14 Weeks!!

This is getting exciting as we slowly approach the twenty weeks mark. After my m/c I never thought ahead to 14 weeks. I took one week at a time, hoping I would get there. This is changing now. In my heart I know that I will hold my baby in my arms at the end of October or the beginning of November, so I look into the future with a smile. I can see the end of May/beginning of June coming, and guess what will happen then? …. That’s right – gender u/s !!! hah! I can’t wait.

Not much has been going on within the last week. I’ve stressed myself out regarding the course I’m taking at college. Okay, this is going to be a really hilarious story, and I laughed so hard at myself yesterday, so you better lean back and enjoy the ride.

DH never really believed in what I called “pregnancy brain” as many women online would call it. It’s basically the hormones messing with your braincells – for real! After a few weeks of being pregnant, DH suddenly adapted really quickly to the idea of “pregnancy brain” and began calling me PB for just about anything and everything I do. Within the last couple of weeks I can truly say PB has been settling in more than I like! So here’s the deal: We had our first paper due just before spring-break (in March). To get an A on the paper we needed to write at least 2500-5000 words. If we were okay with a B we could leave it at 1500-2500 words. Those of you who know me will realize that I would never settle for a B, haha! So I turned in my paper, and wrote in my “one-page per class journal” which we had to submit during each class that I’m so amazed and happy I actually made it over the 2500 limit, because I never thought I’d get it done in time. (If you ever took that class at CCCC you’ll know why I say that lol). I wrote 2667 words (that’s what I had counted before turning in the paper). Well, a few weeks after spring break I suddenly got nervous… and when we had peer review (April 10) I said to my peer: omg I just realized I never wrote enough for an A! I only got a little over 1500 words! So I stressed myself out for weeks, because I knew I wouldn’t have the time and energy to write another 1000 words! (our professor would let us do that). Every class I hoped we’d get our paper back, so I could work on it if I had to. The week we were finally supposed to get it back – well… we didn’t. We had to wait yet another week. So yesterday we finally got our paper back. I was hoping the professor might not have noticed that my paper was short 1000 words and was so dazzled by my content that he would give me an A anyway! Sure enough, I had an A on my paper… and he’d written: “long paper” on it. I was like huh? Long paper? Really? No way… I told my friend, you know, my paper isn’t even minimum words… I could so not believe this, so when I got home, I counted the words again! Sure enough, I had over 2600 without quotes, over 3000 with quotes. Wow! I double checked my journal entry, cuz I knew I had the word count written in there originally. I could have sworn it said 1667, but it actually said 2667. I told DH when he got home, and he cracked up. So did I. Seriously, where has my brain gone? My little bean stole it… it’s hilarious.

And that’s not the only thing… A week or so ago, I was putting the milk back in the morning, but instead of going to the fridge with it, I went to the cabinet where I got my cup from… Yes, keep laughing, it gets better… A few days ago I was doing laundry. There is a button on our washer that turns the washer on, and then there is a seperate button that starts the washer after you’ve turned it on and programmed it. So last time I did laundry, I kept hitting the button trying to turn the washer on… but it wouldn’t come on! I was like, what the hell is going on? I kept hitting it and hitting it – nothing! Well… then I realized I was hitting the start button all along, instead of the power button. Duh! That was the first time ever lol! I really have lost my brain thanks to the PB-“condition”.

Okay, enough with the laughing 🙂 yea yea, I know, you probably want to hear more of this hilarious stuff! I’ll tell you more, when/if I do more of these silly things. I really hope I’ll get my brain back lol

Let’s look at this week’s pregnancy symptoms.

Morning sickness: Definitely on its way out. I think come next week it may be completely gone, yay.

Weight gain: I’ve been mostly in the 150 pounds range this week, but bouncing a bit between 149 and 151. Overall average weight gain: 5 pounds.

Pains: I’ve been feeling some more ligament pain again this week. And I can totally tell when the uterus is expanding – I do get slight cramps that are not painful, just feel like a stretch. I know what’s going on then. Kind of liking that…

Fatigue: God, I’ve been tired recently. Starting around 2-3 pm I tend to need a nap for like an hour. Most women get fatigued during their first trimester and regain their energy during the second… I seem to be the other way around. My body is so out of norm in so many aspects.

Frequent urination: This seems to be switching back to daytimes again. I seem to need to get up and go less during the nights now, and more during the day again.

Other symptoms: I’ve been experiencing some dizziness recently. Nothing too wild. I’m prone to dizziness and fainting even when I’m not pregnant, cuz my circulation isn’t the strongest. (and no, it has not much to do with drinking more or less in my case). They say it’s normal during pregnancy… it has something to do with the blood, I can’t exactly remember. They advise, among other things, to get up from a lying or sitting position slowly. Yup, I noticed getting up quick  gets me more dizziness. I’ve also had some more heartburn, and I’ve noticed that my gums are a little more sensitive. They tend to bleed faster.

Last weekend we bought some maternity pants for me, since my regular pants are getting tight and uncomfortable to wear. I never knew what maternity pants look like or how they work, and I have to say I’m positively surprised. I love them. No more zipper and buttons, just a comfortable “pull-up,” and a nice elastic band goes over your belly. And let me tell you, that belly is starting to look like it’s carrying a baby! But it appears that it’s not only my body looking different. A student I’d helped in the last semester came in on Monday. She knew I’d been pregnant last semester and lost the baby. So she came in, looked at me and descretely asked: “Are you pregnant again?” When I said yes, she said: “I knew it, you have that glow.”  … what do you know? I have the glow! Sweet 🙂

There’s one more thing I’d like to mention. Last Wednesday, after publishing my weekly blog post, I went to campus, and as I walked up the stairs, going to the Reading/Writing Resource Center, I felt something peculiar in my lower abdomen. I figured it may have been digestion, or gas moving around, but it felt slightly different than that. In fact, it felt just like my mom had described kicks to me: As if someone is knocking against your belly from the inside. … And it came from the area we had heard the kicks on the doppler the day before. How amazing! Now it may or may not have been a kick – who knows. I’d like to believe it was. However, I haven’t felt it since, so it was probably something else. I so can’t wait to feel my baby’s activities!

Thanks for reading. See you next week!


2 comments on “14 Weeks!!

  1. Maccabros says:

    Yes, we want MORE of this… 🙂

    pregnancy brain – Hm – funny, but it sounds a ltlle bit logical

    take good care of you ALL

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