19 weeks

Since my update last week, I’ve felt baby kick nearly every day. What an amazing feeling. Sometimes it feels like a muscle twitch, at other times it’s more like a knock. Sometimes closer to my lower abdomen, sometimes near my belly button. Sometimes light, sometimes stronger. I love that feeling when I’m standing. It’s like, hi mama, I’m having fun in here. It’ll be so exciting when Peter can finally feel it too.

Baby and I have been up to some things in the past week. We’ve been working out together, we’ve been car-hunting for uncle Stevie, we’ve listened to some lullabies, we’ve worked on baby’s knitted blanket, and we’ve been very creative. You know, I have the advantage of double-brainpower now haha. Well, that is except for the little moments of PB. We’ve also played some games together. Our little one is going to be such a game-geek lol.

So, other than that, a good day of Runebound, and a delicious, grilled meal baby and I enjoyed at grandma and pa’s place, not much has been going on this week. We’re still trying to figure out who our back-up midwife will be, so we can see her and then finally schedule the gender u/s. I can’t waaaaiiiit.

I guess my belly is growing bigger. I keep getting comments about it, although I don’t see it that much. I guess I just see myself too often. Well, I wonder what can be done about that…?! hah! My weight has been all over the place during the past week, so I can’t really tell how much I’ve gained. I have had the pleasure of experiencing another set of pains. I’m still getting round ligament pain every now and then, cramps have been there rather frequently, and recently been getting a little stronger. Added new to that is tailbone pain, which I don’t get often, but mostly if I sit for extended periods of time – and so, here’s a writer, not supposed to sit for too long, gaaah! It’s not an excruciating pain, but it’s there sometimes. Also, I’ve had some lower back pain once or twice.

Did I mention we got some more maternity clothes a while ago? They’re awesome. Soooo comfortable. I’ll probably need to get some more in another 2-4 weeks or so. So far some of my regular clothes still fit.

Not much more to say really. Here are my latest belly pics (18w2d):

click to enlarge.

18 weeks and 2 days. I love that shirt! 🙂

It’s getting roomy 🙂


2 comments on “19 weeks

  1. Marcia T. says:

    You look more and more beautiful with each passing week. Motherhood agrees with you! Love that shirt too! This is off topic but what kinda car is Uncle Steve getting? Hopefully one with plenty of room for a car seat!!!! Oh he’s gonna be a great uncle!

    • Elli Comeau says:

      Thanks Marcia! 🙂
      Yes, there’s plenty of room. I believe it’s a Hyundai. Don’t ask me what model – I’m so ignorant when it comes to that whole car stuff 😀

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