21 weeks – baby kicks and kicks and kicks

Hello there baby! Yep we got to see our little one in 3D/4D this past Saturday, and what a show it was! I’m not going to go into detail here before next Wednesday, because of the upcoming gender reveal party this Saturday. I’m so excited! And there is still so much to do to put it all together. I’ll give you a little “sneak peak” of what I’ve been working on:

  1. I’ve put up a gender voting board with all the old wives tales relating to gender in pregnancy including my answers to how my pregnancy relates to these tales, so you can make your own judgement depending on whether or not you believe in these “legends” that some women came up with a long time ago because they needed a reason for everything that was happening to them. Some say it’s the opposite of what those tales predict, while others find they have their answers all mixed throughout boy/girl which makes the tales hard to believe in because hey, so which of these tales are right and which ones are wrong? But it’s fun to check them out anyway.
  2. I’ve picked up a pinata that we’ll be filling with reveal-fun-stuff.
  3. I’ve got some “lottery” tickets for our very own private baby lottery – there’ll be only one winner with a gorgeous prize.
  4. You’ll get to leave some parenting tips in a displayed envelope, so be ready 🙂
  5. I’m not going too wild on decoration, but I think you’ll enjoy the gentle touch of baby we’re giving it.
  6. You’ll be seeing an image slide show as well as some prints in 2D and 3D, and get to listen to our baby’s heart beat.
  7. After the gender has been revealed, we’re going to play our (roughly 20 min.) 4D session. You’ll get to watch our baby move around, poke its eyes with its toes, put all its fingers in its mouth, smile, pout and more.

So how about that? Excited yet? I sure am!

At the Olive Garden, Sat. June 9

After our amazing ultrasound session, we went out to dinner to our favorite restaurant, the Olive Garden.

I’ll tell you what we did after that next Wednesday 🙂

Last Sunday we had a blast at our International Potluck event hosted by the German-American-Club of Cape Cod.

Sunday June 10

I had a lot of fun selling tombola tickets and helping during the draws.

Baby was very quiet that day – must have been rocked to sleep by my movements lol

Quite the opposite is true for today so far. Our little one has been playing circus in my tummy all morning until now, and still going.

A couple times now our baby figured it would be fun to kick my bladder! It goes like this: do I need to go to the bathroom? No. Then baby kicks. Suddenly I feel like I need to go to the bathroom. After the kick I don’t need to anymore. Also in the past week, I’ve seen my belly move! I was lying on the couch, just looking at my belly, hoping to feel some more kicks. You know, I could do that all day long haha! Suddenly boom! Something moves, visibly, under the skin of my belly! Woa, that was creepy, but so awesome too! Haven’t seen it happen ever since. I wish it would, so Peter can see it too – yes, I know, in time it will. I can’t wait to be able to share this experience with him. The reason Peter has not yet been able to feel baby move seems to be my anterior placenta – yep, found that out at the ultrasound. It also explains why it took me so long to feel first movements/kicks, and why early on it was so hard to find the heartbeat on the doppler. I hope the placenta moves soon. I’d love to feel baby’s kicks stronger!

for our angel

Yesterday I honored our lost baby, lost at 9 weeks 5 days on November 17, 2011. I feared it would be very hard on me, but actually it wasn’t all that bad. I think having seen our heaven-sent blessing just a few days earlier helped tremendously. Also, having our monthly midwife-appointment helped look beyond the past into the wonderful future. Nonetheless, it was a difficult time. When I wrote my poem for our little angel, I read it out loud to see if it sounds right, and if the rhythm is good–it was hard. I couldn’t get past the second stanza without pausing and shedding some tears.

always remembered

I’m grateful for all the experiences I make, good and bad, but there is nothing wrong with some healthy grieving. I know I should be happy and thankful for the little blessing growing inside me now, healthy and strong at 21 weeks – and I am- , but if I let go of that memory, I fear I will lose a little bit of myself, a little something I had to let go of and fly out into freedom. I don’t want to lose that little part of me, that memory, just because this amazing miracle we’d created can’t be physically close to me.

We saw our midwife that afternoon for monthly check-up. My uterus measured about 20 cm, which is perfectly good. Baby’s heart beat ranged from 148 bpm to 153 bpm, and we heard one kick. My midwife, once again, brought me some nice stuff to go through. DVDs and books, interesting stuff about baby, about breastfeeding, and about baby’s position in the uterus. My urine tested fine, and so did my blood pressure. My weight gain is definitely not as regular as in the first trimester. Baby seems to like growing more one week than another, I suppose. I’ve been ranging between 158 pounds and 160 pounds this week. Yup, the big one six o actually came up once. I’m not concerned about it, I just find it fascinating. I’ve gained an average of 14 pounds so far. Monday morning I experienced my first Braxton Hicks contractions. Up until a couple days prior, I didn’t even know they could be completely painless. I woke up in the morning, felt my belly, and thought, wow that tummy is hard this morning. I’m telling you – it was rock-hard! Only for a minute or two. Then it softened. I confirmed with my midwife yesterday that this was a BH contraction and absolutely nothing to worry about so long as it doesn’t last very long and does not come regularly. The uterus is a muscle, and that muscle is doing a ton of work right now.

Baby spotlight: Our little one’s eyebrows and lids are probably present now. Baby measures about 7.5 inches and weighs around 12.5-15 ounces. Grow baby grow! 🙂

Here are my belly pics for this week, taken at 20 weeks 2 days:

(click to enlarge)

20w2d pregnant

grow little one! 🙂


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  1. Maccabros says:

    kicks and kicks? Sounds like there is someone who like´s football, ok – soccer

    and – no one is forgotten…

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