27 weeks – the third trimester!

Woooohooo, yes, yippiiiiiiieeeee, oh my gosh! We’re starting the third trimester!! Not too long now until I hold our little baby girl in my arms! Would I have thought, back in February, that we would come this far? No, maybe not. I hoped, but was too scared to believe it! Only 10 weeks to term, only 13 weeks for the complete 40 week mark! I’m so ecstatic. Every week that goes by gets me more excited!

Now, at 27 weeks, I’m starting to do kick counts to monitor the well-being of little Savina. That will be interesting. I’ve already started belly mapping this week. It’s so much fun. I was able to feel her out one time. She was all on my right side. I could feel something firm and a bulge. But since that first time it’s been difficult to locate her. The first time, when she was all on my right, she was also kicking on the right – which I thought was odd. But since this weekend she’s been mostly kicking on the left now. I feel her wiggling in my lower abdomen and see and feel her kicks higher up, yay. Yesterday she kicked in the right again though and this  morning I felt her all over my tummy. I guess she likes moving around 🙂

Yesterday I picked up some fabrics for our photoshoot. So exciting. This past weekend we bought our baby’s stroller! I love it already lol

Savina’s stroller 🙂

Peter put the first coat of urethane down on the floor in the basement. By the end of this week we’re hoping to have the floor done (needs 3 coats), and move all the stuff from the nursery down there! I can’t wait to see that room empty and Savina’s crib and bureau set up!

What else is happening? Well, my belly button–let me tell you! It’s virtually disappearing!! When I sit in a reclined position, I can now see the bottom of my belly button without doing anything! Aaaah. I hope I won’t get an outie!

I’ve had cramps in my abdomen yesterday, a little stronger than what I usually get. And this morning I had the most nightmarish leg cramp ever! It didn’t even hurt all that much, it was more scary than painful. I usually stretch my leg when I get a leg cramp, to relax the muscle. Well, I couldn’t, this morning. My leg would not bend! I don’t know how else to describe it, other than my leg was like a piece of wood, unwilling to soften. I sat straight up in my bed, scared out of my mind, trying to do anything to get that leg to relax. After it finally did, I could still feel the remnance of the cramp, especially when I raised my foot, toes towards me.

Weight gain–I’ve been doing pretty good this month so far. This week I’m between 166 and 168. Average weight gain so far is 22 pounds. With 13 weeks to go, I’m still good. At the upper end of the suggested weight gain. I think I will start cutting down on some of the little treats I’ve been allowing myself over the past months. You hear me, love? No more ice cream every night lol

Here are my belly pics for 26 weeks and 2 days:

(click to enlarge)

I look a little smaller in this shirt compared to the others

say “hi” to the world, Savina 🙂


4 comments on “27 weeks – the third trimester!

  1. Maccabros says:

    the stroller is cute and you´re looking very well, pardon – you both… 🙂

  2. Elias Bistline says:

    Too much sprinting and running around can cause leg cramps but leg cramps is usually worst if you are swimming for long periods of time. ;

    Most interesting write-up on our own internet page

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