Time to heal

I had a follow-up appointment with my regular gyn after passing the fetus. She wanted me to have another ultrasound done to see whether anything was left in the uterus and it turned out there was. She gave me a month to give my body time to pass the rest. Otherwise she’d have me do a D&C … after everything I’d already gone through, I really didn’t want that.

So one month later I had another u/s. They did it with colors this time. The technician said if there are red spots in the uterus area, that means there’s blood, which in turn means there’s still something there that shouldn’t be. When the doctor called me, she confirmed that there was something still left. I told  her that I was getting my period that day, so she asked me to get another u/s done two weeks from when the period started.

Finally, that follow-up u/s, in January, showed that everything was cleared. We were ready to go again! Unfortunately I missed my O that cycle – it happened just before I got the u/s results.

But now we’re back in the game and still hoping for a little miracle this cycle!

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