Week 7 & a fateful day

Today I’m seven weeks along! Wohooo! Only five more weeks in that scary first trimester!

Yesterday was the day I call “a fateful day”. Yesterday I was, obviously, 6 weeks and 6 days along. Last year when I got pregnant with my miscarried bean I began to spot at 6w6d. I’m a terribly superstitious person and so I made a big jump of joy in my heart when yesterday was spot-clear! No spotting whatsoever, yay! And because I’m so superstitious, I feel now more than ever that this is my sticky bean! Nothing can happen to my little one, it’s safe and snug inside me! Sometimes superstition is a good thing, I guess. This makes me even more confident and optimistic.

Pregnancy updates for week 7:

Weight gain: nothing yet – bouncing forth and back between 145 and 147 pounds. Though the last two-three days the little bean has made it quite clear that it’s extra hungry. I’m getting a loud scream for food in the morning, which almost makes me feel sicker than just having morning sickness. And I seem to need more food throughout the day.

Morning sickness: oh yes – still don’t have to throw up but definitely get the sick-feeling, especially in the evening around dinner time and after – had to get up around 2:30 this morning to go to the bathroom and felt it even then! Thank god I sleep through most of that haha

Cramps: cramps have pretty much stopped. As I said a while back, I shouldn’t get them too much this time, as my uterus had just stretched already a few months ago for my first pregnancy. I had to lay down only about 3 times to deal with the cramps. Other than that they haven’t been that bad at all, more like an annoyance than a pain. But I haven’t really felt anything for quite some time now. I’m guessing that it will pick up again in the second trimester.

Frequent urination: yea, I do still run to the toilet like a crazy person. Sometimes it’s really bad (like every 10-30 minutes), sometimes it’s not bad at all (every 60-90 minutes).

Fatigue: not yet. I haven’t felt as tired as I did with my miscarried pregnancy. Got the morning sickness instead, I guess.

Cravings: nothing really noteworthy yet. I do have the opposite going on though. I really can’t stand even the thought of white meat at the moment, chicken and turkey – chicken in particular. It makes me really sick. It’s funny because usually I just loooove chicken. I seem to be fine with beef, and recently I really feel like having a good salad! Will get some peppers, cucumbers, and lettuce this Friday! I also picked up some peaches last Friday – though I wouldn’t account that to the pregnancy yet. It may have just been a whim of mine 🙂
Also, cheesy things seem to get me sicker than the healthy stuff. And yesterday I indulged in three bowls of plain cornflakes with milk! Guess baby likes healthy food – that’s a good sign! 😀 (though he/she doesn’t seem to mind ice cream haha)

Mood: I feel fantastic. I’m happy about my pregnancy, excited, curious and optimistic!

I think that’s pretty much it for preggo symptoms at the moment. DH and I are also currently exploring our options for birth and are quite seriously considering home-water-birth. We live only 5 min. drive from the hospital, so I’m not too concerned. But more about that next week.


2 comments on “Week 7 & a fateful day

  1. maccabros says:

    That sounds very good my dear – take good care of you both, pardon, three… 🙂

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