A journey begins

For a little while I will be talking about the past. Things that have happened, good things, bad things, before moving on to the present.

Let’s start at the beginning one year ago. In January 2011 we began thinking about starting our own family. I spoke to my gyn to learn all I could in preparation. We wanted this to go right, all planned. I was still on birth control at that time, had been taken BCP for 10 years without break. My gyn advised me to take prenatal vitamins, which she prescribed me, beginning about 3 months before we want to get serious. She also advised me to discontinue taking BCP 1 month before trying.

In July 2011 I started taking the prenatals and at the end of August 2011 I stopped BCP. We were so excited. In fact, we were so excited that we didn’t want to wait any longer at all! So I called my gyn and asked whether I really have to wait 1 month off BCP. She said I could try right now to get pregnant. We got even more excited and couldn’t believe it when that very cycle in September I actually did get pregnant.

But life had a different path for us in mind…

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