. Fundal height was at 30 cm! Our baby girl was still on the right, head down. She then moved slightly to the center/left as our midwife was feeling out her position. She does enjoy my right the most though. Her heart beat was very clear. It sounded loud and strong, and we could hear it best on my mid-low left side. I’ve never heard her heart beat this loud and strong! It was awesome.

Our next appointment is tomorrow, so you’ll hear about that next week.

Some time when taking a shower last week, I realized that daddies have one bonding advantage over mommies, which is great, because mommies can bond so much easier with their babies before they are born, but at that time it bothered me that I could not do what my dear husband can do: kissing Savina–kissing my belly. Nope, definitely can’t reach down there haha. I just had that strong urge to just bend down and kiss my baby girl. But I’ll have to wait a few more weeks before I can cuddle and kiss her endlessly! The closer we get the more excited I become. I just want her in my arms so badly! Yet I know I’ll miss feeling her inside me like crazy!

Yesterday Peter made me laugh really hard after dinner. We had some very delicious stir-fry with ramen noodles and chicken–a whole plate full! After indulging in all that yummy food, I was still hungry. So Peter looked at my belly, slightly lowered himself towards it and said: “You’ve got to leave some for Mommy.” Omg that was just so sweet and funny. ❤

And how’s Mommy doing otherwise? Well, I’ve mentioned the fatigue a couple weeks ago. This lovely third trimester is definitely bringing some symptoms (back). Fatigue is more and more present. I can hardly go a day without getting a 30-60 min. nap in, even after sleeping beyond my usual hours (8 at the most) at night. I tend to get a headache if I sleep longer than 8 hours normally, but not during these last few weeks. I can go for 9-10 hours and no headache, and still need my daily nap. I can hardly even motivate myself to go downstairs and use my treadmill for a 20 min. walk. Oh well!

Frequent urination has returned. During the second trimester I went on my nightly bathroom “strolls” 0-2 times a night. Now, in the third trimester, it’s more as it was in the first: 1-3 times a night, or more if needed. I also had one case of heartburn, which I hadn’t experienced in months. Round ligament pain has returned as well, “yay”. My fingers are still swollen, which is really annoying. I have decided to leave my rings on when taking a shower (I’d usually take them off, but it’s such a PIA now).

Weight gain: currently I’m moving around between 170 pounds and 172 pounds, which means an average weight gain of 26 pounds so far, with 8 more weeks to go. Not bad! I really have a hard time cutting back on the ice cream, ugh! And I need to eat more around lunch time. Drinking has been difficult again too, as it’s not hot enough outside anymore to make me drink more. All things considered though, I’m rather proud of my drinking water throughout this pregnancy. I’d be lucky to get 10 fl oz a day pre-pregnancy, while now I get at least 40, often 50, and when it’s really hot I get around 60-70, on rare occasions even 80 fl oz. I know, I know, it’s still on the low side–but put in contrast pre-pregnancy vs. now I think I’m doing damn well. And my urine is mostly very light, sometimes even clear, so there!

Well, I guess that’s all for this week. See ya next week.

My preggo belly at 31 weeks 2 days:


31 weeks – less than 10 weeks left!

Sue cuddling up next to Mommy

We are now counting down in the single digits! Only 9 more weeks until we meet our sweet daughter! I’m so thrilled, I’m beyond excited. Time has gone by so fast this summer! I only hope it will continue to.

Things are changing fast for Savina as well. My belly has been itchy this week again, which means it’s expanding some more. Yesterday our little girl was close to the surface and I was able to feel her body quite well when trying to feel out her position! I still can’t 100% determine what’s what, but there was a firmness, and two bulges. So I’m sure I felt both her head and her tushie. Since she’s usually much lower than where I felt her, she either moved or I’m misinterpreting what I felt. She did get hiccups yesterday, and they were rather low, so she must be head down still! Yay. I’ve been feeling her hiccup more often now, probably because she’s getting bigger.

I forgot to mention last week, for the first (and so far only) time I felt her kicks all the way up at the top of my uterus. That was about 2 weeks ago though. I doubt I’ll feel her there again if she remains head down. It also sometimes feels like she’s pushing up against my ribs now. Her movements are becoming even more pronounced. It’s difficult to describe, but instead of just feeling “something” knock against the wall of my belly, her moves now feel like there is an actual being inside me, with limbs reaching out and turning around and moving about. If you’re a mommy, you know what I mean. If you’re not a mommy, I’m sorry I can’t put it into words any better than I have! I do believe though that later on it might get so pronounced I may actually be able to figure out whether what I’m feeling is her leg moving or her arm. Who knows! Right now I’m just enjoying feeling her on a regular basis. I’m going to miss that so much!

When I lie down flat on my back to count her kicks (sometimes I do it in a sitting position), I can totally see my belly being oddly lopsided. It’s hilarious really. Most times my belly is really high on the right and much lower on the left side. Sometimes my bottom belly is like a mountain and my upper belly the valley. And then there are times I can just watch my belly shift around from mountain-valley to right side up and back lol.  I never have a camera nearby. I really need to learn moving around with my camera haha. Also recently, when she kicks, sometimes my entire upper body shakes like an earth quake! It’s a really funny feeling and experience, having your whole body tremble for a second.

Sometimes Peter tries to make Savina move around — it’s really cute, he’s such a sweet daddy already. Often Savina actually responds to him (rather than to me lol). One day this past week he was resting his head on my belly, enticing her to move, talking to her. And what does Savina do?

—— she kicks him in the ear!! hahaha

How’s the mommy-to-be? I haven’t had any leg cramps this week yay!! My weight has remained steady, I’m still between 169 and 171 pounds, with an overall average weight gain of 25 pounds. I had serious shoulder pain on my left shoulder in the past week. Naturally, every new ache sends warning signals to my brain, saying oh no what’s wrong with my baby? Of course nothing is! If I wasn’t pregnant, and especially if I hadn’t miscarried before, I’d not have thought about it twice that I might just have pulled a muscle somehow. But things are different now. My shoulder got better a day later and was fine the second day after it started. I really had just pulled a muscle somehow.

Yesterday morning I was “blessed” with some really nasty backpain. I couldn’t sit, lie, stand. Whatever position I was in, it hurt badly. Since I won’t take pain medication (and some are not recommended in pregnancy anyhow), I decided to attempt a little experiment. I haven’t practiced my hypnobirthing relaxations in quite some time — I just haven’t gotten around to it! I really need to do it more regularly, especially now getting so close, or else I’ll lose what I learned. Anyway, I figured, let’s go and practice hypnobirthing relaxation. That’s supposed to help with contractions, right? It’s supposed to help with pain in general. So I turned on the CD, sat down in a tailor seat on my couch and closed my eyes. And wouldn’t you know it, about 1/4 through the hour of relaxation practice my back pain subsided! How awesome! It didn’t completely go away but it became managable. This really inspired me to continue practicing, so I can go into such relaxation without the CD playing. After the CD was finished, and I returned to my conscious self, the pain got a little stronger again. So I lied down, turned on my right side and relaxed some more. I think I actually fell into a superficial sleep. I must have snoozed for about 30 min. After I woke up, the pain was completely gone and did not return. Yay me for pracitcing relaxation when my body really needed it!

A couple days ago Savina got to enjoy a really healthy meal: fresh salad featuring home grown lettuce and cucumber. Check out the picture, it was delicious!

Yesterday I met with my friend Theresa and her lovely daughter and son. We talked about the mural she’s going to paint in Savina’s room. Theresa, you’re amazing, your drawings are so beautiful! Those flowers you sent along last night just blew me away!! If you can get them just like that on the wall–wow! Thank you soooooo much for doing this! ❤

Below are pictures of my ever growing belly at 30 weeks 2 days.

Next week’s update will (hopefully) include a special photo feature, as we’re having our professional maternity pictures done this Saturday, so make sure to check out next week’s journal entry.

can’t wait to hold my little girl

love you so much, Savina!


30 weeks and baby is growing

We’ve reached the big three! Only 10 weeks, or 70 days, to go! That number seems a lot more managable. Slowly but surely I’m starting to get the feeling of “need to get this all done and ready!” — after all, baby could arrive early. We’re getting there, slowly. I’ll feel a lot better when we got most of the little things Savina is going to need. At least almost all the big things are out of the way. We just picked up a rocking chair this weekend. Decked out with a 20% off coupon and tax-free weekend, we got a $200 chair w/ ottoman at $160. Very cool. And it’s so comfy! I now sit in it and rock when I read. I’ve noticed Savina starting to kick/move as I rock, but it may just be coincidence, since so far it’s been after workout every time. We’ve also finally found a convenient way to hang Savina’s clothes instead of folding them. Since DH is still in need of a closet for his own clothes (he currently occupies the nursery closet and will until the basement closet is done), we needed a solution for where to put Savina’s clothes. I didn’t want to fold them all and use up the limited amount of drawer space we have in the room–especially don’t really want to fold her cute dresses! So we took out one of the boards of the shelf we’re using in her nursery, and added a bar to the top shelf. The board we took out will serve as a small shelf under the window. Check out the picture. The board is currently leaning against where it will be placed.

nursery is coming together
click to enlarge photo

So what is our little one doing? Let me tell you, she’s growing–like crazy. Thursday last week her movement quieted down a lot (considering she was mega-active 3-4 days before). Saturday she broke her own record in how long it took me to feel her kick 10 times. Sunday morning I woke up around 6 am (about an hour/hour and a half earlier than usual) and I was starving! That was the first time in this pregnancy I actually was so hungry that I seriously considered having an early snack. I drank some water, hoping that would help, but it didn’t. Finally, a half hour or so later, I got up and grabbed some grapes from the fridge. Those helped, but not for long. I eventually decided to just get up (that was around 7 am), since I couldn’t sleep anymore anyhow. I grabbed a larger bunch of grapes and sat down in the office. About a half hour later I had my usual breakfast. Boy, that didn’t keep me filled for long!! I then ate (yep, I sinned lol) a chocolate croissant long before lunch, and it didn’t take long for me to go hungry again. I swear I was eating all day and I was hungry all day regardless! My belly just wouldn’t stop making noise, no matter what I ate! Sunday night, while doing my kick counts, it took me 15 min. to get Savina to wake up enough to feel the first of the 10 kicks I need to count. She broke her record in laziness again on Monday, but has since increased in activity again. Well, if that wasn’t a growth spurt, I wouldn’t know what it was lol – mega hunger plus mega inactivity = definitely baby growing like crazy.

Savina’s movements have changed a little overall as well. I’m now feeling her move around a lot more than getting actual kicks. I mean, kicks haven’t slowed down or anything, but her other movements are catching up big time! Also, her movements and kicks are getting more pronounced. Sometimes they almost hurt! And I still love it lol. I was visiting a friend a little while ago, and she totally cracked me up, when she titled the move I described in an earlier blog post. Remember, when Savina was moving around my belly button like an alien? She called it–and it fits perfect–the doughnut move! Hahaha!! One night during this past week I got another cool, funny looking move from Savina, and of course Peter missed it again. I can only describe it through the title I gave it: the bubble bath move. I swear, for just a few seconds my belly looked like an active bubble bath!! Can you imagine?! Where’s that camera when I need it??

How is this mommy-to-be doing otherwise? Well, it seems I get these lovely leg cramps I talked about earlier once a week now… It’s been three weeks, and I’ve had one every week–this week included. Ugh! I hold strong against it, pulling my foot toward me as hard as I can. That keeps away the pain somewhat, but doesn’t release the cramp. When the cramp finally stops, it feels so funny as the foot moves closer more easily towards me as the muscle relaxes.

My BH contractions seem to be getting slightly stronger every now and then. I can’t say they hurt, cuz they don’t, but every now and then one of them is now feeling slightly uncomfortable.

My fingers are going through some swelling experiences. Well, at first I thought it was the weather. You know, the heat, the humidity. My fingers always swell a little in the summer–I think everyone’s do. And this was, as far as I can tell, the most humid summer I’ve experienced since moving to Cape Cod, so I wasn’t too surprised to find them swelling a bit more than usual. But recently I’m getting the feeling that it’s more than just the weather. Some rings (those on my thumbs) I can barely get off anymore. Maybe my fingers are just getting fat lol. No, seriously, I think that’s another one of those pregnancy feats. My midwife asks me at every appointment if I’m experiencing any swelling. So far my answer has always been ‘no’ but this time I might have to say ‘yes.’ I now also notice that when I flex my fingers, they turn slightly pale, and get those red borders, you know like when you cut of blood vessels. And it’s not comfortable. Be interesting to see what my midwife advises when I see her tomorrow–so excited to see my midwife!

I’ve been getting tired during the days lately. I was spared in the first trimester, but I guess now, in the third, I get more fatigued. Yesterday I slept from 2-3pm.

Weight gain: I gained 1 pound this past week. I’m now at 171 pounds, but still more in the 169/170 area during the rest of last week. Average overall weight gain is at 25 pounds. (and still no stretch marks, yay!)

Piercing–that dreaded thing just doesn’t want to heal. I have given up the salt soaks. It was getting annoying, and it wasn’t helping as much as I was hoping it would. No wonder, every time it heals a little, the skin stretches more and breaks open again around the piercing. So now I’ve decided to wear my flexible maternity piercing during the day, and the regular one at night. I guess I’ll have to wait for it to heal after giving birth. I’m definitely not giving up on my piercing, unless I absolutely completely have to.

This week’s update is getting long, sorry! There’s just one more thing I want to say. One of the many many reasons I love my husband so much: He is such a caring, sweet person! Since we emptied the spare bedroom to turn it into a nursery, we had to move everything into the basement, as you know. That includes my treadmill. Peter is so sweet and worried–I now have to report to him whenever I go down there to exercise, and then when I’m done and back upstairs, just so he’s reassured I’m well and didn’t have an accident down there, unable to get myself up. ❤

Here are my belly pics for 29 weeks and 2 days:

(click to enlarge)

grow baby grow 🙂

I still don’t really feel all that big

29 weeks

nursery in the works
(click to enlarge)

We’re moving along. The nursery is fully painted in light blue–it looks beautiful. I can’t wait to see what the mural will look like.

Savina has been very active some days and rather quiet on others. Yesterday she must have had a blast. She was dancing around all night during the writers conference, which I have to say has been fantastic so far! I highly recommend it for every writer. My session with the agent was a lot of help in improving my novel. I will not go into any more detail here about the conference, as that’s not what this blog is about. I will mention one last thing though, because it is related to pregnancy. For the first time, complete strangers have asked me about my pregnancy! How does that make me feel? Excited and proud I dare say. Writers truly are most open and friendly people.

Back to our sweetie, our baby girl. Our midwife believes that she’s currently head down, on my right side, but it’s still very difficult to feel out. Hopefully we’ll be able to feel her better next week. Savina is getting better at our flash light game–last time we played she immediately found the light and kicked it every time I moved it (and I moved it rather fast on her!).

I’ve been having another one of those leg cramps–ugh! I’m trying to be careful when I stretch in the mornings, but it’s difficult sometimes. And that one happened in the middle of the night. Obviously I was too sleepy to pay much attention to how I was stretching.

My weight has been funny this past week. I lost 1.5 pounds over night some time last week, so my weight gain this week is going to look a bit excessive this week, since it grew every day ever since that weight loss. As of this morning I’m up to the big one seven oh, yep that’s right 170 pounds, which is a 25 pound weight gain overall so far, if taking that highest number instead of the average of the week – which is rather difficult this week. I’m expecting it to go back down a little bit or at least stay there for a while. 5 pounds of weight gain in one week is a lot, but without the previous weight loss it would only be 3.5 pounds of gain. I’m also eating a little bit different due to the convention, and haven’t found the time to work out, so that adds to the gain.

My piercing is still healing or trying to anyway. I’m doing salt soaks twice a day, three times usually, but with the writers convention going on, I can’t get that third one in. My maternity piercing had some issues staying together, so I had to send part of it back (they suggested I keep everything except the pacifier that dangles from the bottom, because the ball wouldn’t thread on and stay on anymore for some reason!). They sent back a complete piercing. I just want to say this online store has amazing customer service and great products. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for Maternity Piercings

This week my update is falling a little short because I’m so busy with the conference.

My pregnant belly at 28 weeks and 2 days:

This is not a maternity shirt btw. It’s a body cover for the beach, but it works perfectly well. I love it!

(click to enlarge)

little Savina is making room for herself

hi there, baby

28 weeks and a playful baby

We’re getting closer to the single digits with every week passing. How exciting!

basement and nursery in the works 🙂
(click to enlarge)

Peter has finished the floor in the basement gym, so we were able to move all our stuff from the extra bedroom down there, to make room for the nursery. Sunday we set up Savina’s crib with changing table and her new bureau. Now it’s covered up and protected because we’re painting the room. It will get a very light blue as base color, and a beautiful mural in some parts of the room. Thank you so much Theresa, what a wonderful gift!

Our maternity photo session has been moved to the 25 of August, since I’ll be barely 30 weeks on the weekend of Aug 11/12. I’m curious how that’s all going to turn out! I finally got my body pillow and it’s been a wonderful help to get a restful sleep without back pain!

Yesterday baby Savina and I met with our wonderful midwife and her backup midwife. We all had a great time! Everything checked out great. Savina’s heartrate was 147/148 bpm. Fundal height was 27.5 cm – right on! On the weekend, or Monday, Savina decided she wanted to play. Oh my gosh, it was soooo awesome! Unfortunately Peter missed half the fun, since he was busy in the bathroom when Savina became playful. First, she raised my belly by probably 1/2-1 inch in one spot, and, with the belly raised, she moved around my belly button in a well drawn circle. I was totally cracking up!! It looked like something from some alien movie haha. She did that twice–Peter missed them both. But a little later I tried to play hide and seek with her again, with Peter watching. I held the flashlight to my belly, and Savina kicked right on target! Then I moved it around, and she moved towards it, trying to catch it. I tapped it every time she was slightly off-target, and every time she’d get just a little closer to the light, until she finally found and kicked it! It was so much fun.

Yesterday, looking in the mirror, I saw that my skin has stretched so much that I can totally see huuuuuge veins running all over my belly – wow! haha. But no stretch marks yet–I suppose that oil my midwife made for me is working! Thank you so much, Becca!

I think that’s all for this week. Thanks for reading, and see you next week!

My belly at 27 weeks and 2 days:

(click to enlarge)

27 weeks and 2 days

27 weeks and 2 days