12 Weeks – let’s dance!

I like the sound of that.

12 weeks.

wow. We’re really there. We’ve made it. The most critical part of the pregnancy is over. The first trimester is completed. After miscarrying you lose the naivety you had when you first started. All of a sudden everything looks dangerous to you. All of a sudden you notice every little thing your body does a lot more. You are more aware of your body, and it is scary, because the smallest change that you’re not used to rings your alarms. The worry goes up 100%. Now it can finally come down 50%. It will never go back to 0 after having miscarried before.

So let’s reflect what happened during the past week.

Last Saturday, April 7th, was our anniversary! We married exactly 5 years ago on Easter-Saturday, and this year’s anniversary was on Easter-Saturday. Truly, what are the odds? We took care of some things in the morning, visited MIL and BIL in the afternoon and then went for dinner and movies. It was fantastic! I had wild boar and Spätzle – yum! A meat baby didn’t seem to mind at all 🙂

On Sunday we met friends at the Pax East gaming convention. The convention was absolutely amazing. If you’re a gamer, whether you play PC games, console games, handheld, or board games, you really got to go to this convention some day. It’s definitely an experience I do not regret to have made. We bought two board games there, got some cool stuff for free, I won a couple of things, and we saw some neat stuff– from dungeon and dragons gigantic figures to a preview of the next NWN game coming soon (uuuunfortunately MMO – I won’t go into that lol). We got to play D&D pen and paper version for two hours – that was interesting, and baby didn’t mind the burger and french fries for lunch haha! I haven’t gotten the photos off the camera yet – I will add them later on.

Pregnancy Symptoms:

Weight gain: Well, there was a lot of food on the weekend, but that didn’t really change much in my body weight! Baby must be actively burning my calories haha. During the past week my weight bounced around between 146 and 150 pounds. I’d say I’ve gained 2-3 pounds average in the first trimester. Not bad!

Frequent urination: This is beginning to drive me absolutely nuts. No, it’s not the having to go at night – that’s fine, I can handle that. I think, as baby is moving up slowly, it is pressing on my bladder. I go to the bathroom, feeling absolutely full, I urinate only a little bit, and the moment I get up, I feel like I need to go again! (yet when I lay down the feeling/urge subsides a little). It’s frustrating. I fear I’m “training” my bladder, giving it false “muscle memory” (for lack of better words), to make my body need to go when it’s not even half full. I’m trying to just sit it out longer, so I won’t give my bladder that wrong muscle memory. I’d imagine that would stay with me for a long time, if I don’t.

Morning sickness: Still going on. I wish I could say it’s gotten less, but it really hasn’t. Of course, as was the case with the trip to the Higgins Armory Museum, the morning of the Pax East convention I woke up with morning sickness. I don’t normally wake up feeling m/s. I guess baby must really be excited when he/she is about to go on a long trip…. O.o I can’t explain it any other way haha!

Other than that I really haven’t had much. My breasts are still hyper-sensitive, I get some tenderness in my lower abdomen from time to time, haven’t really felt heartburn that much this week. I feel the backpain only when I lay on my back for too long. I imagine I won’t be able to lay on my back at all anymore soon. So… that’s it, that’s all.

So, I’m twelve weeks… and I wonder, what about my progesterone? My head knows I can stop taking it now, because the placenta should have already taken over production, but my heart is overwriting my brain, saying whhhhhatttt if …. something goes wrong without the progesterone supps?! Yep, I’m currently driving myself nuts with this. I’ll talk with my midwife about it. Hopefully I can shed that fear soon. Again: I miss the naivety I had when I first started TTC last September, and when I first got pregnant last October. Now I know, consciously know, and it’s making me absolutely paranoid!


4 comments on “12 Weeks – let’s dance!

  1. Maccabros says:

    It´s nice and wonderful ro read it… 🙂

    Notice for me : Gaming Convention (!)

    Your wedding day, five years ago,
    the time is moving not so slow,
    one year is running really fast,
    it’s not the first and not the last…

    all the best for you both (3)


  2. Maccabros says:

    never the chance to text back?

    Never say never…(Bond) 🙂

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