A little miracle growing

I haven’t posted in a while now, because much has been happening in the last few days, and I wanted to wait until after my gyn appointment.

First, I had a third blood test done, and was shocked to hear that my progesterone level was now only at 19.20 (down again, from 22.85). At that point I didn’t care what anybody said or would say anymore and started using the progesterone gel I still had at home (leftover from the last pregnancy). In fact I was so shocked that I used it twice a day – overkill. (but not harmful)
After speaking with my gyn today (I finally got to see her), I received more sample packages of the gel for the coming two weeks (since according to the pharmacy it’s not available from the manufacturer anymore). She wants me to use it only once a day though. I know twice a day is not really necessary. That was just me over-reacting 🙂

My hCG however was a nice 16308! (bloodwork was done at 5w5d) I never even got that high with my other pregnancy (the highest I got there was at about 7-8 weeks and it was a little over 9000). I do notice the difference in hCG level through my symptoms. I’m starting to get nauseous a lot more often now and for longer periods of time. It’s not as bad as having to throw up yet (and I hope it won’t ever get that bad). I’m still eating, disregarding the feeling as if food was still in my esophagus.

My gyn called me that night about the blood test. She said the numbers were looking good and there was nothing to worry about – phew! She scheduled an ultrasound appointment for me, for yesterday morning. I’m adding a picture to the bottom of this post. The u/s went well, everything is looking great. It was, once again, my right ovary that released the egg. This time I knew for sure it was the right one, before the u/s technician told me, because I felt ovulation pain on my right side when I ovulated. (and actually, based on that, I can assume we BDed like 30 min. before I ovulated – what kind of awesome timing is that?! 😀 No wonder DH’s swimmer latched right on to that eggie – it was basically shot up straight at the egg haha!)
There is a small cyst on my right ovary, which according to my gyn is normal. She didn’t examine me because it was still too early (6 weeks). She wants me to have another u/s done in two weeks and then see me again after that. Our little bean’s heart rate was at 99bpm which is also normal considering it is only 6 weeks along – the heart basically just started beating not long ago!

There is one concern I’m heaving that regards my nipples. About 1 1/2 months after my m/c my nipples began to itch, first only one, then the other as well. When squeezed, they discharged a white substance. I had mentioned that to my gyn this January, and she had told me to not squeeze anymore. She said it’s probably milk production (the secretion), which I thought it was too, but she still had me get a blood test to check out my thyroid, as that could be causing it as well. My thyroid turned out to be fine. Milk production does make sense considering my uterus wasn’t completely cleaned out until about a month or so after the m/c, so the body must have thought I was still pregnant for quite some time after miscarrying, and the gyn said squeezing will make it produce more. The discharge stopped a while ago but the itching still occurs every now and then. And pretty nastily sometimes. I also noticed some of my skin peeling off. I mentioned that to my doctor today. (she had already examined my breasts last time I told her about it and felt nothing wrong). My gyn said she thinks I have an eczema and wants me to use a washing cloth in the shower to clean/scrub off the skin, and use a particular cream (Calendula Cream – anyone know this one?) to keep the nipples moisturized. I really hope this works itself out before giving birth, so it won’t interfere with breastfeeding!

Soooo, sorry to make this so long today. Below is a beautiful u/s picture – my favorite out of three pics. Enjoy.

first u/s at 6weeks
our little bean at 6 weeks

The black spot is the uterus. The two white spots form the sac, the upper white spot of those two just mentioned is our little bean cutely snuggled inside the sac.

Click to enlarge.

One comment on “A little miracle growing

  1. maccabros says:

    Theses are the days of miracles and wonders…

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