18 weeks and an excited baby

May 19, 2012All right, ladies and gentlemen, we’re two weeks away from the half mark in this pregnancy. How amazing!

I’m so excited to find out the gender of our baby soon. All the old wives tales, the chinese gender calender, as well as my guts say girl. That would be just soooo awesome because I want a girl so bad. Of course I’d be just as happy with a boy. The important part is that the baby is healthy.

Last Thursday we finally got to see our wonderful midwife again. Four weeks is really not a long time but it just feels like forever. So our midwife brought us some neat things last week. Some herbs to make a really healthy tea for baby and me, some reading material, DVDs, and a bodyoil, which she made herself, for my belly. I love it! It melts into oil as soon as it touches my skin, and it makes me smell like coconut for the rest of the day haha. Among the reading material was information about cordblood storing. Peter and I have already decided to do delayed cord-clamping, but we haven’t made up our minds 100% yet regarding cordblood collection/storage.

What is cordblood storage? Cord blood contains important stem cells that can be used to treat diseases. Scientists are still researching the effectiveness of using such cells in medical therapy. There have definitely been successes so far. Read this article and check out the videos on the website for some of the most amazing success stories: Success Stories Stem Cell Treatment. The blood is taken from the cord or placenta after the baby has been born and is stored for years at a special facility. This can be costly but just as rewarding. If your second child is born with or develops a serious problem, the cordblood from your first baby could just save your second baby’s life!

Also among the reading material our midwife brought was a book with CD about hypnobirthing. This may sound ridiculous to some but I believe this might help during labor and delivery. Some women have told me how it helped them. I was initially thinking about taking a hypnobirthing course, but we can’t really afford that, so this will be nice to try. Hypnobirthing basically helps you to hypnotize yourself while you give birth. You are more relaxed and can concentrate completely on what you need to do. Ultimately you should be able to go in and out of the hypnotic state as your body needs it.

Ooookay, let’s get to the most exciting part of last week’s meeting. My uterus measured 17cm, just as it should. Then we listened to baby’s heartbeat. It was at 140bpm and rose to 150bpm while listening. Our little bean was also very active, kicking and kicking and kicking nonstop 😀 I couldn’t yet feel any of those kicks unfortunately, but it’s good to know and to hear that baby is doing it, even if I can’t feel it! This time we recorded the heartbeat and kicks with my digital recorder. Check out this video to listen to our growing baby: Baby Heartbeat and Kicks. Sorry you have to click the link. I can’t put videos directly on my blog unless I pay for an upgrade. At about 8/9 sec. you can hear the first kick. You’ll continue to hear that kicking sound for a while!

Elli and Bean at the BeachWhat else did we do? Well I took baby on his or her very first beachwalk on Saturday. The weather was awesome and the beach was packed! 🙂

We had a lot of fun walking barefoot in the sand, watching kids play and dogs run around. We also found a dead bird in the sand. We threw some stones in the water (although they never went very far lol).

We munched on an egg-salad multigrain sandwich, a small bowl of peaches & cream (very refreshing – by Dole, try it), some grapes, and we got a taste of a cup of nice cold orange juice.

Yep, bean and I had a great time at the beach.

So what else is new? Well, let’s see. No more morning sickness, still urinating like a crazy person. Getting mild cramps and some round ligament pain every now and then. I’ve been bouncing between 152 and 154 pounds this past week, although on Monday it shot right up to 155 and has stayed there since. I’d say I’ve gained an average of 8-9 pounds so far. Of course I had a slight case of PB again yesterday. I wanted to turn on my speakers for my desktop computer and what did I do instead? — turned off my monitor! Yep, laugh – I sure did 😀

Here are the current belly pics, at 17 weeks 2 days:

not much growth this week, should pick up again soon

look at that little bean rounding out my belly haha


4 comments on “18 weeks and an excited baby

  1. Marcia T. says:

    Sounds great Elli and you look wonderful. Anything you can do to put yourself in a calm, focused state during labor is a wonderful idea. Our labor instructor explained that labor pain is intense but it is “pain with a purpose” – helping you bring life into the world. A much better outlook than dreading it or feeling terrified. Of course, I wouldn’t know – I missed that part of the “fun”.

    • Elli Comeau says:

      I heard that somewhere too! Thanks Marcia. I have not yet been afraid of that pain, especially after the horrible pain I went through as I miscarried. I’m so much more scared of being in a hospital and having to get a c-section, than going through pain of labor! Of course, that may or may not change later lol

  2. Maccabros says:

    a girl or a boy? My wife had a feeling about a girl and lokk – it was a boy – but you´re wright – The important part is that the baby is healthy…



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