25 weeks

working on the gym floor

Another week goes by. Ever since the start of June time has just flown by. Peter is hard at work in the basement. He finished putting down the flooring for the gym. It’s getting so exciting. Saturday we picked up the bureau for the nursery, but we haven’t put it together yet. There is still no room to put it, and there won’t be until we can put furniture down in the basement.After picking up the bureau and having some dinner, we went to a friend’s party. Thanks again, Joanne, for inviting us. This party was great! I sure had a lot of fun. Monday I met up with Robyn, seeing her in person for the first time. Can’t wait for Savina and Sean to meet outside our wombs 🙂 I had a great time with Robyn, and the food at the café we went to for lunch was delicious. Pregnancy can be a funny thing. When Robyn suggested to have some lunch, I thought yea, we should get some food in our bellies, but I wasn’t all that hungry. The moment I sat in the car, I was starving! Wow. My belly started grumbling, just like that, from one minute to the next. Pregnancy really is an exciting ride.

Savina had been rather quiet that day, but in the evening as Peter and I watched a movie, she started getting busy! She actually moved around so much, I placed his hand on my belly. Remember, he only felt her once, and wasn’t even 100% sure at the time. Well, her kicks had felt rather weak that night, but when Peter’s hand was on my belly, she gave us a good hard kick! So cool. And Peter definitely felt that. Yay 🙂

Our babygirl has quiet days and busy days at the moment. I can rarely feel her one day and then she throws a party the next. I’m so addicted to feeling her, I’d love her to just keep kicking all day haha.

I’ve finished reading the book about hypnobirthing and I continuously, although not regularely, practice slow breathing and relaxation. I was quite amazed when my hands went numb during one of my relaxations. The lady on the CD says things like “as you feel the tingling in your hands and feet” and I’m thinking, what tingling? But yea, this time I felt it as my hands went numb! My feet didn’t go numb but began to tingle also. Maybe with more practice I’ll be able to bring on this deep relaxation much quicker. That would be so awesome and helpful during birthing. I also like how they get away from negative associations and try to be more positive in their wording, such as a contraction not being called a contraction, it’s a uterine surge. That has quite a different ring to it, doesn’t it?

What else is new? Well, let’s see, we’ve set a tentative date for our maternity photo session. It will be on the weekend of August 11/12 unless anything changes. My scale is being funky these days. One day this week it showed me 154 pounds, and I’m like no way! I move it around on the floor a little and then it says 168 pounds. I move it around a bit more and it jumps around in the fifties and sixties, until finally settling at 165. I changed the batteries but that didn’t seem to help. This morning it showed 163. I get down and go back on it, and it shows 165.8, one more time and it shows 165.4. Welllllll… whatever, right? I’d say I’m at an average weight gain of 20 pounds, and I got another 15 weeks to go. If I stay at gaining 1 pound a week, I’ll be at the upper end of the recommended weight gain.

And we are going to see our lovely midwife later today, which Savina and I are very excited about 🙂

Okay, this chirping noise from our battery backup for the router is driving me nuts right now. So here are my belly pics at 24 weeks 2 days:

(click to enlarge)

hi there baby


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  1. Maccabros says:

    step by step its getting better… 🙂

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