19 weeks

Since my update last week, I’ve felt baby kick nearly every day. What an amazing feeling. Sometimes it feels like a muscle twitch, at other times it’s more like a knock. Sometimes closer to my lower abdomen, sometimes near my belly button. Sometimes light, sometimes stronger. I love that feeling when I’m standing. It’s like, hi mama, I’m having fun in here. It’ll be so exciting when Peter can finally feel it too.

Baby and I have been up to some things in the past week. We’ve been working out together, we’ve been car-hunting for uncle Stevie, we’ve listened to some lullabies, we’ve worked on baby’s knitted blanket, and we’ve been very creative. You know, I have the advantage of double-brainpower now haha. Well, that is except for the little moments of PB. We’ve also played some games together. Our little one is going to be such a game-geek lol.

So, other than that, a good day of Runebound, and a delicious, grilled meal baby and I enjoyed at grandma and pa’s place, not much has been going on this week. We’re still trying to figure out who our back-up midwife will be, so we can see her and then finally schedule the gender u/s. I can’t waaaaiiiit.

I guess my belly is growing bigger. I keep getting comments about it, although I don’t see it that much. I guess I just see myself too often. Well, I wonder what can be done about that…?! hah! My weight has been all over the place during the past week, so I can’t really tell how much I’ve gained. I have had the pleasure of experiencing another set of pains. I’m still getting round ligament pain every now and then, cramps have been there rather frequently, and recently been getting a little stronger. Added new to that is tailbone pain, which I don’t get often, but mostly if I sit for extended periods of time – and so, here’s a writer, not supposed to sit for too long, gaaah! It’s not an excruciating pain, but it’s there sometimes. Also, I’ve had some lower back pain once or twice.

Did I mention we got some more maternity clothes a while ago? They’re awesome. Soooo comfortable. I’ll probably need to get some more in another 2-4 weeks or so. So far some of my regular clothes still fit.

Not much more to say really. Here are my latest belly pics (18w2d):

click to enlarge.

18 weeks and 2 days. I love that shirt! 🙂

It’s getting roomy 🙂


18 weeks and an excited baby

May 19, 2012All right, ladies and gentlemen, we’re two weeks away from the half mark in this pregnancy. How amazing!

I’m so excited to find out the gender of our baby soon. All the old wives tales, the chinese gender calender, as well as my guts say girl. That would be just soooo awesome because I want a girl so bad. Of course I’d be just as happy with a boy. The important part is that the baby is healthy.

Last Thursday we finally got to see our wonderful midwife again. Four weeks is really not a long time but it just feels like forever. So our midwife brought us some neat things last week. Some herbs to make a really healthy tea for baby and me, some reading material, DVDs, and a bodyoil, which she made herself, for my belly. I love it! It melts into oil as soon as it touches my skin, and it makes me smell like coconut for the rest of the day haha. Among the reading material was information about cordblood storing. Peter and I have already decided to do delayed cord-clamping, but we haven’t made up our minds 100% yet regarding cordblood collection/storage.

What is cordblood storage? Cord blood contains important stem cells that can be used to treat diseases. Scientists are still researching the effectiveness of using such cells in medical therapy. There have definitely been successes so far. Read this article and check out the videos on the website for some of the most amazing success stories: Success Stories Stem Cell Treatment. The blood is taken from the cord or placenta after the baby has been born and is stored for years at a special facility. This can be costly but just as rewarding. If your second child is born with or develops a serious problem, the cordblood from your first baby could just save your second baby’s life!

Also among the reading material our midwife brought was a book with CD about hypnobirthing. This may sound ridiculous to some but I believe this might help during labor and delivery. Some women have told me how it helped them. I was initially thinking about taking a hypnobirthing course, but we can’t really afford that, so this will be nice to try. Hypnobirthing basically helps you to hypnotize yourself while you give birth. You are more relaxed and can concentrate completely on what you need to do. Ultimately you should be able to go in and out of the hypnotic state as your body needs it.

Ooookay, let’s get to the most exciting part of last week’s meeting. My uterus measured 17cm, just as it should. Then we listened to baby’s heartbeat. It was at 140bpm and rose to 150bpm while listening. Our little bean was also very active, kicking and kicking and kicking nonstop 😀 I couldn’t yet feel any of those kicks unfortunately, but it’s good to know and to hear that baby is doing it, even if I can’t feel it! This time we recorded the heartbeat and kicks with my digital recorder. Check out this video to listen to our growing baby: Baby Heartbeat and Kicks. Sorry you have to click the link. I can’t put videos directly on my blog unless I pay for an upgrade. At about 8/9 sec. you can hear the first kick. You’ll continue to hear that kicking sound for a while!

Elli and Bean at the BeachWhat else did we do? Well I took baby on his or her very first beachwalk on Saturday. The weather was awesome and the beach was packed! 🙂

We had a lot of fun walking barefoot in the sand, watching kids play and dogs run around. We also found a dead bird in the sand. We threw some stones in the water (although they never went very far lol).

We munched on an egg-salad multigrain sandwich, a small bowl of peaches & cream (very refreshing – by Dole, try it), some grapes, and we got a taste of a cup of nice cold orange juice.

Yep, bean and I had a great time at the beach.

So what else is new? Well, let’s see. No more morning sickness, still urinating like a crazy person. Getting mild cramps and some round ligament pain every now and then. I’ve been bouncing between 152 and 154 pounds this past week, although on Monday it shot right up to 155 and has stayed there since. I’d say I’ve gained an average of 8-9 pounds so far. Of course I had a slight case of PB again yesterday. I wanted to turn on my speakers for my desktop computer and what did I do instead? — turned off my monitor! Yep, laugh – I sure did 😀

Here are the current belly pics, at 17 weeks 2 days:

not much growth this week, should pick up again soon

look at that little bean rounding out my belly haha

17 weeks – the ride continues!

just before going to the May Dance event

 Will you look at that?!!! 17 weeks! This is getting so exciting. I can’t believe I made it to 17 weeks.

I know a lot of people have asked or are asking: no, we do not yet know the gender of the baby. We could find out as early as 16 weeks, but it’s not necessarily 100% certain at that point. So we are waiting longer to be absolutely certain. Also, I’d like to see our little one a bit more grown, since it will most likely be our last u/s.

A lot has been going on this week. Let’s see. Bear with me here, you know I’m tormented by PB haha. I’m so forgetful!

So first I want to tell you ladies and gentlemen: I’ve so popped this week! All this round ligament pain and these cramps I mentioned in last week’s blog-post are definitely showing results now, and of course I’m still growing, experiencing more pain! I’ll add a side-by-side comparison photo at the bottom of the post, comparing both 15 and 16 weeks, as well as 6 and 16 weeks – wow what a difference!

So on Friday my friend Attar and a friend of his were at our house to play Descent, one of my favorite dungeon crawling board games! We had a blast! And in the midst of all this my friend was knighted with Excalibur! Check out this photo:

swearing loyalty to Overlord Elli muahaha

Attar swore to the Code of Chivalry, which I customized to fit his knighting ceremony as follows (taken from Malory): Attarius Ambrosius, do you swear never to do outrageousity nor murder and always to flee treason? Do you swear also by no mean to be cruel, but to give mercy unto him that asketh mercy, upon pain of forfeiture of your worship and ladyship of Overlord Elli for evermore; and always to do ladies, damosels, and gentlewomen succour upon pain of death? Also that you take no battles in a wrongful quarrel for no law, ne for no world’s goods? Do you swear this oath?

So Attar left as Sir Attarius Ambrosius — Let’s have a round of applause for this brave knight!

Saturday we went to the May Stiftungsfest, or May Dance, event of the German-American-Club of Cape Cod. It was a lot of fun, especially dancing around the May pole:

                                                                                                                                                                                                I wore a dress that was not really a maternity dress, definitely not designed for pregnancy. So you could tell by looking at where the seam was sitting (namely on my belly instead of under it). Still, it looked really cute. This image we took after the event.

Sunday, as you all know, was mother’s day. Some people, like my dear husband, like to debate whether or not pregnant women are considered mothers already or not. Well, ladies, let me tell you: don’t let your husbands make you believe you’re not! Also, I have mentioned in one of my early posts that, having a baby growing inside you, losing that baby no matter how far along you were, is like losing a child. And nothing you do or say can take away that pain of having lost a baby. So if grieving makes you a mother, how can celebrating a simple day not make you a mother? If you’ve lost a baby, sweetie, whether it was at 15 weeks, 10 weeks or as early as 4 or 5 weeks, you are a grieving mother! In fact at the time I lost my baby (9w5d) my doctor told me if I catch the fetus when passing it, I may actually be able to make out little feet and hands! Yep, definitely a mommy here, no matter where the baby is! Mine just happens to be in heaven! And the other one inside me. By the way, my original due date is coming up soon (June 12) and I’m finding myself a bit sad these days when thinking of that. Any suggestions of what to do for that sad anniversary are welcome! Flowers, a little gravestone… I don’t know, anything.

By the way, I just want to mention that Peter did come around and got me some treats for mom’s day – so sweet! Yep, I know you’re reading this, so here’s a hug and a kiss 🙂

On a much brighter note I’m thinking I may be feeling flutters and movement every now and then. The thing is – I can’t say for sure. Is it digestion? Passing gas? Or really baby? It’s still hard to tell! Can’t wait for it to become so obvious that even I as a first time mommy will be able to distinguish baby-kicks from my body functions.

Yesterday I had a couple of German students, whom I tutored during the last semester, at my house to help them keep their German fresh and learn some new vocabs. Thanks for coming over ladies – that was a lot of fun!

Also yesterday came a lovely letter from attorneys from Germany in the mail. Stuff happened over the past years I’m not happy about. “Thanks” auntie! It’s been dragging on behind the scenes, but now it’s finally been taken a step further, and I wish it hadn’t just yet. I’m only slightly involved–that is to say passively involved, but all the same this is causing me more stress than I’d like. Remember I said it before? –> don’t want to teach baby stress before it is even born. So I’m trying to stay calm and just let it flush over me. Yet it has to be dealt with, which is why we’ll be seeing our attorney some time soon. So please cross your fingers that everything will work itself out!

Okay, let’s move on to happy topics again! 🙂 So the little one is 17 weeks old and measures about 5 inches, wow! Facial features have moved into their proper places and baby will soon be able to hear sounds around us, if it can’t already! I’ve bought some lullaby CDs to listen to. They say if baby gets to listen to music in the womb, baby will find it easier to fall asleep to that same music after he/she is born. That will be interesting to see!

Preggo symptoms this week:

Morning sickness: This will probably disappear from this list next week. I felt nauseous just once for a brief time only!

Weight gain: I’ve been moving around between 153-154 pounds this week. Average gain is about 8 pounds so far.

Frequent urination: Hasn’t changed one bit!

Pains: The round ligament pain is still present, as well as occasional cramps. Our little one continues to grow!

Other symptoms: Gums are still very sensitive to brushing my teeth. I tend to find bloody toothpaste every time I brush these days. PB is still teasing me! Had a real good case of PB on Friday, but you wouldn’t understand it/get the joke, as it had to do with boardgame rules. Attar and Peter know and can chuckle now 😛 …  This morning I woke up with my belly itching! This is completely normal and due to the skin stretching. I really need to get some body oil.

All right guys, here are this week’s  belly pics at 16 weeks and 2 days. Have fun!

(click to enlarge)

16 weeks 2 days

16 weeks 2 days exposed belly

                                                                                                                                                                                        Here is the comparison of 15 weeks 2 days and 16 weeks 2 days. I grew a lot in just a week!

And now the comparison 6 weeks and 16 weeks – what a difference!! (sorry they’re not perfectly alligned) I never realized I’d grown so much already until I looked at those two side-by-sides. 

16 weeks – 4 months complete!

Today I’m 16 weeks along, wooohhhooooooo! 🙂 I’m so excited. And I’ll say it again and again: I’m sooooo in love with my baby! I can’t wait to feel him or her move around inside me.

At the same time, of course, there is still some fear of m/c. As I mentioned before: that will never go away completely once you m/c once. My pregnancy symptoms are becoming less pronounced, and so I keep wondering sometimes: where are you little one? Show me you’re really there. I haven’t felt any kicks since that one day, which means that was most likely not a kick in the first place. Yet it felt so different from anything I’ve ever felt…

However, I do check my wipes a lot less often, yay for that. So yea, there is some confidence hah! But the fear will always remain – one of the dreams I’ve had this week confirms that. In that dream I found blood… well. In reality there is none whatsoever 🙂

Oh yea, there will be belly photos from 15w2d down at the end of the post.

So, yesterday was my last test for my Arthurian Legend class! I already know I got one answer wrong on the true/false questions, since I simply couldn’t remember whether it was the guy mentioned in the question or some other guy who experienced what was stated. I definitely knew the scene was in the book, I just couldn’t remember who went through it. Oh well. Let’s hope I got the rest right. The so affeared essay question was not so bad – I think I did rather well on that. And of course the code of chivalry was peanuts. I’m so relieved. Now I can fully concentrate on baby! All I want to do is read, continue knitting my baby’s blanket, relax, talk with baby, listen to lullabies, and of course: write write write. Omg, how I missed that! I will also finally have time to go back to writing my diary for baby. I have been neglecting that recently because I’ve just not found the time.

Thanks to Kevin’s help, I found a photographer for our maternity photos. She sounds very nice and I’m excited setting this up. Thank you soooo much, Kevin. You always look out for me! You and Abby both 🙂 Love you guys!

I want to tell you about my cat today. She’s such a cutie. She used to sleep around our legs or at the end of our bed by our feet, or in another room (or on DH’s side of the bed when we are still watching TV). She also used to climb on my belly in the mornings to get herself a little snooze-nest ready, you know: kitty massage haha I love it. Well it also serves waking me up to get food for the little fur-ball. However, recently she’s taken to sleeping right next to my belly instead. I’ve noticed it a few times now in the mornings. As I wake up, I find her right next to my belly all snoozy and cuddly. And instead of climbing on my belly to wake me, she prepares/claws the blanket somewhere next to me. This cat has been fixed and never had a litter, so it’s quite amazing how she still has that motherly instinct. She knows there is something growing inside me, I can tell. It’s so cute. Unfortunately she’s fallen sick with a cold recently. The poor kitty 😦

I had another episode of slight PB yesterday: I was putting away silverware. We have two drawers that hold two different styles of silverware. So here I was holding both styles in my hand and looking at the one drawer. I put the one type away, and kept looking and looking and looking, and wondered: where the hell did the tray for these others go? Well, duh, Elli! In the drawer next to this one…?! haha!

This week’s preggo symptoms:

Morning sickness: I’ve felt nauseous only once during the past week. Yay!

Weight gain: I’ve been mostly jumping around between 151 and 153 pounds. Average weight gain so far: 7 pounds.

Frequent urination: yea, that hasn’t changed.

Pains: I felt a lot of round ligament pain this week, holy crap 😀 I also felt some slightly stronger cramps than the week before, but not often. Grow baby, let’s see you make more room for yourself! 🙂

Other symptoms: nothing really… I haven’t felt fatigued anymore, no heartburn this week, and nothing else really. Gums bleed a bit more easily when brushing teeth. Yep, that’s all…

Mood: Ecstatic! Excited, happy. These days, everyone I meet on campus keeps telling me how I glow. I had another woman ask me on Monday if I’m pregnant – yep! You start seeing it wooohooooo.

Okay, here are the belly pics at 15 weeks and 2 days preggo:

click to enlarge

15 weeks 2 days, little one keeps growing 🙂

I pushed down the band of the maternity pants, so yea belly is being pushed out a little again hehe


15 Weeks

We’re getting closer to the half way mark with every week passing. I’m 15 weeks pregnant now and feeling great. I’ll have a belly pic from 14w2d at the end of this post.

There is not much to say today. I’ve been mostly studying, catching up on my reading assignments. I finished my final paper, and next Tuesday is my final test for this course.

I was thinking about having maternity photos done professionally and called someone I knew who does photography professionally. Unfortunately he won’t be around when the time comes, so he gave me the name of another photographer. I looked at her website, which looked very good, and contacted her. That was some time ago now, and I still haven’t heard from her… Seems like she doesn’t want that business… soooo, if any of you know of a good professional photographer that charges reasonably, please let me know.

Oh right, you wanted more PB to laugh about didn’t you. Okay, okay, I’ve got another one for you to smile about: Some time last week we were cooking noodles for dinner. The water started boiling, so I weighed the amount of noodles we usually have. Then I left it on the scale and left the room… about five minutes or so later, I went to check on the noodles and had to realize I weighed them but never put them in the water… duh! Instead, half of the water had boiled off.

This week’s pregnancy symptoms:

Morning sickness: I think it’s safe to say this has pretty much disappeared. I did feel a bit queasy once or twice in the past week, but that’s nothing compared to what it was before. My food aversions are still mostly present though.

Weight gain: My weight has been up and down between 151 and 153 pounds this week. Overall average weight gain- I’d say about 7 pounds.

Frequent urination: Oh this is a neverending story, I tell ya. The last couple days were pretty bad. At least I can sleep through most nights now without needing to go. It happens pretty much all during the day at the moment. I’m actually marvelling at how different it feels to really need to urinate compared to what it used to feel like when I was not pregnant. I can’t even describe it-it’s just different.

Pains: I’ve had some round ligament pain and some slight cramps. Baby is growing 🙂

Other Symptoms: My breasts are still sensitive, still get heartburn every now and then, but not too bad. And I’ve noticed yesterday, as well as this morning, that my belly is hardening/tightening. Yup that belly-stretching/growing is definitely baby, not much fat these days.

Okay, here are the photos. Enjoy.

(click to enlarge)

Our little bean hiding inside mommy at 14 weeks and 2 days

my belly was pushed up and out a little on this photo because I took down the band from my maternity pants to show my belly