9 weeks – getting close

So here we are at 9 weeks. Wow, what a ride! I have to say I still have mixed feelings. I’m very confident our baby is well and will be in our arms in October, but I’m also still scared–anxiously awaiting the day the development of the placenta is completed. My gyn wants me to continue using the progesterone gel until I’m twelve weeks along, at which point the placenta should take over progesterone production. Another five days from now, I’ll be reaching my loss point. I’ll probably get more nervous the closer I get to that day, although in my head and in my heart I know it will be all right.

Friday afternoon I’m having my first prenatal appointment with my new midwife. It’s not my first prenatal appointment for this pregnancy, but the first one with this midwife. I’m very excited!

Here are this week’s preggo symptoms:

Morning Sickness: I think I spoke too soon last week. I thought it was getting better, but not so much this week. Saturday was terrible. I was truly on the edge of vomiting. I almost did throw up. I don’t want to go into details but trust me when I say it was not a great moment. I think it may be my own fault, too. We’d been out for dinner with friends that day (to our favorite restaurant: the Olive Garden) and I’d ordered noodles in Alfredo sauce with an addition of some broccoli florets. I already know baby doesn’t like cheese, should have figured he/she wasn’t too much into creamy sauce either. At the time I thought it was the best and mildest choice. At first I didn’t think it was that, but a couple days later I had my leftovers and while I’d been feeling fine all day, I feelt nauseous again after eating my leftovers. So there you have it. Hah!

Weight gain: Still in the 146-148 pounds bracket, which tells me I’ve gained a pound overall so far, as I haven’t seen 145 on the scale in over a week. 1 pound is pretty good for 9 weeks, as far as I’ve learned. I’m curious what the next three weeks will bring.

Fatigue: Getting tired a little more often during the day now. Still not very much, but let’s say about 2 times a week I get really tired anywhere around 2-5 pm. Been taking some nice walks the last three days with DH in this nice summer-like weather. That should help with the fatigue a little bit. Maybe.

Breasts: I can’t believe how they just get more and more sensitive. I thought I’d already been at the max. here, but they just keep getting more sensitive. Wow! They also have been getting a little bit fuller. Just bought a couple new bras for the itchy-issue. Gyn advised me to wear cotton bras, which will aggravate them less. Found a couple of nice Calvin Kleins at Macy’s on a fantastic sale.

Other symptoms: Nothing else really going on, except today I’m having some really bad backpain in just the lower left area of my back, and only if I move and/or strain my muscles a certain way. I’m going to mention that to my midwife on Friday. Maybe I just slept wrong last night.

Mood: I’m incredibly happy. I don’t think I’ve ever really felt better in my whole life. Even though I’m still scared of losing our little one again and I still check nearly every wipe for blood, I could just fly off right now. This experience is lifting me up. I can hardly believe I’m going to be a Mommy soon! Wooohoooo! 🙂


2 comments on “9 weeks – getting close

  1. maccabros says:

    Everything must change – fingers crossed…

    take good care of it

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