27 weeks – the third trimester!

Woooohooo, yes, yippiiiiiiieeeee, oh my gosh! We’re starting the third trimester!! Not too long now until I hold our little baby girl in my arms! Would I have thought, back in February, that we would come this far? No, maybe not. I hoped, but was too scared to believe it! Only 10 weeks to term, only 13 weeks for the complete 40 week mark! I’m so ecstatic. Every week that goes by gets me more excited!

Now, at 27 weeks, I’m starting to do kick counts to monitor the well-being of little Savina. That will be interesting. I’ve already started belly mapping this week. It’s so much fun. I was able to feel her out one time. She was all on my right side. I could feel something firm and a bulge. But since that first time it’s been difficult to locate her. The first time, when she was all on my right, she was also kicking on the right – which I thought was odd. But since this weekend she’s been mostly kicking on the left now. I feel her wiggling in my lower abdomen and see and feel her kicks higher up, yay. Yesterday she kicked in the right again though and this  morning I felt her all over my tummy. I guess she likes moving around 🙂

Yesterday I picked up some fabrics for our photoshoot. So exciting. This past weekend we bought our baby’s stroller! I love it already lol

Savina’s stroller 🙂

Peter put the first coat of urethane down on the floor in the basement. By the end of this week we’re hoping to have the floor done (needs 3 coats), and move all the stuff from the nursery down there! I can’t wait to see that room empty and Savina’s crib and bureau set up!

What else is happening? Well, my belly button–let me tell you! It’s virtually disappearing!! When I sit in a reclined position, I can now see the bottom of my belly button without doing anything! Aaaah. I hope I won’t get an outie!

I’ve had cramps in my abdomen yesterday, a little stronger than what I usually get. And this morning I had the most nightmarish leg cramp ever! It didn’t even hurt all that much, it was more scary than painful. I usually stretch my leg when I get a leg cramp, to relax the muscle. Well, I couldn’t, this morning. My leg would not bend! I don’t know how else to describe it, other than my leg was like a piece of wood, unwilling to soften. I sat straight up in my bed, scared out of my mind, trying to do anything to get that leg to relax. After it finally did, I could still feel the remnance of the cramp, especially when I raised my foot, toes towards me.

Weight gain–I’ve been doing pretty good this month so far. This week I’m between 166 and 168. Average weight gain so far is 22 pounds. With 13 weeks to go, I’m still good. At the upper end of the suggested weight gain. I think I will start cutting down on some of the little treats I’ve been allowing myself over the past months. You hear me, love? No more ice cream every night lol

Here are my belly pics for 26 weeks and 2 days:

(click to enlarge)

I look a little smaller in this shirt compared to the others

say “hi” to the world, Savina 🙂


26 weeks – playing hide and seek with Savina

Sorry I’m late with this post this week. My photo-editing platform didn’t want to cooperate yesterday, so I gave up. I know, a lousy excuse 🙂

Soooo, 26 weeks!! Wooohoooo, getting so close! Only 97 days to go! Double digits! Wow! This summer is flying by. I’m so excited.

Last Wednesday we had our appointment with our wonderful midwife. It went very well. Everything checked out great. My uterus measured 25.5 cm, which is an amazing growth increase since our last appointment. Rule of thumb is: as big as the number of weeks you are along, plus/minus 3. Last month I was a little bit in the “minus 3” range. This month I measure +0.5–my uterus has grown a lot in a month 🙂 You can tell by comparing some of those belly pics, too. I think towards the end of my pregnancy, I may do a collection of monthly pics to compare, quite like I did with the first few weeks belly pics.

Savina’s heart rate ranged in the 130s and 140s, and our midwife saw her kick for the first time. So nice of Savina to do that for her. She sleeps a lot lately, so I was positively surprised to see such a strong visible kick last week. Also, Savina has been very low most of the time, but her kick for our midwife was nice and high in comparison.

A couple days ago, Savina and I played a little bit of hide and seek. So much fun! I must have got her on a good day, because after that she didn’t “come out” to play anymore haha. I took a flashlight and held it up to my belly. I moved it around a little at first, then stopped at one point and gently pushed down three times. Immediately following that, Savina did a very quick series of three kicks right underneath the flashlight!! She’s never kicked three times in a row quickly like that before. How amazing! 😀 She must have had fun haha. The kicks were rather high up too – I was trying to lure her out because she is kicking so low lately that most of the time I can’t even see it. So I guess, she literally “came out” to play hide and seek with mommy 🙂 The rest of the time she seems to live around my bladder and use that as a punching ball recently.

Yesterday I picked up a new two piece bikini, a nice shirt (that I can use as a throw)–now I can’t wait to get to the beach haha–and a super-cute dress for Savina. I just couldn’t resist. It’s a 9mo size, perfect for next summer.

Mommy update: Feeling great apart from the occasional cramps. Getting a lot of BH contractions, but they don’t bother me at all, and they are very irregular. Weight gain: geez this week I jumped all over the place again, between 164 and 167. I’d say average weight gain still 20 pounds (until I get a more steady weight on my chart). I’ve had some fun with my piercing recently. For those of you who don’t know: When I turned 18 (almost 11 years ago), I got myself a belly piercing as a birthday gift. I’ve never needed to take any great care of it. It healed perfectly well after getting pierced and I haven’t needed to care for it since (you know, sanitizing and such). I know, I know, some people will say baaaaad Elli! But really, my piercing was fine. Up until a week or so ago. I noticed it had gotten red, and a little irritated. There was not much room left either, as the skin stretched so much around it. So I finally switched to my super-comfy, bendy maternity piercing with this cute pacifier dangling from it. I was hoping that would do the trick, but it didn’t. It wouldn’t heal up. So I researched a little and found out that, especially when you moisterize your skin, the piercing needs to be sanitized regularely. I’d been oiling my skin for months now, and of course the piercing rubbed it right in, moving up and down. Leaving that untouched was not a good idea. I put my smaller, regular, piercing back in, because the maternity slides more of course, as it is larger. I now do salt soaks twice a day to help it heal and I think it’s already getting much better. I also have to, unfortunately, return the pacifier part of the maternity piercing, because the ball that screws on the bottom seems to be defective. It kept coming off no matter what I tried.

Baby spotlight: Savina measures about 9 inches (about the length of a small pineapple) and weighs almost two pounds. Her eyebrows and eyelashes are well formed now. Her eyes are fully developed and will soon open for the first time! Her tiny finger-and footprints are forming, awwww. She is starting to use her lungs to mimic breathing!

Mommy’s belly at 25 weeks and 2 days:

(click to enlarge)

can’t wait for your arrival, sweetie!

keep growing little one 🙂

25 weeks

working on the gym floor

Another week goes by. Ever since the start of June time has just flown by. Peter is hard at work in the basement. He finished putting down the flooring for the gym. It’s getting so exciting. Saturday we picked up the bureau for the nursery, but we haven’t put it together yet. There is still no room to put it, and there won’t be until we can put furniture down in the basement.After picking up the bureau and having some dinner, we went to a friend’s party. Thanks again, Joanne, for inviting us. This party was great! I sure had a lot of fun. Monday I met up with Robyn, seeing her in person for the first time. Can’t wait for Savina and Sean to meet outside our wombs 🙂 I had a great time with Robyn, and the food at the café we went to for lunch was delicious. Pregnancy can be a funny thing. When Robyn suggested to have some lunch, I thought yea, we should get some food in our bellies, but I wasn’t all that hungry. The moment I sat in the car, I was starving! Wow. My belly started grumbling, just like that, from one minute to the next. Pregnancy really is an exciting ride.

Savina had been rather quiet that day, but in the evening as Peter and I watched a movie, she started getting busy! She actually moved around so much, I placed his hand on my belly. Remember, he only felt her once, and wasn’t even 100% sure at the time. Well, her kicks had felt rather weak that night, but when Peter’s hand was on my belly, she gave us a good hard kick! So cool. And Peter definitely felt that. Yay 🙂

Our babygirl has quiet days and busy days at the moment. I can rarely feel her one day and then she throws a party the next. I’m so addicted to feeling her, I’d love her to just keep kicking all day haha.

I’ve finished reading the book about hypnobirthing and I continuously, although not regularely, practice slow breathing and relaxation. I was quite amazed when my hands went numb during one of my relaxations. The lady on the CD says things like “as you feel the tingling in your hands and feet” and I’m thinking, what tingling? But yea, this time I felt it as my hands went numb! My feet didn’t go numb but began to tingle also. Maybe with more practice I’ll be able to bring on this deep relaxation much quicker. That would be so awesome and helpful during birthing. I also like how they get away from negative associations and try to be more positive in their wording, such as a contraction not being called a contraction, it’s a uterine surge. That has quite a different ring to it, doesn’t it?

What else is new? Well, let’s see, we’ve set a tentative date for our maternity photo session. It will be on the weekend of August 11/12 unless anything changes. My scale is being funky these days. One day this week it showed me 154 pounds, and I’m like no way! I move it around on the floor a little and then it says 168 pounds. I move it around a bit more and it jumps around in the fifties and sixties, until finally settling at 165. I changed the batteries but that didn’t seem to help. This morning it showed 163. I get down and go back on it, and it shows 165.8, one more time and it shows 165.4. Welllllll… whatever, right? I’d say I’m at an average weight gain of 20 pounds, and I got another 15 weeks to go. If I stay at gaining 1 pound a week, I’ll be at the upper end of the recommended weight gain.

And we are going to see our lovely midwife later today, which Savina and I are very excited about 🙂

Okay, this chirping noise from our battery backup for the router is driving me nuts right now. So here are my belly pics at 24 weeks 2 days:

(click to enlarge)

hi there baby

24 weeks – viability!

Last week I announced that this week is going to be another milestone. This is it: viability. If Savina decided she wants to enter our world right now, she’d have a 50% chance of survival! So far I’ve not gotten any danger signs of her wanting to come out early though, so I’m confident. She’s good and snug inside, hopefully not too snug to go past 42 weeks!

Last week I’ve had a nasty itch on the ball of my thumb (left hand). There was no reddening or anything to be seen but I could scratch it as much as I wanted, it wouldn’t ease up! This has finally disappeared. I’ve also had more tailbone pain that got worse and worse, so weekend before last we picked up a special pillow for my seat. It’s designed for a wheel chair but fits my desk chair perfectly well. It’s made to help ease tailbone pain, and it works wonderfully! Haven’t had any problems to speak of since I started using that pillow. Instead, lower backpain seems to enjoy taking my tailbone-pain’s place. I know I’m supposed to keep good posture to help baby get in the proper position for birth eventually, but sometimes I just have to lounge to ease my backpain.

Yesterday was a nice sun-day and I’m finally getting some color, yay! One of these days I’ll find a tanning lotion that does not discolor/stain my clothes… it’s ridiculous how they all do it, and many of them even warn you about that on the details in the back. Who would use something like that and risk ruining their clothes?! And honestly, I’ve never come across that problem in Germany–you Americans are just way weird with some of the stuff you sell.

preparing to put that wood down 🙂

Peter has been able to work in the basement a little bit, wooohooo! He began putting down the flooring in the gym. It’s starting to look great! Give this man some applause for the hard work 🙂 One day soon we’ll be able to empty the nursery and make room for our crib and other baby stuff. I’m so excited! I’m starting my seventh month of pregnancy tomorrow–getting so close, yea!!

There is an old wives tale that says if you’re clumsier than usual, you’re having a girl. In the first roughly 20 weeks I’ve not experienced that problem at all, but ever since I was half way through my pregnancy, I keep getting clumsier and clumsier! It’s funny sometimes, and really annoying at other times. I don’t think it really has anything to do with the gender of your baby though. There have been some medical explanations for that clumsiness:

What causes this clumsiness?

You’re carrying more weight than you’re used to, and your center of gravity shifts as your uterus grows. Add to that hormonal changes that cause ligaments in your pelvis, your knees, and other joints to loosen, and it’s no surprise that your posture changes and your sense of balance worsens. Loss of abdominal strength and swelling in your feet and legs may also play a role.

You may find you’re feeling clumsier in other ways, too. The hormonal changes that affect large joints like your knees may also affect smaller joints, like your fingers. What’s more, fluid retention during pregnancy may put pressure on the nerves to your hands, leading to finger pain, tingling, and numbness, and with it, likely a decline in dexterity.

Taken from Babycenter.com

It’s those little things like trying to take something somewhere and it slips right out of your hand. One day I tried to close my waterbottle and it fell right over, spilling water across my desk (including my mouse, ugh!). When it’s not funny, it makes you feel really helpless. You feel like you did everything right, did everything you could, yet you failed. A horrible feeling! The good thing about all that is, when my baby/toddler makes a mess, I know not to get mad, because I know what it feels like to mess up while doing everything I could to get it right, my fingers just won’t cooperate and there’s nothing I can do about it – like closing a waterbottle and somehow managing to knock it over in the process!!

Most of you have already seen my baby girl kick, as I posted the youtube video link on facebook for my friends and family to see. Those who have not yet seen it, can click here:

Savina kicks

Please leave a comment to the video 🙂

That video was shot last Wednesday. Savina was having a party in my belly that day!! My eyes could definitely see a lot more than the video is able to display. Since then, Savina has slowed down again *sigh* I do feel her pretty much every day, but not a lot. Some days I hardly feel her at all.

Mommy update: some more cramps, but really not many–I could probably count them on one hand. More BH contractions. My stool has been better since I’ve been drinking apple juice–I thought that was quite interesting. I hadn’t been digesting very much lately, and that apple juice seems to help it. Not that it was uncomfortable or painful or anything, it was just making my scale sky-rocket lol While we’re at it–>weight gain. Jeez, I’d gained 4-5 pounds week before this past one. Remember how I said it was going all over the place, so it was hard to determine average weight gain that week? Well, it has finally balanced out, and I have to say I’m very happy I haven’t, for the first time in months!!!, gained a single pound this week! Overall average weight gain so far: 19 pounds (wow!!).

Baby spotlight: Savina measures about 8.3 inches crown to rump. She weighs approximately 1.1-1.3 pounds and is now putting on baby fat. Our baby girl has developed a hand grip reflex and a startle reflex.

Here are my belly pics for this week. Belly at 23 weeks and 2 days. The exposed-belly picture has a terrible angle, making me look all high and mighty–yikes! I love the other one though. I look as overwhelmingly happy and excited as I feel 🙂

(click to enlarge)

Hi there baby, love you so much!

guess that belly has really grown after all!