11 weeks

This past week has been rather uneventful regarding our little bean. I’ve mostly been busy studying for a test tomorrow for my Arthurian Legend class. Our baby helped – by not making me super-tired haha!

Last Friday our class has been on a really awesome trip. Bean was so excited, too: when I woke up, I woke up with morning sickness that day. (I don’t normally wake up feeling m/s). DH said to me that morning: Our bean is going on his or her first museum trip, and I can’t be there. Awwww, that was so cute.

So we went to the Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, MA. It was amazing! If you haven’t gone there before, go – or you’ll really miss out. It is the largest medieval armor/weapon collection in the US. Our professor said, a larger one can only be found in Europe.

First we saw a short video clip about fighting style back in those days. It was interesting. What we see in the movies is definitely not quite how they used to fight. Then we had a presentation of weapons and armor, where we got to try them out (I wielded -among other things- a lance or spear -not sure which it was-, a crossbow, and what I believe was a claymore), and then we got a tour of the museum. After the tour we went to the “hands on” floor, where we were able to try on a breastplate (wow that thing was heavy!), various helmets, gloves and more. Then we visited the gift shop and I purchased a long sword there! Oh my god, it’s so awesome. On the sheath it says: Excalibur King Arthur. It has some kind of runes engraved on the blade. It’s huge and heavy. How could I live all these years with a passion like that and never own a sword before?! I’ll add various pictures at the end.

Here are this weeks preggo symptoms:

Morning sickness: oh yes, that’s still quite present. It comes and goes throughout the whole day. Used to be mostly in the afternoon, but now – even though still dominant in the afternoon – I feel it more throughout the day as well.

Hunger: Gosh, I can just eat and eat and eat endlessly. I ate all day on our trip, and when we got back around 4:30 pm, I was starving! I often wake up in the morning and feel so hungry it almost makes me sick.

Heartburn: This is getting its own category today, because I’ve been experiencing it more often recently, about 3-4 times in the past week.

Frequent urination: This is killing me! Sunday night I needed to go like four times. I was really tired on Monday. The average is now 2-3 times a night. Throughout the day it’s not that bad. I get flashes. In other words, either I don’t need to frequently go, or there are like 2-3 hours where I have to go like every 20 min. That usually seems to happen around 11am-12pm or around the afternoon like 2-5, which makes sense – it’s the times after I’ve drunk the most water.

Cramps: Some tenderness here and there, not much, not painful.

Backpain: I now notice it mostly when I lie on my back for too long, and it’s not very strong either. Other than that, it’s mostly gone away.

Ligament pain: I haven’t been feeling ligament pain very much this week – that’s a nice break.

Weight gain: This week my weight has been pretty steady in the 147 pounds range. I once had something around 146, and one at 148. I’d say at this point I’ve gained an average of 2 pounds so far.

Well, I think that’s it…

Enjoy the pictures (click to enlarge):

Excuse the bad quality on the two collages. I had to play around a bit, and I think I lost some quality doing that. If anyone knows a better way, please let me know 🙂 …. also, I’m sorry for the bad arrangement of the images. wordpress really gave me a hard time 😦

Knight with dog


Wielding a Crossbow

That one was awesome!

This thing must have weighed like 40 pounds...

What a knight! 😀

From the inside the museum looked like a castle. On the outside it was all glass and metal construction. Amazing!


Now all I need is a nice armor 🙂


What a beautiful sword.
Yea, it was too heavy to hold it all this time, so I had to rest it on my knee haha


2 comments on “11 weeks

  1. maccabros says:

    Now you own an sword? Poor husband… 🙂

    Nice pictures and it mus be an interesting museum

    preggo symptoms – hope it all goes well in the way it has to be



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