22 weeks and an after-party surprise

What a busy week! Our sweet baby was rather quiet during the party on Saturday, but that could also have to do with me standing around all the time, since I feel our little one more easily when I sit than when I stand. Okay, let’s take a step back here and briefly talk about the ultrasound before I go on about the party.

We drove from the Cape up to Hanover, which is about an hour drive – it was totally worth it! I highly recommend A New Conception for any elective ultrasound you choose to get. For about $150 we got to see our little one in 2D and 3D/4D. We received a CD with over 40 images taken and a DVD with the complete session recorded and set to beautiful lullabies. We also received numerous printouts, a plush bear with the recording of our baby’s heartbeat and some other goodies.

The session itself was just too precious! As most of you already know, our baby is a sweet little baby girl! When I saw that word pop up on the ultrasound image, I almost cried! I was and am so happy! Not only did this make it more real, but I was overwhelmed by having my dream of having a daughter come true.

Hi Mommy, hi Daddy, I’m a girl!

Our precious baby girl smiling hello to us 🙂

Our little girl is a poser, too. When we first saw her on the ultrasound, she smiled at us. Sooo adorable!

She also showed us a sweet yawn, and then she pouted. She kept putting her toes in her eye–too funny! She also once stuck her tongue out! She eventually put her finger in her mouth, then she put it to her nose, then in her mouth again. In the end, she decided it was time to put all her fingers in her mouth! I couldn’t and can’t get over how cute she is!

We have named her Savina Celestiale. Her middle name means heavenly one which I think fits her perfectly well. This baby girl is definitely a blessing from heaven! Savina the heavenly one 🙂

After the ultrasound we went out to dinner. Then we went straight to Babies ‘R’ us. I just couldn’t resist buying her first clothes. Look at that, aren’t they just adorable?

Savina’s first set of clothes

so cute

Sorry they are sideways, they aren’t like that on my computer, but WordPress would crash my IE every time I tried to flip them back! Grrr.

So, Friday just before the party, I got an email from Babies ‘R’ us about a really good deal they were having that weekend. 25% off ANY crib, if you buy a mattress $125 or more. So worth it, considering we would have most likely chosen a mattress of that price anyway. So we went in and bought a crib. The one we originally had layed our eyes on was not available, but for the same price we got one that’s almost the same. It looks extremely similar to the one we had picked before, only that it is cherry instead of chocolate brown:

Savina’s crib

The crib should arrive within about a week. Can’t wait! We hadn’t originally planned to pick it up this early, but we saved $100 with this deal, so we couldn’t just let that go by. We have already picked out most of our items for Savina, too – definitely all the big stuff. The bedding theme is picked out (butterflies), a playard which will be her travel crib, a portable swing, a rocking bassinet, and a high chair. We also looked at some strollers and have a good idea which one we want, but we haven’t picked it out yet. The one thing we haven’t found yet is the rest of the nursery furniture, that is the bureaus. It’s hard to find anything under $200, so we are not sure what we’ll be able to get, if anything. The bureaus we have in the nursery right now should go in the basement living room–they just don’t fit with the rest of the nursery, in my opinion. Plus, we need them to store our own stuff.

Our Voting Board

So Saturday was the party. Everyone seemed very interested in my voting board with the list of old wives tales and how my pregnancy symptoms relate to them.

The food was great, although I hardly got to eat anything because I was too busy talking with everyone haha. Thank you Georgia, for the most delicious deviled eggs! Some guests brought by some first gifts for Savina. You really didn’t have to, but thank you so much! We love them!

It was really hard, by the way, not to use pronouns when referring to our baby, before we revealed the gender. Peter even called her a “him” once by accident and everyone thought he’d given it away haha, little did they know… People tend to not believe it when someone explains why they said or did something. They always think it was some kind of “freudian slip” or something. Well guess what: this time you were wrong. lol

Sooo, when it came time to open the pinata to reveal our baby’s gender, most guests became very shy! :p haha. Where were the kids when we needed them? Those that planned to come, cancelled. Well, kids, you missed out. Look at how much fun your mommies had opening that pinata:

getting ready to pull

It’s a girl! 🙂

After the party Peter and I relaxed and watched a movie. This is where the title of this blog post comes in. As we layed down to be entertained, our baby girl decided to take care of the entertainment for that afternoon. She started kicking. I have developed a habit of holding my hand on my belly when we watch tv, hoping when I feel her kick from the inside, I’ll also feel it from the outside. And there! I thought I felt something, so I quickly put Peter’s hand on my belly. Did you feel that?! I think so! Woooaaaa, yay! It was a fairly strong kick too. Peter wasn’t sure, but I’m pretty sure, as it was stronger than the one I felt just moments before from the outside. After that she kicked a few more times, but weaker, and Peter wasn’t sure if he was feeling her or his own pulse. We haven’t been able to feel her from the outside since. In fact, she’s been rather quiet since, except today – today she seems to be dancing around. 🙂 After those kicks I had another BH contraction. This time I could actually feel it coming on! wow. It wasn’t pain at all, I could just feel that huge muscle tensing. Quite the experience.

Okay, let’s talk nicknames: We’ve been calling our baby “bean” before we knew the gender. After we found out, Peter turned that into “beanette” haha, how cute. Ever after she became his “little princess” – not surprised there 🙂 … We also call her baby girl a lot. Just feels so good to call her that. I try to use her name a bit, so we all get used to it, and I think her nickname will be Vina. Also, for the first time since we found out our baby’s gender, Peter called her “my daughter” after the party. Wow, that sounded so amazing! What a miracle we’re creating!

All right, I just want to throw in a little something that has little to do with my pregnancy, but thought it was the weirdest thing. When I was making the German cherry cake for the party, as I opened one of the eggs, I found something I’d never seen before: Twin egg yolks!!! Omg, does that actually happen? Can you sometimes get two chicken babies from one egg? I couldn’t believe it when I saw it haha. Two little egg yolks cuddled together in that one egg shell, swimming in egg white! So what do we learn from that? Chickens can have twins too!! *** thank you Mary for correcting me, yolks don’t become chickens, they feed the chicken embryos*** So, I guess they aren’t twin chickens, they are twin chicken-feeders 😀

Okay, on to our weekly updates 🙂

Mommy update: On the day of the party (of course that day, couldn’t pick any other, could you?) the skin around my belly button started to really hurt. First I got a little scared and searched online for women experiencing the same. What they said makes sense: skin stretching! I put some oil on it and it helped. That belly is growing. Luckily I have not found any stretch marks yet – but my belly button is shrinking, I swear! Monday I felt Savina move around in my belly. You’ll think: nothing new. Right? Well, it wasn’t a kick this time. I actually felt her move around. Like something going from one part of my belly to another. It was an amazing feeling. Soooo, let’s talk weight gain – I’ve been bouncing between 159 and 161 this week. Average weight gain: 15 pounds.

Baby spotlight: Savina measures about 10 inches head to toe – not to be confused with the ~7.5 inches crown to rump. She should now be sleeping on a somewhat regular schedule. Not sure I’ve noticed that yet. I’ve been reading to her yesterday. My cat, Sue, joined us – lying down on my legs. At one time she put her paw on my belly and rested her head by her paw. She began purring like crazy, and then Savina kicked her haha. Sue didn’t seem to mind that at all.

Here are my belly pics for 21 weeks and 2 days:

(click to enlarge)




4 comments on “22 weeks and an after-party surprise

  1. Mary says:

    The yolk part is what feeds the baby chicken, not necessarily what -becomes- the baby chicken. The embryo in the egg is only really visible in a fertilized egg (not what you get at the store) and is the tiny thing hanging off the side of the yolk.
    Congratulations on your baby girl! Savina is a beautiful name.

    • Elli Comeau says:

      Didn’t know that! Learned something new, thanks 🙂
      I find that tiny thing you mention rather often in an egg, sometimes with blood.
      Still, what baby chicken needs two yolks to feed off of? lol It’s definitely something I’ve never seen in an egg before.

  2. Maccabros says:

    Its a girl and a nice name… 🙂 !

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