A difficult path…

So here I was pregnant on our first attempt at the end of September. I can’t even begin to describe how happy we were. I went through many days of very painful cramping, where I actually had to lay down and put my feet up. Every day was at the same time a pain and a joyful wonder… but then…

On October 28, about three weeks after I found out I was pregnant, I found spotting. I was so very concerned, and when I finally called the doctor, I got an appointment for Nov 9. At that point I don’t believe I told them I was spotting. I was concerned but also knew that for some women it is normal to be spotting early on, especially with their first pregnancy. And I couldn’t see the doctor before Nov. 1 because I didn’t have insurance until Nov. 1.

But then I spotted again on Nov. 3. Now I started going nuts worried. I called the doctor again and told her, this time, that I’d been spotting. She wanted to see me right away. I saw my gyn on Nov. 4 and had an ultra sound done. DH and I saw our little baby’s heart beat at 159 bpm and that eased my mind. My gyn said everything looked fine, except that my progesterone level was on the low side. It was in the normal range but minimum. So she asked me to use progesterone gel. I was to shoot that gel inside me every night until I was 12 weeks.

But I didn’t get that far…

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