24 weeks – viability!

Last week I announced that this week is going to be another milestone. This is it: viability. If Savina decided she wants to enter our world right now, she’d have a 50% chance of survival! So far I’ve not gotten any danger signs of her wanting to come out early though, so I’m confident. She’s good and snug inside, hopefully not too snug to go past 42 weeks!

Last week I’ve had a nasty itch on the ball of my thumb (left hand). There was no reddening or anything to be seen but I could scratch it as much as I wanted, it wouldn’t ease up! This has finally disappeared. I’ve also had more tailbone pain that got worse and worse, so weekend before last we picked up a special pillow for my seat. It’s designed for a wheel chair but fits my desk chair perfectly well. It’s made to help ease tailbone pain, and it works wonderfully! Haven’t had any problems to speak of since I started using that pillow. Instead, lower backpain seems to enjoy taking my tailbone-pain’s place. I know I’m supposed to keep good posture to help baby get in the proper position for birth eventually, but sometimes I just have to lounge to ease my backpain.

Yesterday was a nice sun-day and I’m finally getting some color, yay! One of these days I’ll find a tanning lotion that does not discolor/stain my clothes… it’s ridiculous how they all do it, and many of them even warn you about that on the details in the back. Who would use something like that and risk ruining their clothes?! And honestly, I’ve never come across that problem in Germany–you Americans are just way weird with some of the stuff you sell.

preparing to put that wood down 🙂

Peter has been able to work in the basement a little bit, wooohooo! He began putting down the flooring in the gym. It’s starting to look great! Give this man some applause for the hard work 🙂 One day soon we’ll be able to empty the nursery and make room for our crib and other baby stuff. I’m so excited! I’m starting my seventh month of pregnancy tomorrow–getting so close, yea!!

There is an old wives tale that says if you’re clumsier than usual, you’re having a girl. In the first roughly 20 weeks I’ve not experienced that problem at all, but ever since I was half way through my pregnancy, I keep getting clumsier and clumsier! It’s funny sometimes, and really annoying at other times. I don’t think it really has anything to do with the gender of your baby though. There have been some medical explanations for that clumsiness:

What causes this clumsiness?

You’re carrying more weight than you’re used to, and your center of gravity shifts as your uterus grows. Add to that hormonal changes that cause ligaments in your pelvis, your knees, and other joints to loosen, and it’s no surprise that your posture changes and your sense of balance worsens. Loss of abdominal strength and swelling in your feet and legs may also play a role.

You may find you’re feeling clumsier in other ways, too. The hormonal changes that affect large joints like your knees may also affect smaller joints, like your fingers. What’s more, fluid retention during pregnancy may put pressure on the nerves to your hands, leading to finger pain, tingling, and numbness, and with it, likely a decline in dexterity.

Taken from Babycenter.com

It’s those little things like trying to take something somewhere and it slips right out of your hand. One day I tried to close my waterbottle and it fell right over, spilling water across my desk (including my mouse, ugh!). When it’s not funny, it makes you feel really helpless. You feel like you did everything right, did everything you could, yet you failed. A horrible feeling! The good thing about all that is, when my baby/toddler makes a mess, I know not to get mad, because I know what it feels like to mess up while doing everything I could to get it right, my fingers just won’t cooperate and there’s nothing I can do about it – like closing a waterbottle and somehow managing to knock it over in the process!!

Most of you have already seen my baby girl kick, as I posted the youtube video link on facebook for my friends and family to see. Those who have not yet seen it, can click here:

Savina kicks

Please leave a comment to the video 🙂

That video was shot last Wednesday. Savina was having a party in my belly that day!! My eyes could definitely see a lot more than the video is able to display. Since then, Savina has slowed down again *sigh* I do feel her pretty much every day, but not a lot. Some days I hardly feel her at all.

Mommy update: some more cramps, but really not many–I could probably count them on one hand. More BH contractions. My stool has been better since I’ve been drinking apple juice–I thought that was quite interesting. I hadn’t been digesting very much lately, and that apple juice seems to help it. Not that it was uncomfortable or painful or anything, it was just making my scale sky-rocket lol While we’re at it–>weight gain. Jeez, I’d gained 4-5 pounds week before this past one. Remember how I said it was going all over the place, so it was hard to determine average weight gain that week? Well, it has finally balanced out, and I have to say I’m very happy I haven’t, for the first time in months!!!, gained a single pound this week! Overall average weight gain so far: 19 pounds (wow!!).

Baby spotlight: Savina measures about 8.3 inches crown to rump. She weighs approximately 1.1-1.3 pounds and is now putting on baby fat. Our baby girl has developed a hand grip reflex and a startle reflex.

Here are my belly pics for this week. Belly at 23 weeks and 2 days. The exposed-belly picture has a terrible angle, making me look all high and mighty–yikes! I love the other one though. I look as overwhelmingly happy and excited as I feel 🙂

(click to enlarge)

Hi there baby, love you so much!

guess that belly has really grown after all!


2 comments on “24 weeks – viability!

  1. Maccabros says:

    Applause for Peter and for you and the little girl – you´re doing very well…



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