17 weeks – the ride continues!

just before going to the May Dance event

 Will you look at that?!!! 17 weeks! This is getting so exciting. I can’t believe I made it to 17 weeks.

I know a lot of people have asked or are asking: no, we do not yet know the gender of the baby. We could find out as early as 16 weeks, but it’s not necessarily 100% certain at that point. So we are waiting longer to be absolutely certain. Also, I’d like to see our little one a bit more grown, since it will most likely be our last u/s.

A lot has been going on this week. Let’s see. Bear with me here, you know I’m tormented by PB haha. I’m so forgetful!

So first I want to tell you ladies and gentlemen: I’ve so popped this week! All this round ligament pain and these cramps I mentioned in last week’s blog-post are definitely showing results now, and of course I’m still growing, experiencing more pain! I’ll add a side-by-side comparison photo at the bottom of the post, comparing both 15 and 16 weeks, as well as 6 and 16 weeks – wow what a difference!

So on Friday my friend Attar and a friend of his were at our house to play Descent, one of my favorite dungeon crawling board games! We had a blast! And in the midst of all this my friend was knighted with Excalibur! Check out this photo:

swearing loyalty to Overlord Elli muahaha

Attar swore to the Code of Chivalry, which I customized to fit his knighting ceremony as follows (taken from Malory): Attarius Ambrosius, do you swear never to do outrageousity nor murder and always to flee treason? Do you swear also by no mean to be cruel, but to give mercy unto him that asketh mercy, upon pain of forfeiture of your worship and ladyship of Overlord Elli for evermore; and always to do ladies, damosels, and gentlewomen succour upon pain of death? Also that you take no battles in a wrongful quarrel for no law, ne for no world’s goods? Do you swear this oath?

So Attar left as Sir Attarius Ambrosius — Let’s have a round of applause for this brave knight!

Saturday we went to the May Stiftungsfest, or May Dance, event of the German-American-Club of Cape Cod. It was a lot of fun, especially dancing around the May pole:

                                                                                                                                                                                                I wore a dress that was not really a maternity dress, definitely not designed for pregnancy. So you could tell by looking at where the seam was sitting (namely on my belly instead of under it). Still, it looked really cute. This image we took after the event.

Sunday, as you all know, was mother’s day. Some people, like my dear husband, like to debate whether or not pregnant women are considered mothers already or not. Well, ladies, let me tell you: don’t let your husbands make you believe you’re not! Also, I have mentioned in one of my early posts that, having a baby growing inside you, losing that baby no matter how far along you were, is like losing a child. And nothing you do or say can take away that pain of having lost a baby. So if grieving makes you a mother, how can celebrating a simple day not make you a mother? If you’ve lost a baby, sweetie, whether it was at 15 weeks, 10 weeks or as early as 4 or 5 weeks, you are a grieving mother! In fact at the time I lost my baby (9w5d) my doctor told me if I catch the fetus when passing it, I may actually be able to make out little feet and hands! Yep, definitely a mommy here, no matter where the baby is! Mine just happens to be in heaven! And the other one inside me. By the way, my original due date is coming up soon (June 12) and I’m finding myself a bit sad these days when thinking of that. Any suggestions of what to do for that sad anniversary are welcome! Flowers, a little gravestone… I don’t know, anything.

By the way, I just want to mention that Peter did come around and got me some treats for mom’s day – so sweet! Yep, I know you’re reading this, so here’s a hug and a kiss 🙂

On a much brighter note I’m thinking I may be feeling flutters and movement every now and then. The thing is – I can’t say for sure. Is it digestion? Passing gas? Or really baby? It’s still hard to tell! Can’t wait for it to become so obvious that even I as a first time mommy will be able to distinguish baby-kicks from my body functions.

Yesterday I had a couple of German students, whom I tutored during the last semester, at my house to help them keep their German fresh and learn some new vocabs. Thanks for coming over ladies – that was a lot of fun!

Also yesterday came a lovely letter from attorneys from Germany in the mail. Stuff happened over the past years I’m not happy about. “Thanks” auntie! It’s been dragging on behind the scenes, but now it’s finally been taken a step further, and I wish it hadn’t just yet. I’m only slightly involved–that is to say passively involved, but all the same this is causing me more stress than I’d like. Remember I said it before? –> don’t want to teach baby stress before it is even born. So I’m trying to stay calm and just let it flush over me. Yet it has to be dealt with, which is why we’ll be seeing our attorney some time soon. So please cross your fingers that everything will work itself out!

Okay, let’s move on to happy topics again! 🙂 So the little one is 17 weeks old and measures about 5 inches, wow! Facial features have moved into their proper places and baby will soon be able to hear sounds around us, if it can’t already! I’ve bought some lullaby CDs to listen to. They say if baby gets to listen to music in the womb, baby will find it easier to fall asleep to that same music after he/she is born. That will be interesting to see!

Preggo symptoms this week:

Morning sickness: This will probably disappear from this list next week. I felt nauseous just once for a brief time only!

Weight gain: I’ve been moving around between 153-154 pounds this week. Average gain is about 8 pounds so far.

Frequent urination: Hasn’t changed one bit!

Pains: The round ligament pain is still present, as well as occasional cramps. Our little one continues to grow!

Other symptoms: Gums are still very sensitive to brushing my teeth. I tend to find bloody toothpaste every time I brush these days. PB is still teasing me! Had a real good case of PB on Friday, but you wouldn’t understand it/get the joke, as it had to do with boardgame rules. Attar and Peter know and can chuckle now 😛 …  This morning I woke up with my belly itching! This is completely normal and due to the skin stretching. I really need to get some body oil.

All right guys, here are this week’s  belly pics at 16 weeks and 2 days. Have fun!

(click to enlarge)

16 weeks 2 days

16 weeks 2 days exposed belly

                                                                                                                                                                                        Here is the comparison of 15 weeks 2 days and 16 weeks 2 days. I grew a lot in just a week!

And now the comparison 6 weeks and 16 weeks – what a difference!! (sorry they’re not perfectly alligned) I never realized I’d grown so much already until I looked at those two side-by-sides. 


6 comments on “17 weeks – the ride continues!

  1. Maccabros says:

    It´s so nice to see you “growing”… 🙂

  2. Happy mother’s day, sweetie! Sorry about the stress. I love the pictures, the baby ‘pop’ is just awesome!

  3. Marcia T. says:

    You are so right about Mother’s Day – you are most definitely entitled to celebrate and I’m glad your dear husband finally saw the light. Otherwise I’d have to come down and kick his butt! Isn’t the baby growing inside you the coolest thing ever? Wait to you get even bigger and there’s a growth spurt – you’ll feel like someone is blowing up a big balloon inside you – its so wonderful! You look wonderful as always! Enjoy!

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