Week 8 & the decision of homebirthing

Today I’m 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant (8w5d according to the radiologist). Everything is looking great. I had another ultrasound done yesterday morning. I couldn’t believe what DH and I saw! With my miscarried pregnancy I had my first ultrasound done at around 8 weeks as well, but the baby looked about as big as it did at 6 weeks with this new pregnancy. Yesterday our little bean was amazing! We could already make out tiny little legs and arms! Our little angel was very excited too: his or her heartbeat was a bombing 169 bpm! The radiologist assistant – or what you might call the lady who did the ultrasound – said he or she is moving around a lot. Busy little teddybear! And our baby is definitely not camera-shy 🙂 We got some really neat pictures. They will be at the end of this post.

Let’s look at my pregnancy symptoms.

Morning sickness: still there, actually I dare say it’s gotten ever so slightly better. I’m avoiding fatty food for the most part, as baby seems to not like it very much. I’m avoiding white meat, and having red meat only every now and then. Lots of cereal, eggs, fruits. Some veggies, ice cream once in a while. And while I’m a total chocolate-lover I’m surprised I really don’t feel like eating chocolate recently.

Cravings: Nothing yet, really. Well, one could say cereal, as I seem to eat that a lot these days, but it’s not like I just HAVE to have it.

Weight gain: During the last week my weight mostly fluctuated between 146 and 148 pounds. So I guess you could say I gained a pound. However, this morning it was 146.2 and the scale almost wanted to show me 145.8…. soooo, really nothing still in the weight gain department. I do look a little bit bloated once in a while.

Fatigue: Yesterday for the first time I felt reaaaaally tired and just wanted to take a nap around 3:30/4:00 pm. My eyes were getting heavy right in front of my laptop’s screen. I actually did lay down then for about 30 minutes, but it wasn’t really a nap, because my homeowner (=my cat :D) decided to sleep on top of me and pinch me with her claws as a way of showing mommy how comfy she is.

Breasts: Very sensitive. I have to be careful hugging DH, cuz a hug that’s too tight may hurt my breasts. Apart from sensitivity as a symptom, I’m still dealing with the itchiness of my nipples. I think it’s getting better, but will have to watch that a little longer.

Cramps: none whatsoever.

Other symptoms: definitely feeling ligament pain when going to the bathroom. Had a nosebleed some time last week. That was quite a bit of blood that came out when blowing my nose. It was still dark (early morning), so the blood looked like a black ball of goo to me. I think I would have really been shocked if I saw it in broad daylight. Nose bleeding is normal in pregnancy. The body produces a lot more blood and the nose gets dry, which it has been. It was the only occurance so far, but I really hope it won’t happen again, because even though I know it’s normal, it did scare me a little bit.

Mood: Fantastic! After seeing our little one yesterday, I am soooooo happy. Our angel is doing well, is healthy, active and super-cute. Also, I finally dared writing into my baby-journal yesterday, which I had started for my miscarried pregnancy. That journal is eventually going to be handed down to our child, when the time is right. I had hesitated for a long time to write in it, due to my supersticious nature, thinking I might mess it all up just by being too confident, too happy, and too optimistic about this pregnancy. I think I’m past that point now. I’m another week and 3 days away from my loss point (the time I lost my other pregnancy, which was at 9w5d), but I’m positive that I will pass that point with a healthy baby, which I will carry to term! 🙂

So, do any of my preggo symptoms bother me? Yes and no. They can be annoying, but they don’t drive me insane. I’m actually glad to have them, because it reassures me every day that our little angel is doing well inside me.

Before the u/s yesterday, I went to my gyn’s office to get resupplied with progesterone gel. The assistant said to me she wanted to wait until the doctor comes out and wanted to ask her if she still wanted me to continue with the gel. I knew my gyn would want me to, but still, the slightest doubt crept up in me and I got stunned a little. I thought, what if she says no?! This gel (I know, I’m really bad) keeps my pregnancy going right now! Who knows, really, I might be fine without it, but it gives me strength and reassurance just using it. And you can’t overdue it with progesterone, so no harm in that. Luckily my gyn said yes, she wanted me to go on, so I received some more packages.

Yesterday evening we met with our potential new midwife for the first time. My current gyn doesn’t go farther than the first trimester, so we had to look for a new healthcare provider for the second and third trimester. Since we were considering homebirth, we looked at midwives. Well, there aren’t too many on the Cape. But fate winked at me, as I was working at CCCC. I met a woman in the writing center, who knew a midwife she recommended to me. What a coincidence! I didn’t know this woman, I just happened to help her with her paper and we started talking about babies. What are the odds, really?

Before meeting with the midwife, we’d been watching a documentary that interviewed nurses, doctors (OBs, gyns), midwives, and moms. It scared the hell out of me, seeing how horrible a hospital birth can be. It just reassured me that what I wanted was the right way to go. I wanted a waterbirth regardless of whether I give birth in a hospital or not. The only one nearby that offers that is Jordan Hospital in Plymouth though. Hearing from many women (apart from seeing the movie) how terrible their hospital-birth experience was, and how calm and fantastic and empowering their natural homebirth was, I pretty much set my eyes on water-homebirth.

After meeting the midwife yesterday, I’m 100% convinced that this is the right way for me to go. I don’t need stress when I do the most natural thing my body was built to do. The only way I’m ever going to see the inside of a hospital during labor is if I have serious complications, or if I happen to give up and go – which I think is highly unlikely to happen. Everyone who knows me, knows how stubborn I can be. If I want something to work a certain way, I’ll make it work – I’ll never give up. So if I need my body and/or mind to cooperate to give birth in my own home, I’ll do anything and everything to make that happen. I’ve been researching hypnobirthing a little bit and talked to a woman who’s done that. It seems like an interesting option. We’ll see. I want this to be a magical, stress-free, relaxed experience. I want to hold my baby in my arms when it comes into the world. I want myself or my husband to get the chance to catch it as it comes out. I want the comfort of my home around me. I want the liberty to walk around, eat, drink, and do whatever I want or feel necessary to ease the process of labor. I want those around me whom I choose. I don’t want pain medication. I don’t want chemical induction. I don’t need all that. I’m not afraid of what my body is made to do. A completely natural thing women have been doing for thousands of years. I want this to be natural.  And I can only get that doing a homebirth.

The midwife we met yesterday is very nice. I really like her, and I think DH and I have pretty much already decided to have her as my midwife. She is a very natural lady, just like myself, and understands all of our concerns and wishes. I can’t wait for our prenatal appointments in the very near future.

Our little bean will be happy about our decision, too. Now, here is our little angel:

Bean at 8w1d

Our little angel at 8 weeks 1 day

Bean at 8 weeks 1 day

Our little one was not camera shy

Our Angel at 8 weeks 1 day

So adorable!! Heartbeat was 169bpm. The white round spot is the yolk sac.


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  1. maccabros says:

    We (Jutta and I) wish YOU all the best…

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