Stress no one needs

So I had more bloodwork done yesterday, which was an ordeal in its own right. I went to the lab. They had faxed over the order for me. And then I see the only thing checked off for testing was the hCG beta, but not the progesterone. I said to the receptionist, I need to get progesterone tested too! She offered to call the doctor’s office (this was at ~8:20 am) and I told her forget it, they don’t answer the phone until 10am. She tried anyway, hoping the answering service they have would help her out, but of course they didn’t. So she faxed over the request and told me to wait. So I sat down and waited. And waited. And waited. When 8:40 rolled around, I went up to her and said, you know what, I’m just going to drive down there, I’ll be back in about 30 minutes. I asked if she could at least get me in as quickly as possible when I return and she said yes, just come straight up to me.

So I drive down there and ask the doctor’s assistant if she’d received the fax. She says yes and hands me a paper with the results from last week’s blood test. I said, that’s not what I need, I need you to add progesterone to my order. I’m supposed to have blood work done today. Took her a while to get what I wanted! She apologized and said she isn’t medically trained, so she doesn’t know all the ins and outs of this. I also asked her why they don’t answer the phones until 10am because that day it had really ticked me off. She gave me a shocked stare and said she always turns on the phones at 9am and that the doctor would kill her if she didn’t. I told her the answering service always comes on before 10am and tells me they don’t answer until 10am. So she called them and asked why their patients seem to believe that they don’t answer the phone before 10am. She kept asking and bugging the woman on the line about that and ultimately the woman from the answering service simply hung up on her! Wow.

Anyway, I finally got the correct order and drove back to the lab. She did get me in really fast. I think all the other people waiting (it had gotten quite full since I had left) were kind of pissed to see me get in before them.

At almost 4pm I got the results of the blood test. I’d calculated normal doubling every 48 hours, which should have been about 700 for the hCG. I was a little overwhelmed when she told me my hCG was an amazing 2181! Sweet!

However, my progesterone went down to 22.85. I was devastated, scared, worried. I first consulted with the ladies online, who have had losses, who are pregnant, who are TTC, who have LPD, who are taking supps etc. They told me, which I didn’t know, that progesterone fluctuates during the day. So everything could still be just fine, and even 22.85 is still a really good number (which I knew). I called the pharmacy who filled my prescription for progesterone last year and they told me that it’s not available from the manufacturer anymore as of now. Wow! I called the doctor’s office again just before they closed (they close at 4pm, I called at like 3:58 or so) and told the assistant about my concerns. She said she’d send another email to the doctor, who by the way already wanted me to take the progesterone gel without even having seen the result of the first blood test. I know that progesterone supps can’t hurt you, so I think it would just ease my mind if I took it. I’m hoping to get a call from her today to see what the gyn says. If not, I’ll call the gyn who covered for her last year during my m/c. I also want to do another blood test next Monday or Tuesday, probably Monday, and will ask the assitant to get me an order ready.

Aside from all this unnecessary stress, I’m having a lot more pregnancy symptoms, especially this early on in my pregnancy, than last time, which makes sense with my hCG this high. I’m gassy, I burp more than ever in my life haha, I get fatigued every now and then in the middle of the day, I sometimes get nauseous but that doesn’t happen often yet and doesn’t last long. The cramps have decided to come daily between 11am and 1pm, mostly around noon, for about 5-10 mintues. That’s still a lot less than last time. My boobs are starting to get sensitive. And finally, I’m very emotional at the moment.

All in all I’m still hopeful and have a good feeling about this pregnancy, despite my worrying about the progesterone.


2 comments on “Stress no one needs

  1. Stephanie says:

    Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful pregnancy, delivery, and life with baby and hubby!

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